Wednesday, April 8, 2015

G Is For Guinnesian #AToZChallenge

If you have the distinct honor of being a Guinnesian, you are indeed in a very select group. You are a Guinness World Record Holder and have been listed in one of their annual almanacs! You'll have to agree that they are an odd lot, many of them having very bizarre talents and abilities!

Using conventional things in unconventional ways:
Building Strange Contraptions:
Serving Record Time In  Curious Occupations:
Eating And Drinking Crazy Things:
Amassing Curious Collections:
 One doesn't need to be human to qualify:
Just Extremely Talented:
Do you think you have what it takes to be a Guinnesian? Here is a list of criteria used to qualify potential candidates!!

1. Measurable - Is it the fastest / longest / heaviest / most?
2. Breakable - Can the record be broken or repeated by someone else?  All our record titles must be open to being challenged.
3. Standardizable -  Can the record title be done universally? For example, it cannot be related to something restricted to a region. 
4. Verifiable - Can the claim be proven? For example, a claim such as ‘the man who never drank water’, can never be verified unless the man spent his whole life from birth under surveillance by a witness.
5. One Variable – We can verify the Largest painting but would not consider the largest painting by the most people.
6. Absolute records not categories - For example, Fastest 100metre sprint but not the fastest 100 metre sprint by a Fireman
7. Universal - The proposal must be something, or about something that is known to the world’s majority. It cannot be too specific / regional.

Thanks to the Guiness Book Of Records Site for the photos. Click on the photo for the link!

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