Saturday, April 25, 2015

U Is for Umbrage #AToZChallenge

I take umbrage to the following things:
  • When my shows get erased on T.V. before I watch them. I have a few select shows that I wait for the perfect time to settle in and just watch! I only watch t.v. certain times of the week. I get my drink, my food, my cuddle blanket and am entertained for an hour or so. It's the best! It's such a let-down when my shows come up missing because they've been erased either accidentally or because they haven't been deemed important.
  • Jackasses driving jacked-up pick-up trucks. They're just plain rude! On two different occasions I've taken severe and direct umbrage with them. One of them rammed into my car and took off, thinking he was going to get away with it. (I chased him down and he paid for my next car). Another time, one thought he was so cool, cutting me off in the fast lane, blowing black smoke in my face and throwing up a rock into my windshield making a giant crack. I didn't get that one paid for because it wasn't worth chasing him down! I'd rather not have an accident, when all is said and done!
  • People who throw me under the bus for doing them favors. There is nothing sadder than someone who you think is your friend, and then you find out that they don't give a rip about you. As a matter of fact they think nothing of any goodwill you have done for them and will instead use the old "I'll make myself look better by making her look as bad as possible" trick.  Enough said.
  • People who use dog poop bags incorrectly. Dog poop bags are to be thrown away in a trash receptacle once they have been used. You don't fill them up with your dog's excrement and just throw them on the ground. That makes it worse than if you did nothing at all.  At least dog poop is biodegradable!
  • And finally, have you seen the video about the guy dressed up as a pan handler in the streets of  L.A.? Instead of trying to get money, he was trying to give it away. People were taking umbrage to the idea that a beggar was trying to give them money. It made them so insanely mad. They cussed at him, they told him they could buy him, they told him he needed to work to get where they were. Fortunately, there were a couple of people who got his message and acted accordingly.
Everyday we have plenty of things to get angry, offended, stressed, or take umbrage to. But doing so only contributes to our own unhappiness. We (myself included) should choose not to let the little things get us down. Hopefully we can learn to laugh at the little disappointments and insults that inevitably come our way and instead do more to help others. I know I'm not perfect yet, but I'm working on it. What about you? What do you take umbrage to?

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