Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mountain Biking In #ParkCity

Today the hubster and I took off to Park City for the day and rode one of the trails there.  Park City is famous not only for its skiing, but it also has world class mountain bike trails.  The one we took was Mid Mountain Trail, one that was recommended to us by a few people at various sporting goods stores and also from looking at maps.  It was my first time taking such a serious mountain biking trip and so this was one that was less technical than some of the others.  We usually stick to the disc golf parks in the area and bring our dog with us, so this was a change of pace. Greg mapped out a route on the trail that would enable us to ride a good part of the trail and then drop into Park City and take the free public transportation back to where our car was parked.  It was only  about 12 miles but it felt like 50 on a road bike! 


We started out at a lower elevation and kept going up and up and up.  The views were breathtaking and my camera can't even begin to capture what we saw!  

There is a video on YouTube of some guy blasting through some of the same trail we took and it is quite impressive because he is blowing through there at break neck pace and doing it flawlessly.  if you were to see my video it is more like slowly and carefully inching my way through the terrain and if I'm going up any more than gradually rising elevation, I'm stopping to pant and catch my breath!  But the views were incredible and when we went to Zupa's Cafe afterwards, the soup, salad and million dollar bar I ordered tasted particularly yummy. 

Postprandial activity found us arriving home with various aches and pains,  talking over the temporarily non-existent backyard fence to our neighbors, playing frisbee with Evee, the border collie, and me nursing the horrible (to me) wound to my shin which occurred when the pedal on the bike mercilessly caught me as I was making a sharp hairpin turn, my foot slipping and the pedal flying backwards, hitting my shin.  I am really upset about it, not particularly because it hurt like a mother (which it did), but because of the fact that I am always hitting myself in the shins and leaving a horrible wound during the summer months.  It seems I have never been without marred shins during the summer for as long as I can remember.  

Oh well, my legs have never been my best feature anyway.  But I'd like to have at least one summer without a horrible looking injury on my shins.  My husband is non-sympathetic to my woes, saying that wounds are like badges, showing that you take risks and are adventurous and those are the proof.  He displays all of his horrific looking leg wounds with pride.  But for me it only calls attention to legs that I'd just as soon keep on the low-down.  Is that a bad body image?  Probably.  But it is what it is....and I won't let it prevent me from going back and riding again.  It's too beautiful and too much fun! 

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dd said...

I miss mountain biking in Colorado. I never had any accidents or shin mishaps!