Monday, April 27, 2015

W Is For Words #AToZChallenge

Once again, Alice from Softball Alice  has stopped by to help me out because A GAL NEEDS...friends who write! Stop by her blog and give her some love!
Words have power. If they didn't, the works of Shakespeare, Hemingway
and Dickinson would mean nothing.

But really, words are power and the written word makes our words
timeless. By writing, we are able to communicate our inner-most
feelings and also leave a piece of us on this planet forever.

That is the biggest reason I write, so that my words and a little
piece of me can stay here forever because I will not stay forever.

What we say can also have lots of power. I don't know how many times
what somebody said about me cut me to the core.  Just a tiny hint of
negativity can make me double guess myself and be filled with doubt.
So many people are broken these days because of what has been
said to them, whether it be about their physical body or about their
personal characteristics.  Sometimes it is easy to point out the fault
in others and forget that we also have faults.

If only we were brave enough to always lift others through our words.
The thing with power is that we have the choice to either impact our
world through positivity or through negativity.

Because of this power, both with written and spoken language, be
careful.  You never know what impact you can have on this world.

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