Monday, September 15, 2014

Two Ways To Have More Faith In God

1) A simple admonition given by D. Todd Christopherson “Let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power." struck me.  How many times do we do all that we can do, and then worry, fret and stew so much that we can do nothing else?  It's so unproductive!  Many times the best way we can know that God has been there for us is when we come up short but leave the rest in God's hands and somehow He comes up with the balance.   What a faith strengthener!  Something very simple happened to me the other day, helping me to understand that.  I had misplaced my phone and had looked everywhere to find it.  It was like I had cut off my pinky finger!  I needed it badly.  I was immobilized without it.  Even my husband got involved looking for it.  Finally I asked him if we could say a prayer because I had looked everywhere that I knew.  So we did.  As we said the actual prayer, the thought of where I had last used the phone came to me and along with it, the place where I had left it.  It was really quite amazing! But the help came only after we had done everything we could do and came up short.  That is when we left it in God's hands. 

2) "Everything that invites and entices us to do good comes from God."  -David Bednar.  Have you ever wondered if the thought or idea you just had is your own thought or did it just come from above?  Maybe you haven't prayed for awhile and all of a sudden you can hear your mother telling you to say your prayers, like she did so many times when you were a child.  I believe that God uses others to deliver personal messages, in this case through an angel mother, to remind us of things we already knew but forgot along the way!  Why would he send anyone else if we have had or now have a good example in your life already? I feel that we can be angels to those around us if we keep our eyes open and an open heart.  Basically all good comes from God, so when in doubt ask yourself, is this something that is good?  Or is it selfish, prideful, or coercive?  If that is the case, chances are it isn't from God. 

An Amazing Example
 I have to think about Mariam Ibraheem, the Sudanese Christian woman who was held captive, sentenced to die for not converting to Islam.  She was married to an American and wanted to leave Sudan to be with him.  I don't believe in religious coercion and any person, group or organization who tries to force a religion on anyone else is plain evil in my book.  This woman was firm about her belief in Christianity and despite very difficult conditions, including lack of help from the U.S. government, held firm.  Her faith was amazing. She knew that being a Christian was what she wanted and that it was good.  So she held on to that belief.  Finally she was released, after giving birth to her baby boy in a filthy prison, with chains on her ankles, after being pressured by Islamic Imams to switch religions, and after looking death in the face. 
It is through examples like this that I look at myself and wonder just how strong I might be in similar circumstances and realize that I need to be more proactive in my stand for good.  And thus this post. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sabbatical Sunday - Taking A Break From The Routine!

I like to take a break from the regular routine on Sundays.  It gives me a chance to clear my head, re-set priorities and appreciate the many blessings I've been given.  I go to church, I reflect, and I try to find ways to inspire me to be a better mom, wife, Christian, and person.  Sundays are my day to take a sabbatical!  If you have a post that you'd like to share that is a little different from the ordinary weekday post, feel free to link up here!  We'd love to have you!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Motivating Monday Post and Linky!

I have been blogging on and off for 4 years now and really have been fascinated with all aspects of the genre.  I'll be the first to admit that while I love to write, I need some work on my sentence structure, my descriptive phrases and my vocabulary. And that's OK!  I am looking forward to learning and improving each and every day at my own pace, not competing with anyone else.   As with many many bloggers, expression through writing is what brought me to the ranks but then I discovered the social media aspect and found that while it is important to promote your own product, it is even more fun to learn from others who persue the same persuasion. I suppose that is why I am not the most prolific blogger around.  I am so busy reading and clicking around other sites!  I have boosted many an Alexa ranking and Google Page Rank from my exploring. 

Many of the things I've read by my fellow bloggers and experts have spurred me on to explore and to delve further into my own interests and even find new interests. I have been motivated to try new things--from cooking, crafts, music, books to ways to relate to my family, home decorating and tips for my dog.  I've been helped with many questions that I've had and with questions I had yet to come up with, answered before I thought of the question. 

This Monday I found a great article on how to get yourself published in Huffington Post.  Carrie's  story is so candid and it inspires me to be more assertive in pitching those companies that I'd like to see myself working with!  You never know until you try....and try again!

And then I found this inspiring piece of advice on a Facebook Page

It's a reminder to me that everything takes time and practice. And even through frustrations, we need to press forward and keep doing what you love or envision yourself doing.  Then, after much work, sweat, repetition, and disappointment, the fruits of your labor will come.  And it will always be a surprise!  My blogging experience has certainly surprised me in so many ways!

We all need motivation! Did you find something that motivated you this past week? It can be a Tweet, Facebook Post or a blog post you like. OR you can write a blog post with the link embedded and tell why it motivates you! Do you have a motivational post already written? Link it up! I will definitely visit your post and comment!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

RainShadow Labs $70 eGC #Giveaway

Welcome to the RainShadow Labs Giveaway!  Hosted by A GAL NEEDS...and Lynchburg Mama.  

Are you are a small-business owner who is interested in having only the best ingredients in your lotions, soaps, cleansers or serums? Or are you a savvy consumer who also wants the best in your products but who wants to pay wholesale prices for them!  RainShadow Labs is located in Oregon and has been manufacturing private label skin care products for a variety of brands for 31 years. What isn't as well known is that their products are available to regular consumers as well. 
 They have a vast inventory and one could spend hours on their website or blog learning about natural ingredients and their functions within the many and varied products at RainShadow Labs.  Read about Helena's experience with the product she ordered. 
Rainshadow Labs has generously offered one reader a $70.00 Gift Code so they can order whatever they want.  I can guarantee it will take awhile to decide what you want because there are so many options!  To help you in your decision, you can download the printable catalog and price list, found on their home page.  If you can't wait to try these products, you can order their sample sizes.  The first 3 are free (shipping not included) and after that, they are only $3.95 + shipping.  The sample sizes are quite generous and will last up to several months with regular use! 
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

$1,000 Back To School Cash #Giveaway

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One winner will receive a $1,000 Back To School Cash from iMyne. 

Enter here and your valid entries will be counted at the time of the winning draw!  Good luck! 

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

StriaFade Premium Stretchmark Solution 2-Winner #Giveaway

       Welcome To The StriaFade Giveaway! 
  Everyone goes through body changes and many times stretchmarks are left behind as evidence!  There's no need to lose self-confidence because of your appearance!  Treat stretchmarks with StriaFade Premium Stretchmark Solution, with 5 key ingredients, which when combined, create a solution that is virtually unequaled in the skin care market!              
 It is certainly worth the time to check out the best stretch mark cream that you can find in the market today. Stretch marks removal should not hurt, nor should it cost hundreds of dollars, or require you to go to the doctor's office time and time again. Read the review at A GAL NEEDS...and find out about her experience with StriaFade!
Many thanks to StriaFade for sponsoring this giveaway and thanks to Oh My Goodies for Co-Hosting! 
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Relief From Stretch Marks With StriaFade #Review

               Disclosure:  I received either product or payment for my honest review of the product!
 Pregnancy,  teenage growth spurts, explosive muscle growth, rapid weight gain, medical conditions...all of these and more, will create change in the skin and also frequently cause stretch marks.  Some professionals believe that they are also accompanied with an increase in the hormone cortisone.  Regardless of how one "obtains" these marks of growth, they are often seen as undesirable.  As you can see, however, one rarely gets through a whole lifetime without having a few.  So why is it such a taboo subject?  We hear stories about how we got tattoos, how we got scars, or the location of our moles. But you never hear about how we got our stretch marks!  I can just hear it.  "Oh yeah, one day I looked down when I was a teenager and I saw these weird red marks.  They itched something horrible.  I didn't know what they were, so I went and asked my mom and she told me they were stretch marks from growing so fast...."  We prefer that they just go away quietly, with no fanfare!  Most of the time, they just hang around, maybe fading a little, but our skin is never really ever the same.  Or can it be?  
First of all, I think we should accept it as life and be proud that we're part of the human race and that we evolve and change physically from year to year.  It's a sign of being human, not a barbie!  But the next thing is that we actually can prevent much of the annoyance of stretch marks by taking care of our health, and if we do get them, using creams and lotions specifically made for diminishing the appearance of stretch marks!

I was able to try one of the best creams for stretch marks.  It's called StriaFade.  I gave it to someone I know who is a 17-year-old high school body builder on the football team, let's call him J.  He recently had a huge growth spurt, plus was working out a lot with heavy weights to gain size, since he is on the line.  He developed lots of muscle and also got stretch marks on the undersides of  his arms.  I gave him the StriaFade to see if he noticed any difference.  He agreed to try it for awhile to see if there was any difference in the appearance of the stretch marks.  I documented before and after 17 days of use.  This is what I captured. 
Before StriaFade

After 17 days
Although the stretch marks are not completely gone, the surface area is much smaller!  And that is from using the product for just 17 days.  I think with continued use, they should diminish even more!  That's great news.  These stretch marks were fairly new and I think it is helpful to treat them as soon after they have developed as possible! 

One reason why anti stretch mark creams work is that they improve the level of collagen in the skin, improving its level of elasticity.  The key to StriaFade's effectiveness is the extraordinary combination of ingredients. StriaFade contains five key ingredients, Regu-Stretch®, Antarcticine®, Shea Butter, Marine Collagen, and Onion Bulb Extract, in addition to many other natural and effective ingredients. This powerful blend of unique, patented ingredients combine into a stretch mark solution that's effectiveness is virtually unequaled in the skin care market.

I'm really happy for J. and the quick response he got with using the cream.  I hope he will continue to use it so that he'll have self-confidence in those all-important young adult years! 

According to the StriaFade site, one bottle of the cream will last about a month to a month and a half, with regular use and when treating smaller areas.  More is required if you are treating a larger area.  They also offer great discounts when you buy multiple bottles of the product.  

You can get social by following them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Rejuvenator Microbubble Showerhead #Giveaway

Why the Rejuvenator Showerhead?  "Skin is our largest organ.  Keeping it healthy is extremely important to our overall well-being.  Now, thanks to science and innvovation the Rejuvenator Showerhead cleanses, exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin leaving it feeling clean and healthy.  The Rejuvenator creates billions of microbubbles, which are infused into the water streams creating a stimulating refreshing feeling, like a cascading waterfall, penetrating deep into the skin, effectively removing dirt and oil deep within your pores!"
 The Rejuvenator Showerhead has microbubble technology.  Microbubbles deep-clean your face, skin and hair. The bubble are so tiny they penetrate through the pores, attracting impurities, binding to them and then carrying the impurities out.  They are rinsed away with the water.  It is easy to install and requires no tools!  Just screw in the adapter!  Helena, at A GAL NEEDS...had the opportunity to review this amazing showerhead! Read more about it here!
One reader will win their own Rejuvenator and have the benefit of Microbubble Technology in their home!   Enter in the Rafflecopter below.  If you have won a Rejuvenator Showerhead in the last 12 months, you are not eligible to win this giveaway.  Entrants must be 18 years of age and older, US only, and will be verified.  For additional guidelines, please read the disclosure statement on the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Microbubble Technology and the Rejuvenator Showerhead

   I love things that make my job as a wife and mom easier.  For instance, my phone is working for me triple time when simultaneously I'm being notified about texts, e-mails and calls, I'm reminded to pick up my dry cleaning (alarm), plus being navigated to an unfamiliar location (GPS).
    Now I've found a way to multi-task my shower.  While I'm washing my hair,  my shower is also deep cleaning, exfoliating and enhancing my mood!  Enter the Rejuvenator Showerhead with Microbuble Technology!  I received one to review and installed it in our shower.  It's all about the bubbles!  Microbubble Technology has been around for awhile.  It was initially used in medical diagnostics to help read ultrasounds.  The sonar bounces off the bubbles and produces the reading.  They are naturally created when a ship's hull cuts through the water and they are found around waterfalls, mountain streams, and beaches. These tiny bubbles are smaller than one millimetre in diameter.  Compared to a typical air bubble, these bubbles truly are tiny!  But they are rich in oxygen and increase the water oxygen levels up to 70 percent, higher than common tap water.  This increased oxygen level stimulates the immune system, kills bacteria and promotes healing! And the negative ions combine with your system to make you feel happier and energized.  
Trying out Microbubble Technology in a tub
    The health and beauty industry has taken this technology by storm and has made it work for us!  I recently attended an event featuring high-end kitchen and bathroom sinks, tubs, and faucets.  One of the demos featured a tub using microbubble technology! This can get quite expensive when you think about installing a whole tub to produce those specialized little bubbles that do so much for you!

   With the Rejuvenator Microbubble Showerhead, you only need to go as far as your shower to benefit from it!
The Rejuvenator was really easy for my husband to install.  He unscrewed the showerhead, screwed in the Rejuvenator which also provides an adapter for our original showerhead, and screwed our other showerhead in the adapter.  Voila!  Now we have two shower sources!  You can turn one of the sources on or off, depending on personal preference.  
   I love showerinng with the Rejuvenator.  I can feel this subtle energizing effect as the microbubbles cascade down my skin. Because they are so tiny, they are penetrating into my skin, attracting impurities, carrying them to the surface and washing them away.  Much better than soap!  And all the negative ions floating around in the air are automatically improving my outlook on life!  Another way to use the showerhead is to submurge it into your tub while you are bathing.  That way you will be surrounded with the microbubbles while bathing!  I'm thinking this is just what the doctor ordered!  So, like my phone, this will probably become one of my most trusted non-human friends to help me live my crazy life more productively!
Microbubble Technology in a Shower!
Allure Magazine recently listed the Rejuvenator on their Tips n Trends page, along with a $40 discount code!  You can also get amazingly great discounts for Rejuvenator on Amazon!  

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

What My Weekend Is Looking Like So Far!

Friday morning was spent working on posts and doing some housework.  No biggie.  Then I got a text from one of the ladies I visit teach.  "Are you coming today?"   Each month I pay a short visit to 3 gal pals in my area that are assigned to me by my church.  It's called Visiting Teaching.  I'm LDS and it's part of how we keep track of each other and make sure that things are OK with them.  Sometimes they are just token visits, catching up and chatting, but other times they can really make a difference, especially if someone is ill or having difficulties meeting some kind of responsibility.  Sometimes it's just needing someone to talk with.  We usually go in twos.

Anyway, I had been texting the women earlier this week, trying to juggle which days would work between me, my visting companion, and the 3 ladies.  I reached one first and she said Friday at 11:00.  OK, great.  Then it turns out that everyone else was busy this week but next Thursday was good for the rest of them and I forgot that I hadn't told the first lady that next week would be better.     I really blew it.  It's called, 'Thinking You Have Communicated Something and Realize  You're The Only One In Your Crazy Loop.'  I honestly thought I had told her.  I called and apologized profusely but she wasn't too happy with me. I hope she'll get over it by next month.

Later on G. and I went to "The Hundred-Foot Journey" with Helen Mirren.  I was very excited about it because I saw her on Jimmy Fallon and she was so charming and funny and then she said something so interesting.  She said, "This is a great date movie. Don't eat before you go, because after the movie, you will score!"  We went to the movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  The scenery of France, the cuisine, the acting!  All wonderful.  There was a part in the movie that took the movie from good to excellent for me.  It was the part when she tasted "his food" for the first time.  That's all I'll say, but her reaction to it was so amazing and it actually brought tears to my eyes because of the raw emotion of it.  I'm now an even bigger Helen Mirren fan!  And can I just say that G. thinks she's  hot?  He says he would be so lucky if I was like her when I reach 60-something, like her.  Great!  Something to work towards...Here's the trailor, just in case you haven't seen it yet!  And, by the way, she was totally right. We scored afterwards. 

Just like Friday, my Saturday had some good and bad points to it.  G. decided to go play some disc golf with his friends up at Solitude.  They were gone for about 6 hours.  I went on a bike ride up the canyon, which is always great and then took some time to watch some t.v. afterward.  It was a show about Desert Runners.  It's about amateur runners who decide they want to run hundreds of kilometers in a desert and some decide to do all 4 desert runs in a year so they are called the Ultramarathon or Ultra runners.  How humans can run miles and miles in these extreme conditions is mind boggling.  It was a documentary that took us through the 4 races, chosen specifically for their harsh conditions.  The race organizers have strategically chosen these four deserts because they are (respectively) the driest, windiest, hottest and coldest places on Earth. It's not child's play, as I found out watching the show.  Some very extreme things happen and the thing is, it's all true.  I really enjoy watching documentaries.
  I decided to make something out of the abundance of zucchini we've accumulated this past week. I've had some great luck making zucchini bread with walnuts.  But I wanted to try out a recipe I'd found on Pinterest.  They were Baked Parmesan Zucchini Sticks.  I made them according to the directions, but they weren't a big hit at the house and heating the oven up to 425 degrees is something I still try to avoid.  So for us, it was just meh...
  Tomorrow looks like it's going to be a great day with great weather.  And I'm excited.  We will be going to the 7th Annual Alphorn Festival at Solitude.  The Alphorn is the national instrument of Switzerland.  It has been going since Wednesday, and tomorrow will be the culmination, with a live concert that is free to the public.  The best Alphornists(?) in the world will be playing!  I'll take pictures and put some on Instagram! Here is what Alphorns look like! Anything interesting going on for you this weekend?