Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Y Is For Yowzers! #AToZChallenge

 Yowzers! Here, once again, is Alice, from Softball Alice, a great writer and life-saver. Please give her blog a visit! She rocks!

I am taking a writing class and in our textbook, there is a chapter
that mentions that all writers have the right to be off topic.

The topic I chose for today was York, after I had asked my family via
a group text to give me suggestions for words that start with the
letter Y.

See, with my siblings, we chat all the time via text even though we
are miles away from one another. One of my favorite traditions that we
have via text is that I will start a conversation about the day of the
week and then follow it with a word that starts with the same letter
as that particular day of the week.

So like today it would go: "Hey, it's Wednesday."





In order to get over my creative block, I opened this game up to them
today by saying:  "Give me good words that begin with Y.  I've got a
blog post to write."

These are the responses I got from my creative family:  Yugoslavia,
Yearning, Yikes, Yippee, Yesterday, Yonder, Yack, Yodel, Yonkers,
Yammer, Yoda, and Yolks.

So.  Yugoslavia, a country I probably will never visit.  Yearning,
something I do for a second child.  Yikes, what I say when my students
are weird or inappropriate.  Yippee, what I say when the day of work
is over and what I say real loud when the last bell rings before
summer break.  Yesterday, is in the past; leave it there.  Yonder,
what people in the old days said about stuff a ways away.  Yack, what
I do when I think about onions.  Yodel, Jewel Kilcher does it well and
I suggest you check it out.  Yammer, like a hammer but different.
Yoda, character cool he is.  Yolks, the wonderful gooey part of the
egg and I like mine sunny-side up!

Well, there you have it.  Random can be very fun, don't you think?

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