Wednesday, April 22, 2015

S Is For Sweet Treats #AToZChallenge

Today I paid a visit to my friend, Simone. She is from Brazil. and is the best cook ever! Everytime I go to her house she gives me something she has made. So as you can imagine, I go and visit as often as I can! Today was no different. She is getting ready for her daughter's baptism. It is a very special occasion in the LDS church. It is 10 days prior to the event and already she is preparing the food, with some help from her friend, also from Brazil.
Brazilian Sweets Are Delicious!

The children love to help!
Vanilla ready to be rolled in coconut

Yum, tastes like chocolate truffles!

Rolling the balls in organic coconut

Vanilla encased in plum shell
In Brazil they make little balls of sweetness, rolled in coconut. They are delicious! She was kind enough to give me some samples of each kind! She was also kind enough to allow me to take some pictures of the process. Enjoy! Wish I could give you some samples of these wonderful morsels, to pop into your mouth! My favorites? The chocolate ones of course. They resemble truffles!

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