Monday, May 13, 2013

A Belated Mother's Day Wish From Our Class To You!

Spring has come and is almost gone with today ending in a record high in the Salt Lake Valley but 3 days ago was the perfect day to create pottery from arcrylic paints and some earthenware pots! 
Mothers Day was coming up over the weekend and our class of boys needed some help with creating a special gift for their own moms. 
Paints were doled out, sponge brushes were dispersed and the fun began.  Everyone did their own thing.  
Some decided to just paint the pot one color and be done.  Others were really creative and took some time to do their creation. 
Next came the actual potting of the flowers.  We stepped outside and did it there because what a mess it made!  When everything was said and done, the boys were happy with their results and even agreed to pose for this post!  Now that's saying something!  Pictured below is Troy, who put it all together for us, and Colton, looking like a rock star with his creation!

I guess I'll let you take my picture, but I'm very busy!

So, happy belated Mothers Day from our class to everyone who could use just one more special wish!
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