Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Is Going To Be The Best Yet!! Right??

2017 is going to be so good! Let me get some heck yeahs and some cheers! Sure, 2016 wasn't quite what many of us had hoped, but hey, what election year is? I'm going to recommit with the things I was doing in 2016 and keep moving forward. After all, there is no such thing as standing still. If you're not moving forward, you're moving backwards! And it doesn't matter how fast---baby steps are awesome!

My Post Monday - I had so much fun writing my  (mostly) once-a-week posts about anything I wanted to write about (because it's called #MyPostMonday) and also finding the week's best original content on the internet, which I link and feature on Twitter under the above hashtag. I turned my love of stalking into a regular thing, and apparently you like me to bring the content to you as well! Thanks so much! 

Basically I wrote about whatever was on my mind and sometimes I went there. During the course of 2016, I revealed that I am indeed a Christian, an LDS Christian. My definition of Christian is someone who believes that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World and died for all of us, so that we might live once again beyond physical death. I believe that what we do beyond that amazing gift is up to us, but He is ever merciful and ever kind. No human being is so hopeless as to be beyond His infinite mercy! He is there when we are sad, lonely, depressed, angry, or dejected. We just need to call upon Him and have that humble, believing faith! He is available to all of us!! I think that in these troubled times, it is wise for anyone to invest in His amazing promises, which you can readily access in the scriptures!

In one post, I admitted that sometimes I felt envy and jealousy. I'm happy to say that I have overcome so much of those feelings in the past year. It's like I took my own advice in the post I wrote. I identified jealousy as a time sucker and gave 4 ways to overcome feelings of jealousy! It's called living abundantly and it is so freeing! And so it went from there throughout the year--me talking about things that I was concerned about or interested in. I even lamented the end of Downton Abbey, one of my all-time favorite t.v. shows! 

I hope to continue My Post Monday's and I hope you will continue to drop by and check them out when you can! Better yet, subscribe to my updates! (Right Side Bar) 

I also continue to write about health & wellness, fashion and do reviews and giveaways! Be assured I have some great ones lined up for the upcoming year! Thanks so much for your support and your readership! They help me continue to do what I love to do---blog for you!

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