Saturday, April 11, 2015

J is For Jenner #AToZChallenge

I am sad to say that oftimes I am late to post. I get distracted by all of the offerings out there, including participating A To Z Challenge blogs like Brits In The USA, Shells Tales & Sails and Albom Adventures. Today I was thoroughly distracted by different snippets of video. One of those was a sneak peak of  an upcoming event. It seems that Bruce Jenner is going to do an in-depth interview with a major news organization on April 24th about this and that. But it's apparent that he's going to talk about his on-going sex change.

In 1976, he was "twirling the nation like a baton, so high up on a pedestal that it would take a crane to get him down," said Tony Kornheiser. He had just won the Olympic Gold Medal in the decathlon and done it in rousing fashion, breaking his own world record! He was mega-famous, even making it on the elusive Wheaties Box!
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But sadly, we may be saying good-bye to him forever. He's changing into a woman. I'm sure it will be a huge event, this interview. What will he say? What will he reveal? 

Of course, he will be changing his name at some point. So no longer will we have a Bruce Jenner, who is male. We will have a female. 

There are many people who are wondering what her name will be. I have a suggestion--what about Brunehilde!
It's really close to Bruce, the closest I have seen. And the story behind the name I imagine to be quite fitting! Legend has it that Brunehilde was a beautiful Amazon-like princess and vows to marry only a man of the most outstanding qualities and one that can surpass her in strength. One problem, she always had to wear a viking hat, pretty much mandatory if you have the name Brunehilde!

I can imagine Bruce Jenner's female self to be like this Brunehilde. She can't just end up with anyone. Naturally, she would only be happy with someone who has the same outstanding athletic qualities and the same noteriety and fame. But maybe that is the tragedy. Maybe there is no one that can ever make this legend truly happy...and so this is why the search is continuing, just in different form.

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