A To Z Blogger Challenge 2015

I participated in the A to Z Blogger Challenge 2015.  As is typical of 3/4 of everything I do in my life, this was very spontaneous. I happened to see the sign-up link a day into the challenge. I signed up and was the very last one on the list before it closed. I thought it was a rare and honorary distinction to be the very last blog on the list of 1508 participants. Then somehow, another blog ended up on the list, under mine, after the link had closed. My honorary distinction was rather short-lived. 

Rather than start at A, since I came into it late, I decided to go ahead and start at B. I recruited my friend and compatriot, Alice, to do some guest posts for me. She ended up writing 4 posts for me! She saved me from epically failing the challenge. Supposedly, if you fail to post 3 times in a row, you are considered a drop-out and kicked off the list. I actually don't know how strict a rule it was, since I happened upon several blogs, in my visitations of other A to Z blogs, who had only posted 1 or 2 times, but were still on the list!

As a survivor of the challenge, I was able to complete all but 2 of the letters of the alphabet. I also wrote a summary of my experience with some of the things learned during the challenge. It was a great exercise in producing content. If I ever participate again, I'd like to narrow my writing to one subject and write on sub-topics within the subject! That is, IF there is a next time! Here are all my posts from the 2015 A To Z Bloggers Challenge:

CAT Scan
Downy Chicks
Eggshell Art
Fajita Moment
Having Fun
Insightful & Inciteful
Kale, Kiwi, and Kiefer
Rock Star
Sweet Treat
Take Me Out To The Ballgame
A To Z Blog Challenge Reflection

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