Friday, July 29, 2016

A First Line Of Defense #Eczema Product - Cheryl Lee MD

Eczema is one of the most common and irritating skin conditions out  there. No one knows exactly what causes it, but it is a problem with the lipid barrier that attracts and retains moisture. It has broken down. Some of the triggers are stress, hot/cold temperatures, household chemicals, pet dander, and dry skin!
 For myself, as sure as winter turns to spring is when my eczema will flair up. It only affects my hands and fingers. But try squeezing a lemon, washing dishes, or getting excess nail polish remover on my finger, to name a few things. The pain is sharp and intense. Otherwise, it just drives you mad with the itching. There is really nothing I can do to cure it...all I can do is control it. And believe me, it's very hard to control. I'm just lucky that it goes away in the winter. It's sort of opposite from the norm, it usually gets worse in winter! But that's how I roll!

Monday, July 25, 2016

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 Exploring One Way Or The Other

With the trending craze and obvious popularity of the new "Poke Mon Go" App, I've been a little dumbfounded by the whole thing. There are things that I can see which are very detrimental to a generation of children, raised on staring down at a phone for inordinate amounts of time. But I just know if I was a kid when this came out, I'd be all over it too! To be given a certain amount of time by my parents to roam freely around a neighborhood, letting the game dictate where the next stop is would be amazingly liberating. But what about all the phone neck injuries from staring down so long, and the accidents that will inevitably happen to the unobservant? It was bad enough for me as a teenager, without Poke Mon! For example, I rode my bike into a manhole because it wasn't clearly marked and the sun had gone down. Imagine what I'd be like staring down at a game! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pioneer Day At This Is The Place Heritage Park + #Giveaway

In Utah, folks are lucky to get two celebrations in July! And celebrate they do! It is home to the 'Stadium Of Fire' celebration on the 4th, one of the largest in the country. Utahns certainly love their fireworks, even if they do have to travel to Wyoming to get the heavy duty ones because they are illegal to sell here and probably to light off too!

Then there is the 24th of July, where Utah is all about celebrating the pioneers who traveled from Missouri in the midst of tremendous hardship, so they could practice their freedom to worship without being persecuted. I'll admit it, most people just use the holiday to blow off more fireworks!

But at 'This Is The Place Heritage Park', celebrating the pioneers is exactly why this park was originally created. From the imposing monuments at the park's entrance, to the authentic time period buildings and costumes worn by the workers, it all takes you back to the mid-1800s, when the pioneers first arrived in the Salt Lake Valley!
Last weekend, the park was on point with all pioneer celebratory revelries.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Clear Vision + #MyPostMonday Link-Up

It has been a really hard few months for everyone and I'm not just talking Americans. With the advent of the internet, we are painfully aware of many of the world's tragedies unfolding before our eyes. And since it is so easy to hop on a plane, and be in another country in a matter of a few hours, we feel more connected than ever to our brothers and sisters overseas. There is anger and outrage, no matter what side you're on, and either side feels they have the monopoly on being right. There seems to be no shortage of those who will take matters into their own hands and wield out punishments they feel are deserved for injustices caused, not even to them personally, but done to others who may be similar in circumstances, beliefs, color, religion, politics, etc. The list goes on and on. 

Personally, I feel like crawling in a little hole and just letting it all pass by, hoping I somehow won't be affected by it all. Not saying I'm doing that--I am very tuned in to Social Media, like everyone else. I get the news. I get at least several reports per day on the things that are going down. It is disturbing. Those who do nothing are as bad as those who go against the cause.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Full Moon Zip Line Tour At Sundance Resort #BeUtahful

I am transfixed by views from above. On one hand, I am petrified, on the other, I am elated! Being up high is the only way you can experience certain sights first-hand. Whether that vantage point is on top of a very high sky-scraper, aboard a roller-coaster just before you plummet down at heart-stopping speed, atop a summit that you've just climbed, or from an airplane. All these options are at high altitude, (and of course, there are more---what about sky-diving?) yet they each provide a somewhat different perspective of what being up high really means! And then there is that ever-present gnawing at the back of my gut telling me that were I to accidentally lose control up there in the stratosphere, I would never live to tell the tale!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Watching The Olympic Trials + #MyPostMonday Link-

The Olympic Trials ended yesterday and it has been so much fun watching them~~So many exciting moments and some heartbreaks. I loved watching the track athletes the most, just because of the sheer discipline they have! My heart goes out to Allyson Felix because of her foot injury that has been plaguing her this whole time. She didn't make the 200m cuts to defend her title at Rio, but she will be there for the 400m. Hopefully her foot gets better!  And what about Justin Gatlin, age 34, getting to make yet another trip to Rio to represent the U.S. in the 100m and the 200m! He is the oldest sprinter to make an American Olympic Team!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Supplemental Nutrition That Heals, Energizes And Beautifies #NeoCell

The Perpetual Argument. 
I consider myself a supplement user and have been so for awhile! Now, I am fully aware of the back and forth between the press and the nutrition industry. I even understand why the press is mostly antagonistic--it's because of the charlatans in the nutritional field, the ones who ride on the backs of the legitimate, scientifically backed, conscientious, companies who are advancing the health of millions of Americans everywhere. These sad impersonators have nothing to offer except disillusionment. It's a shame. We could be a more healthy population if people saw more of the positive results from actual scientific findings in nutrition. In addition, nutrition companies have to adhere to the behemoth FDA, that insists that any supplement claims, regardless if it is backed by solid science, have to state they are not evaluated by the FDA and that they can't claim treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease. The one positive take-away is that it does tend to make us responsible for our own research and health choices. But really, who can compete with the giant pharmaceutical companies, with their billions of advertising dollars and virtual free rein in the medical field?
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Monday, June 27, 2016

A Masterpiece + #MyPostMonday Link-up

Our untold potential lays dormant, waiting for us to make of ourselves what we have the potential to do. We have the power within to mold something spectacular. No excuses. It doesn't happen overnight. But we are eternal beings of intelligence and light. We have the ages on our sides. Each stage of life holds an opportunity if we but take hold of it. Just as beauty is created from opposing forces of nature, so is the soul. Take the things that happen which are painful, cataclysmic, and searing to render a masterpiece!

Image by Kris Moffitt

5 Things To Make Mid-Life Amazing!

Do you feel like you haven't accomplished the goals you had when you were younger because you were the one that took care of everyone else? Did life happen and, darn it, there just wasn't time or energy to accomplish those dreams right then? Don't beat yourself up, you did the right thing. But now, it's time for you!!! You have the chance right now to achieve every dream you ever wanted to. But it does take a little planning, a little guidance, and a little self-analyzing.

Don't throw your mid-life years away because they can be the most fulfilling years yet!

Here are some things you can do to get yourself on the fast track to health, happiness, and success!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

5 Empowering Ideas To Uplift Your Family #UpliftFamilies

Every family is different with a lot of different personalities, ages, likes and dislikes. But they're still ours and it's the greatest when we can come together and support each other, no matter how crazy we are!
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