Saturday, August 29, 2020

A Red Dress For Fall, Ya'll!

I hope you're having a great weekend before Labor Day Weekend! We don't have much planned but I know I'll be making zucchini bread because that's what I do when I have any extra time! I bought a tiny little plant, no bigger than my little finger, and it turned into a Jurassic Park monster plant! So many zucchinis, so little time. But zucchini bread is one of my all-time favorite treats. 

 It was 90 degrees outside today, yet It's almost at that transitional time, when summer turns into fall and some people say that white is out. I don't necessarily say that, I just feel like the colors turn from being more pastel or neon to the warmer tones. But then there's red. Red is a color you can wear in any season and any occasion. But you do have to feel a bit sassy to even feel like wearing it. 

I own a few red dresses and I recently added this one to my collection! It's really versatile and honestly the price was amazing as well! I'm an Amazon affiliate and you can click through here for red dresses. If you decide to buy, I'll get maybe a few cents, which honestly would make my day just because you appreciated the fact that I helped find you an amazing dress! 

Let me say that this dress is long on me, which I don't mind. I'm 5"4ish and so if you have some height on you, this would be amazing! But I love it at the length it is. It runs true to size, I'm a medium and that's what I'm wearing. 

We always have fun, hubby hubs and I, when we go exploring to find a good place to take a few pictures. He's been really cooperative lately and I'm very appreciative! Sometimes I have to take my own pictures, which can be a pain.  So  I'm enjoying the good luck while it lasts! Do you enjoy wearing red at times? Let me know in the comments!

It doesn't have any zipper or slits. It simply slips on and it's fairly easy to do. It's light, yet not transparent. It ties in the back.

Monday, August 24, 2020

The High Road + #MyPostMonday Featuring The Week's Best Original Content

I'm an off-season kind of gal. If it's a high traveled, well-attended, often frequented place, that is where I won't be. I crave the solitary. The less traveled. The undiscovered. 

I also think that civility is not a well-traveled road these days. The high road is not somewhere many people want to go. Maybe that's where I should be going. There's less traffic!

Today is "My Post Monday!", a curation of my picks of the week's best original content. It's all about posts from Crafts to Camping, Wellness to Wealth, Fashion to Food, and whatever else is on the brain!  I  open up with a post of my own and then follow it up with a linky of the week's top original blog posts! It's all about what the writer thinks, believes, and knows--in other words, they are active, writing blogs. If I happen to find a great original, non-sponsored post, I'll link it up and share it with you here and on Twitter via the #MyPostMonday hashtag!  I can miss some amazing posts, but I don't want to!  So, in addition, if you'd like to link up yourself, you can do that too!  I'll visit your site, comment, promote and publicize(Affiliate links welcome)

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Followers and Fans Appreciation #Giveaway - $50 PayPal


Welcome to the Followers and Fans Appreciation Giveaway! 

I've decided to do another appreciation giveaway and do them more regularly. Why? Because you have been awesome! Those of you who are still with me have patiently put up with some of my inconsistencies because of seasonal depression when I post less frequently, my mistakes along the way, my rants, my philosophical reveries, and so much more. 

As a blogger for almost 11 years, I've seen a lot change and I realize that things aren't the same as when I first joined up. The main reason I became a blogger is because I have a strong writing/documenting instinct. I've had the bug since I was in elementary school and owned my first diary. I found it cathartic to be able to record feelings and events. I kept a journal for many many years. Then I found blogging. Not only could I record events and feelings, but I could also share with others and maybe have a little bit of influence along the way. Then when I found out that I could also help others to discover products right along with me and that sometimes I might even be able to give things away or offer special discounts to others in exchange for promoting a company, I was so excited! Winning on all sides!

Thanks for sticking around for the past year, 2 years, 5 years, or even the almost 11 years I've been doing A GAL NEEDS.... This is for those who are with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or are on my e-mail list (right side-bar), on LinkedIn, or on Bloglovin' or YouTube. This is for you! If you're a new follower, welcome! You can enter now if you'd like, and if you stay, you'll be eligible for all entries that are available in subsequent giveaways! I'm tired of giving money to people who want to make a quick buck off of my desire to improve my blog, with very little return. It's time to give more to the ones who matter most! YOU!

So today I'm going to open it up to all current followers and if you would like to start following now, great! You'll be eligible for most of the entries! I promise, I'll make it worth your while if you do follow me now! And especially if you are interested in health, wellness, fashion, beauty, and original content creators like me. I love to feature as many original content creators as possible on #MyPostMonday. Bloggers like me write because we love it, not solely for the financial reward. If that comes, well then, great! We are also usually working another job in addition to blogging. (I've worked in the school system for 20 years now and love it. I'm seeing a lot of change there too!)

So here you go, welcome to the Follower/Fans Appreciation Giveaway! One winner will receive $50 in PayPal cash. There are plenty of entries for all followers. If you are new, please make sure that you follow on one of my social medias before you enter! My long-time followers (those who have been with me on at least one of my social media channels since before this giveaway) are welcome to all entries on the Rafflecopter. New followers may enter the entries labeled with NF. Thanks so much for entering, good luck and let's have some fun! And remember, more follower appreciation giveaways are coming! Make sure that you can claim all available entries by continuing to follow along after the giveaway!


a Rafflecopter giveaway  


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Must be 21 or older to participate, one entrant per household. Winner will be contacted by e-mail after 09/3/20.  Must respond within 48 hours. All entries are validated.
Entrants with invalid entries will be disqualified.This is a followers-only giveaway. To claim all entries you must be a follower of A GAL NEEDS...on at least one social media channel before the beginning of this giveaway. New followers may claim all entries labeled with NF. Winner will be selected by random draw from Rafflecopter.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

3 Ways To Wear a Crew Neck T-shirt + #DiscountCode

My school work schedule is back on track, albeit a few changes like mask requirements, distancing and sanitizing routines. But it's all good. We will make it work somehow! In the meantime, I've had plenty of time to make sure my casual wardrobe is on point, with or without a mask. (This is a partnered post--product was received for review purposes.)

The t-shirt is one of my staples. But not just any t-shirt. It has to be oh, so soft, and moisture wicking is an extra bonus plus some antibacterial action comes in handy these days as well. That's why I am choosing to wear bamboo material t-shirts. Bamboo meets those requirements and two more----they look great and they are easy to care for!

Coming up are my 3 fashion variations featuring my first choice of tees---the Cariloha bamboo crew t-shirt. There are so many more ways to wear them, but I know you can take it from where I leave off! It's just a reminder that the humble crew t-shirt is still very much a part of casual fashion everywhere--especially if it's made from bamboo!

Why Cariloha Bamboo?

Cariloha Bamboo fabric is twice as soft as cotton! They have a special manufacturing technique that brings out the natural potential softness of this wonderful plant. They also ensure that no harmful chemicals are used during the manufacturing process, in compliance with OEKO-Tex Standard 100. They are certified to be chemical free!

Cariloha bamboo clothing is 3 degrees cooler than cotton. "Every fiber has a thermostat and Mother Nature turned bamboo's way down." On top of that, it wicks moisture away from the body and is also an odor and allergy repellent.

Do you see why I just love Cariloha t-shirts? And let's be honest, I'm a fan of all of their amazing products---sheets, bath towels, athleisure wear, or anything else....I'm the first in line when I hear of something new, like their crew tees. 

So without further ado, here are my 3 variations on how to wear a crew t-shirt! If you like them, you can order thru September 2nd using discount/promo code: GAL20 for 20% off all purchases, including sales.

Variation 1: Wear a tee with a printed pant, dressed up with some bling on top and a comfortable sneaker!

Color - Navy Heather. Size - Medium

Variation 2: Wear a tee with a printed skirt and some cool heels! 

Color - Tropical Teal Heather Size: Medium

Variation 3: Pair a tee with a jumper and heels or flip flops!

Color - White. Size - Medium

I'm really happy about how I can stretch my wardrobe with a few very simple and comfy teeshirts. Hopefully this will give you a lot more ideas about how to werk it with some tees! Use the discount/promo code: GAL20 for 20% off all purchases (including sales) at Cariloha. 

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Monday, August 17, 2020

When Life Revolves Around Food + #MyPostMonday - Sharing The Week's Best Original Content

 There are several times in a year that my quest for healthy eating and improved physical fitness are in the utmost danger. Those times are the trifecta holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas) because they are all so close together and all of them involve food. Then later on in the Spring there is Easter because those Cadbury Eggs are simply irresistible! And finally in mid to late summer comes the zucchini harvest, at which time I make a whole lotta zucchini bread. It is mandatory that we grow one plant per season. That is when we give to neighbors, friends, relatives, and of course, we eat it as well. I love it with chocolate chips. I can't deny it, I plan on this like I plan on any other event in life when it revolves around food!


Just when I recover from one holiday and get the pounds under control, here comes the next holiday or event. It's a never-ending carousal that I don't care to get off any time soon. I've resigned myself to being an average height, average weight American woman, by American Standards, certainly not European and most definitely not Parisian standards. 

And rather than hate myself for enjoying the bountiful plenty that I have been afforded, I am so thankful for the food that I am so fortunate to enjoy. It's one of the greatest pleasures in life to taste a great desert or food that you love. 

But other than those several times in the year, I do try and eat well. I am very careful about not eating too much sugar and I never drink soft drinks or straight candy or even pastries. I think that if you can be reasonably good most of the time, you can afford to cheat some of the time. I won't ever be thin, but I will definitely be happy!!!

What is your relationship with food? Do you have a love/hate relationship or do you struggle with any aspect of food? What is your food philosophy?

Today is "My Post Monday!", a curation of my picks of the week's best original content. It's all about posts from Crafts to Camping, Wellness to Wealth, Fashion to Food, and whatever else is on the brain!  I  open up with a post of my own and then follow it up with a linky of the week's top original blog posts! It's all about what the writer thinks, believes, and knows--in other words, they are active, writing blogs. If I happen to find a great original, non-sponsored post, I'll link it up and share it with you here and on Twitter via the #MyPostMonday hashtag!  I can miss some amazing posts, but I don't want to!  So, in addition, if you'd like to link up yourself, you can do that too!  I'll visit your site, comment, promote and publicize(Affiliate links welcome)

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

All The Buzz #Giveaway - Anti-Aging Serum with Bee Venom (ARV $59)

Welcome to the "All The Buzz" Giveaway, where someone will win Beetinol Anti-Aging Serum with bee venom! Read my review to find out why bee venom has the anti-aging community "buzzing"!

As someone who is over 50 myself, and has been using anti-aging products for awhile, I've really been impressed since adding Beetinol by Green Esthetics to my beauty regime for the past several weeks. My skin is smoother, my wrinkles seem less in number, and the wrinkles I do have are not as visible! I feel like I'm indeed a winner here! It's never too early to start thinking about your skin and preserving its beauty. So if you're in your 20's or 30's and haven't started to think seriously about your skin, start your anti-aging routine now! Don't wait until you're in your 50's, like me, to do something about it!

Green Esthetics is a company that believes in the power of nature. Their products all feature natural ingredients, some which have been known anciently to be beneficial, and others, like bee venom, which are newer on the scene and causing quite the stir! For more information on Beetinol, check out my review!

Today I'm pleased to announce that one lucky winner will receive Beetinol Anti-Aging Serum (ARV 39.95), plus a Beetinol mini roller-bottle (ARV $18.95) to carry in your purse or keep in your desk for a quick beauty pick-me-up!
Beetinol Anti-Aging Serum ($39.95)
Beetinol in Roller-ball Applicator ($18.95)

This "All The Buzz" giveaway is exclusively hosted here on A GAL, so only those who enter here will win. Thanks for participating! Good Luck! Follow Green Esthetics on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! Please enter on the Rafflecopter below! See disclaimer below for more details:
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Must be 21 or older to participate, one entrant per household. Winner will be contacted by e-mail after 09/2/20.  Must respond within 48 hours.
Entrants with invalid entries will be disqualified.
Sponsor, Green Esthetics, is responsible for delivery of prize package. In the case of non-delivery, A GAL not responsible for delivery.  Ends 9/2/20 11:59 MST

Monday, August 3, 2020

Taking It Slow + #MyPostMonday - Sharing The Week's Best Original Content

Last January, back before Covid-19 was barely even a glitch on the radar, I was walking around the indoor track with some middle school students and as I'm wont to do, started taking on some of the tendencies of the students I was working with. Namely, we were getting competitive kicking a stray pickleball around the course. I was slaying it, pretending it was more like a soccor ball--dribbling it, out-maneuvering the students around me, blocking like a boss---in other words being more of a show-off than a mentor. That's when my foolishness caught up with me because my middle-aged body was not going to put up with my immature shenanigans. Suddenly my knee buckled and I went down like a rock. It was embarrassing, to say the least, and I pulled myself up as quickly and as inconspicuously as possible. I kept walking around the track, but I was in serious pain. I ended up getting sent to the InstaCare and they recommended physical therapy for two weeks. I was OK with that and still wanted to get back to work. I went to work the following day, intending to just go slowly and not push it. But the vice-principal told me that I had to stay home until released from physical therapy. I was home for approximately two weeks and I'm actually glad that I was able to recover at home, because after 36 hours, the pain became intense and I could barely get around.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Bee Venom In Anti-Aging Serum! My Review of 'Beetinol'

As a woman who has seen her fair share of birthdays roll around, I know what needs to be done to keep oneself looking their best and staying energetic. It includes eating the right foods, avoiding stress, and getting plenty of rest and exercise. Easy to say, but not easy to do. It takes work to stay healthy! Another very important thing is to give your skin extra nourishment from products that use a variety of natural and effective ingredients to preserve the youthfulness of your skin. I've found one that I really like--It's called Beetinol. Its name refers to two of the ingredients within this serum.

I received product for review purposes

This incredible anti-aging serum has a weightless formula which absorbs quickly and hydrates the skin, increasing collagen production, reducing fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the skins elasticity and general health on a cellular level.

Highlights of the active ingredients:

Bee Venom naturally increases blood circulation, skin hydration, and the natural production of collagen which firms the skin and smooths out wrinkles. As a matter of fact, in a published study bee venom was shown to clinically improve facial wrinkles by decreasing total wrinkle area, total wrinkle count, and average wrinkle depth
Retinol works on a molecular level to tighten and tone the skins with antioxidants reducing fine lines and preventing new wrinkles.
Peptide Complex are powerful anti-aging proteins which encourage collagen production and a firmer more even complexion.

Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in the body and improves the skins texture and smoothness, but natural aging and other environmental factors decrease the body’s level.

Vitamin K reduces naturally occurring inflammation in the skin by strengthening and hydrating your skin cells promoting an even skin tone.

Vitamin C is essential for many cellular skin functions working to combat free radicals and boost collagen levels.

My Experience With Beetinol:

Over the course of 10+ years of reviewing different beauty products, I have come to expect a certain quality from the products that I review. And that quality is overwhelmingly good! After all, I don't review products that I wouldn't be happy to use on a regular basis myself. But I was really pleasantly surprised at the initial experience with Beetinol. It is really light, and sinks into the skin quickly. The smell is pleasant but not overwhelming. And my skin feels protected and hydrated all day! There was a smoothness to it that was really surprising. At age 59, I don't expect miracles but this seemed to be as close to a miracle as possible!
See my video on YouTube

I should have known that I would have a good experience with this product. After all, I have reviewed some of this company's other quality beauty products. See my reviews on Alightener Teeth Whitening Foam, Argon Oil and Longer Lash. Each of these products has not disappointed and has exceeded my expectations!


Monday, July 13, 2020

A Blind Eye + #MyPostMonday The Week's Best Original Content

Today I'm as distracted and behind as ever, having no real idea of what to post. I've been all over the internet today, in the course of operating my blog and seeing so much that just makes me say "wow". So much so, that I feel a little overwhelmed. But I'm pressing forward and the result is this re-cap of one thing I saw.

I saw one video in particular that struck me. It was of a guy on a motorbike, wearing a body cam. It looked as if he was going to record himself biking and he wanted to capture some sick footage of his epic ride! But instead, he unexpectedly passed by a really bad fire, in someone's backyard-- a large detached deck of sorts. The flames were  getting ready to jump to the main home. There were several neighbors gathered around, talking, and looking.

He jumped off his bike, camera still rolling, and starts action immediately. He gets a neighbor's water hose and drags it as close as he can to the actual fire, which is raging out of control. The neighbors are still watching.

Monday, July 6, 2020

My Braces Journey Part III + Special Offer and Treatment Discount!

My year-long journey with braces has come to a close and I couldn't be happier! Yes, I'm happy that it is over, but even more happy about the results! Here are a few things that I can share about my overall journey and what you can expect with invisible braces from Invisalign and an Invisalign Certified Orthodontist.

My initial problem: Over time, one of my lower teeth had moved and whenever I talked it stuck out and was really obvious. I hadn't really noticed it until my husband and son both made comments about it. I also noticed that my 2 front teeth were slightly overlapping and there was a small gap in between them that gave me a slight lisp.

My final results: Both of the above problems were fixed, plus one that I didn't realize I had. Dr. Cook informed me that my upper teeth were slanting quite a bit inward, affecting my bite and the way I talked. At the end of treatment, my upper teeth were back to a normal position and it really makes a difference, not only in my smile, but also in how I chew, talk, and how my jaw is aligned.

I loved wearing Invisalign braces because it wasn't obvious that I was wearing braces at all. They didn't show up in photos, and many people didn't even know that I had braces. They were invisible to someone just a couple feet from me. In addition, I was able to eat whatever I wanted because I took them out when doing so. Also, it was easier than wire braces to clean my teeth and get food particles out and keep my gums healthy.
Wearing my braces. It's hard to see them!

I used 2 products to keep my teeth white and clean my braces (called trays). Alightener  Foam is a combo Tray Cleaner/Teeth Whitener. It was really easy to use and I'm still using it now for teeth whitening purposes. The smaller spray was for quickly cleaning a tray when on the go. I love both of these products and highly recommend them.
This post contains affiliate and non-affiliate links at no extra charge to you!

I was so glad that I chose an Invisalign Certified Orthodontist and specifically, Dr. Michael Cook. (He's such a nice guy!) Dr. Cook has the expertise that an extra 2-3 years gives to those with Orthodontic certification. Did you know that Orthodontists go to school an average to 10 - 11 years? And if they are Invisalign Certified, it takes time and experience to do that as well. Dr. Cook is a Gold Certified Invisalign Provider.

After my experience, I could never choose a generic, computer-generated braces treatment, where no doctor (or maybe a random doctor at best) checks up on you on a regular basis. I also would never have a regular dentist do my work because they just don't have the training and expertise like an orthodontist does.

Dr. Cook uses up-to-date equipment and technology in his office. He uses the Mandibular Advancement Feature, which simultaneously can fix an overbite while straightening the teeth. He also uses the iTero Digital Scanning System, eliminating the use of messy putty in your mouth by creating a 3-D digital scan of your teeth. For instance, they scanned me for my final retainer, which I'll wear for awhile every night and then decrease to 2 - 3 times per week. It was ready for pick-up the following day because the scanner produces ready-to-use impressions so quickly.

Dr. Cook's staff was so much fun! The office always had a really great vibe--one of productivity while having a good time. Everyone worked in sync, and were very organized.

My last few appointments were kind of sad. I couldn't really see any of my ortho workers' happy faces because they were masked up because of the Covid-19 regulations. They take their patients' and their own safety very seriously. Obviously, the patient doesn't wear a mask, but they are asked very specific questions,temperatures taken, and given hand sanitizer when entering the office.
See my 'before' pics in Parts I and II

I couldn't have been more pleased with the journey I chose to take with Dr. Cook and his office. Now with my newly straightened teeth, I can focus on things that I need to focus on and not ever have to worry about my teeth again!
If you are within a 35 mile radius of Sandy, UT, and are thinking of straightening your teeth, you definitely should consider Cook Ortho in Sandy. And if you're not in the area, I hope that my journey helped to inform you about what clear, esthetic teeth alignment is all about!

Before settling on Cook, I had many consultations from around the area. Cook Ortho came out on top in terms of cost-effectiveness, transparency, positive patient rapport, advanced methods of treatment and expertise. Schedule your free consult and get a free teeth whitening kit when you mention A GAL Go even further by scheduling a treatment plan and get $600 off your entire treatment when you mention A GAL NEEDS....See what a beautiful smile can do for you! (Offer good through August 2020)

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Read Parts I and II of my braces journey here and here. For more at A GAL NEEDS...follow on Instagram and Facebook