Tuesday, April 14, 2015

L Is For Lazy #AToZChallenge

 We all have different energy levels based on heredity, diet and core belief systems. But deep down, you know ya'll lazy!

This post wasn't a stretch for me to think of. Why? Because I too am a Slaktavist! Yes, I admit, sometimes I am lazy. But lazy compared to what? My lazy could be someone else's Type A mode. My Type A Mode is someone else's snooze button.

Being lazy and admitting it can be a good thing. It can cause you to use creativity to make sure that your laziness is preserved.  Bill Gates said, "I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it!" 

One of the smartest men I have known and despised was an expert at laziness. He combined laziness with being cheap. He was a chiropractor, but he was too lazy and cheap to rent out an office. He operated out of his home so he wouldn't have to get up any earlier than necessary. He was fairly good-looking and knew how to schmooze. He charmed quite a few ladies by taking them out to a dinner that he paid half price for, because he always used coupons. If the date went well, he asked them to come to his home afterwards. When they came, he had them do him favors like do his books, his laundry, or his cleaning, etc. He had them bring him food, cook for him, and even had them use their cars to take him places. It was amazing. When the women found out they were being used to do things he simply didn't want to do, they would usually leave in disgust. That was OK with him, he had a few on the string, waiting in the wings. I had to sit back and admire it on one level. It really was efficient to use as little work as possible to get all your menial chores done, using as little money as possible. On another level, it was funny to see him work it, knowing his end goal, and on yet another level, it was pretty sick! I pity the poor woman who ended up with him. Or maybe he never made it that far! I thought I saw him the other day. He was alone.

Check out these 10 laws of Lazy!
Even Ronald Reagan had this to say: "It's true that hard work never killed anyone, but I figure, why take the chance?"

What say ye? Is laziness something that you aspire to? Or is it already an achievement?

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