Friday, April 3, 2015

The CAT Scan That Told It All

 I was at work on a Thursday in February. It was unseasonably warm, temperatures in the 60's. My husband, who works from home, decided to take a lunchtime bike ride through town. He has biked for awhile now, about 10 years. He doesn't do cold, but when a warm day comes along, he revels in it and that day was one of them. 

He hopped on his bike, after pumping up his tires, and took off. It was a little unusual because that day he had an ominous feeling, like something might happen. So, he changed his route and he let some air out of his tires that he had just pumped up. And then off he went, enjoying the day. 

Meanwhile, it was almost time for me to be off work when I received a phone call from the Fire Department. I was told that my husband had been in a biking accident and that he was waiting for me at Emergency.  He assured me after my questioning that everything was fine and he was just there for observation and check-up, standard procedure after one LOSES CONSCIOUSNESS!

Long story short, dear husband was probably thrown off his bike when going over a curb. He has no recollection of what happened but he had sustained multiple fractures on the left side of his face, along with the concussion.  

Thanks to the CT Scan, the doctors were able to put together a team to get his face back together again. If they were to leave his face the way it was, the left side of his face would cave in and he would be disfigured for life. It is amazing what these modern medical devices can do and in turn, allow the talented physicians to do their jobs, which included putting 3 titanium plates in strategic places to stabilize the bones.

Check out the CAT Scan of the damage that was sustained to my handsome husband below!  You can definitely see the damage in comparison to the unharmed right side of his face. Basically the left side of his face had a section that was detached from the rest of his skull! Plus his left cheek bone was smashed in, with multiple fractures and crushed bone.
It has been about 6 weeks since the accident and my husband has been back to get his post-surgery check-up. The doctor's were beyond pleased with the success of the surgery and stated that he is one of their top 2% of successful surgeries. 

I can't go without acknowledging all the prayers that were offered up in his behalf and how thankful I am that he came out as well as he did. Aside from a few forgetful moments as he is still recovering from a concussion, he is back on his bike and will be enjoying the warm weather once again!

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