About Me

Hi, I'm Helena and I love to find ways to make the lives of women more fulfilling, enjoyable, and full. I love to explore health, wellness, beauty, and fashion.
I have worked in Special Education for around 10 years, with a BGS from Radford University and a SpecEd Teaching Certificate from BYU. I work at a high school with 2 other professionals, helping boys and girls with behavioral issues, who also qualify for Special Education. We do academics in the morning and in the afternoons go out into the community and do volunteer work which gives them experience and allows them to give back.
I love to get together with friends and family, when time allows. On the flip side, I love to spend time alone, reading, writing, and taking long walks with my dog. I refer to myself as a reclusive extrovert!  I love music of just about any genre.  I play the piano and violin and I'm the proud mom of two boys.  I have a widowed Dad, and 1 great husband! I work with great companies to provide reviews and giveaways of products that I love. I also write original content at least four times a month, with the series, #MyPostMonday. I enjoy reading blogs that not only have great product reviews, but have original content interspersed throughout. That is what I want to put out there for my readers in my blog as well. Below are just a few posts that are examples of what I think, believe, love, and what motivates me. Thanks for visiting!