About Me

 Hi, I'm Helena! I believe that women of all ages have more similarities than differences, and I speak to that. Since my kiddos are out of the house, I like to write about things that are good for women in terms of health and wellness, fashion, travel, and beauty. Although I loved the years when my boys were little, I don't live in the past. I look forward to every single day and enjoy so many things.

In college I got a Bachelor of General Studies and ended up getting a Post-Bac teaching certificate for Special Education. I work part-time at Midvale Middle School as a learning Assistant in a learning resource classroom. These students are lively, inquisitive, and determined. I love working with them and they teach me more than I could ever teach them. 

 I love to get together with friends and family, when time allows. On the flip side, I love to spend time alone, reading, writing, and taking long walks with my dog. I refer to myself as a reclusive extrovert!  I love music of just about any genre.  I play the piano and violin and I'm the proud mom of two boys.  I am a semi-caretaker to my widowed father, and have an awesome, supportive husband! Utah is a beautiful state, and I love to get out and explore it any time I get the chance!

I work with great companies to provide reviews and giveaways of products that I love. I also write original content with the series, #MyPostMonday, which is also where I curate the best original content of the week from around the web and share it on a link up. I've been blogging since 2010 and have worked with numerous companies such as Mrs. Fields, NeoCell, Pearl Paradise, Del Sol, Cariloha, Sundance Resort, Uplift Families, BonCom, Shabby Apple, Green Esthetics, and many more! Check out my recommendations on LinkedIn! 

All material is solely owned by 'A GAL NEEDS'. Permission to publish elsewhere is prohibited unless express permission is received by the owner of this blog.

Since my beginnings in blogging, I've evolved in so many ways! You're invited to check out some of my past posts!  You may detect a few subtle changes yourself!