Monday, September 26, 2016

Why Our Family Dog Sometimes Gets Preferential Treatment

We have been dog-owners for a long time! My first dog was Duke, our German Shepherd. I was around 16 years old and didn't really appreciate Duke because although he was lovable and friendly, I didn't fancy him jumping up and licking me with his "disgusting" slobbery tongue. He just wasn't my cup of tea....until I got older and learned that he could accompany me on walks and runs. We soon became fast friends. I remember how sad we all were when my dad finally had to put him down because of hip dysplaisia. It wasn't until I got married that I rediscovered dogs and the wonderful friends they are. I've brought a few puppies home, to the surprise of my husband and delight of my sons. 

For the last 14 years we have been border collie owners because they are so smart and we both had to agree on one breed. If you can weather the puppy stage with nothing more than a few things chewed up, border collies make the best of friends, as I imagine any other breed does, depending on the characteristics that you prefer.
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Once in awhile my husband gets mildly resentful of how much our dog, Evee, and I get along and my sometimes seeming preference of her over him. He has actually said that sometimes he gets jealous! Imagine that, preferring my dog's company over a man! Here are a few reasons my dog may sometimes get the nod before some humans!

1) No sarcastic comments - Granted, there are usually no comments from Evee, but the sarcastic kind especially are not to be found. I find that very relaxing and refreshing after being at work at a high school! Evee has her own way of telling me where to place my priorities and usually that is by her body position. She literally blocks me with her body from things I may be doing that don't involve her! I somehow find that cute! Now if my husband were to do that....

2) Doesn't bargain for my love - My dog loves me unconditionally, and if I don't feel like being warm and fuzzy at the moment, or the whole day, she will wait patiently until I feel up to it and will love me no matter what.

3) No idle chit chat - A friendly lick, nuzzle, or thump of the tail on the floor is sometimes all I really need or want.

4) Submits to my rules - If I decide that today is an outside day, then outside it is! My chair is my chair and that is that. No sitting in the car front seat and no eating people food (unless it's a special occasion, like leftovers! heh heh) No questions asked, she's happy to oblige. She knows she gets lots of special things and knows that rules are necessary for mama's well-being and happiness!

5) Senses my emotions immediately - This one is uncanny. If she is sitting with me in the living room, and if something on T.V., in a conversation, or in a book gets to me emotionally and I start to tear up, she immediately gets up to check on me. Many times, I won't even make a noise and I'm not in her line of vision, but she still senses something. She'll immediately get up and give me a little lick just to let me know that she is there if I need her.

6) Always Wants To Go With Me - It doesn't matter where, she just wants to go. She just loves to be with me. I have to be the one who makes the decision that she can't because of the heat, or dog policy. It breaks my heart when I can't take her, but she would go wherever, whenever. I can't say that about hubby dearest.

7) Doesn't Hold A Grudge - Sometimes things happen. You can't control where your foot accidentally steps or if you trip on her and it makes you momentarily mad, or she doesn't understand something or is hurt because she can't go. No matter what it is, tomorrow is a new day and everything is a new start!

8) Waits (Im)Patiently For Me - My husband sometimes doesn't wait very patiently for me. When we're going somewhere and it's almost time to go, he'll throw on his clothes, and yell up the stairs, "I'm ready"--that's code for hurry up and let's go already, I've waited long enough. Meanwhile, I am finally getting around to getting myself ready after planning, gathering, cleaning, and prepping. I just need a moment to do that. Evee is kind of the same way because when I delay our walks longer than she would like, she will pace to and fro impatiently, keening and talking to herself, until finally, I am ready to go, at which time she jumps up and joyously heads out the door. It's so cute to know that she can hardly stand to wait for our walk together!

9) I'm Always Right - My dog knows that I'm always right. How do I know that? Because she never ever gives me any grief about what I do or what I think! I never get any kind of back talk from Evee. You can't say that about many people that you live or work with for any length of time. There's always something to squabble about!

10) Loves My T.V. Shows - My husband and I like some of the same shows, but not all. For instance, he's a Trekee and I am so far from it. I love 'Elementary' and he walks out of the room every time I watch it. Evee likes every one of my shows and loves to watch them with me. One of my most relaxing times is when Evee and I watch "our" favorite shows together. She hops up on my lap and we watch 'Elementary', 'Primal Survivor', 'Strange Inheritance', 'Survivor' and others contentedly. She loves all of them, at the volume I like them. Sometimes we will both just fall asleep and that's OK too! An added bonus is that she makes an excellent blanket in the winter!

11) Acknowledges Me When I Walk In The Room - I can always count on a very warm and enthusiastic welcome whenever I make an entrance into a space where she is. At the very least, I'll hear a thump-thump-thump on the carpet

12) Eats A Simple Meal Without Complaining - No matter what I put in her bowl, she will always eat it. I usually put plain dog food in it, but sometimes I slip a little something special in with it and she really loves those times. Either way, day in and day out, she seems to be satisfied with whatever is placed before her!

These are just a few reasons why I may occasionally elect to be with my dog instead of someone of the human species! But that's OK, right? I hope I'm not the only one who appreciates the unique gifts and contributions that family pets make!

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