Sunday, September 1, 2013

3 Great Places To Play #DiscGolf

We played at three really great places.  One area is called Brian Head Ski Resort in Southern Utah. Of course skiing is what this resort is world famous for in the winter, but it is every bit as fun in the summer.  La Mirada, CA has a world famous course where all the big names in disc golf have played and done so regularly, and Woodward Park in Fresno, CA has a beautiful disc golf park that has been really well maintained and is a blast to play.

We took a day trip to Brian Head not too long ago and took advantage of the disc golf course there.  We paid $5 each to ride up on the lift where we started playing at 11,000 ft. We played the 18 holes going mostly down.  It was beautiful and challenging.  As a matter of fact, I don't know how many courses require hiking boots to play but you definitely need them because it was really rough terrain and the throwing distances were insane!!
I was really glad that I brought an extra shirt to wear because at that elevation it was chilly!  After we got playing, I shed the shirt and just wore the purple tee underneath.  There were a ton of BMX bikers that day because there was some kind of tournament going on.  Brian Head is perfect for the BMX crowd! But the mountain was plenty big to accomodate us all! 

About halfway down the mountain

We ran into a fun cow poke display

La Mirada
When we took our vacation to Disneyland, we took a detour and played the La Mirada Disc Golf Course in La Mirada, of course!  It was beautiful and the weather was gorgeous.  I enjoyed the trees and the duck pond.  It was so funny watching the geese chasing people for food as if they owed it to them!  They were very entitled geese! I would highly recommend this course because it actually has 2 courses, a front one and a back one.  They are both amazing!

The geese own the water front property

An old tree in the park
While we were in Fresno, which, I might add, is a beautiful city with so many gorgeous trees, we played at Woodward Park.  Fresno is quite hot during the summer but in the evenings it cools down rather nicely.  I've played the park in December and that is when the grass grows and everything is green.  When we played in August, the grass was gone and you were wise to get into the park as early in the morning as possible because by 11:00 AM the heat was pretty oppressive.  But the course is fun and it has some technical stuff that keeps the guys and gals coming back for more!  Loved this course and intend to go back often!
Woodward Park

Click on this picture and you'll see the disc heading away to it's goal.

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