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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Life Updates & Goli Nutrition - Use My Code! 42% or 57% Discount!

 Hey Gal Pals! It's definitely been awhile since I last wrote. It turns out that my job, which was previously a part-time, 27 hrs. per week job, turned into a 35 hours per week gig. It has been great and many benefits have come from it. But I have missed contributing to my blog and wish that I could get more motivation to do just a little bit each week. I think that some of that is just my idea that I have to have everything planned and prepared just so, edited, photos done just right, etc. etc. I'm happy to say that I am still on Instagram fairly regularly!  I'd love for you to stop by there to see what I've been up to! 

I've been enjoying the summer break and playing a lot of catch-up with different areas of my life. We've been doing some hiking, and I've joined a gym called 'HotWorx', which is a quick way to get in a work-out. It combines the actual workout with a sauna temperature (between 120 and 125 degrees) so you can sweat out impurities, along with infrared light--said to have great effects with detoxification, pain relief, circulation, etc. So far I've liked it but I'll give it a year to see what I think of it overall.

I think if I want to continue in this blog realm, which I really do, I need to let go of attempting to control things, even the slightest bit. If I am even more authentic, (less staging, more vulnerability) there will not be the need to manipulate so much of what goes up on the blog. I think that actually it could become a little bit more relate-able because so many of us are dealing with life and trying to cope with ever-changing circumstances.

We still, however, need to keep our health up. That is one thing I am passionate about. Whatever happens, if we lose our health, it will become 10 times harder to cope. Thankfully, I'm still keeping up with that to the best of my ability, to the point that I can happily say I haven't been even a little bit sick in the past 5+ years. And honestly, maybe it's just the luck of the draw. But if it isn't, I'm happy to share whatever it is that I'm doing with you so you can decide whether or not you'd like to incorporate some of my methods into your own life! 

I also wanted to mention that I'm still using Goli Supplements (you know, the ones that Jennifer Lopez has been promoting) and really liking them. I am on the subscription plan where I receive a bottle of my favorite supplement each month. I can change it from month to month. I love the taste of all of them. Currently, I'm loving the Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies. All the effects of ACV with the very pleasant taste of a gummie! 


I need to mention that this weekend (4th of July Weekend) that if you use my code "agalneeds" you will get a great 42% discount. You can actually try a 3-pack of any combination for just $33.06 with that code - agalneeds. And as always, shipping is free. If you opt to get on a subscription plan (no obligation, cancel anytime) you will get an amazing 57% discount on your first order! 

I hope you are having a great summer and enjoying time with your friends and family! Until next time!

Monday, May 3, 2021

Tips For Dealing With Back Pain

 Dealing with back pain can be one of the worst pains to deal with, especially as once damage is done to the back, it's likely to be regular in its occurrence. Looking after your body is important and as the spine holds the body together, it's important that you do all you can to protect it. With that being said, here are some tips for dealing with back pain.

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Maintain Correct Posture

Correct posture is everything to ensure your body stays fit and healthy. If you've not got great posture then chances are you're going to do some significant damage to the body. Think about how you are sitting right now. Are you slouched over your desk or looking down at your phone or laptop from the sofa? You should always maintain an upright position where possible and a lot of the time, this isn't the case. We naturally hunch our shoulders over and slump down into our chairs when working at our desk and once we've assumed this posture position, it can be very hard to correct it.

However, it is something that you can do over time.  Try to make a conscious effort to focus on how you're sitting at all at all times and whenever you find yourself slouching or not sitting correctly, correct it right away. The more attentive you are to it, the better you'll be at sitting more comfortably for your back and this will reduce the pain.

Do The Right Exercises

Exercising your body is going to help it stay active and more importantly, to build muscle. The more muscle you can have to support your body, the better. Your bones and joints are surrounded by muscle and so it's worth putting in the effort to build it up so that less strain is put on these vulnerable areas.

Try to find exercises that are comfortable for your pain threshold and try to focus on strengthening your back for the most part. The same goes for your legs as this can carry a lot of the body's weight too. Exercise is important but you need to be doing the right exercises in order to keep your body in shape and feeling strong.

 Use Ice Or Heat

When you feel pain in your body, one of the best things to do in order to combat it is applying hot and cold compresses. These are really important to do because they can help ease the inflammation that is likely causing the pain in your body. Your back can feel sore and so a good way to help combat that soreness is by applying a hot water bottle, for example, or ice pace to the area itself.


If you're using an ice pack, don't put ice directly onto your skin as that could cause blistering. Instead, wrap it around a towel and apply to the area. For hot water bottles and hot bags, make sure they aren't scalding hot or you could end up burning yourself. Make sure to double check the seal on the bottle so that it doesn't leak hot water everywhere. A hot water bottle that's well insulated should provide you with a couple of hours worth of heat. 

Doing this regularly when you have back pain can definitely dull the aches that you have on a regular basis and will provide the relief you need, when you need it.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Healthy Ways to Reinvent Yourself For A New Season!

 Here we are into Spring! Even more than January 1st, spring, to me, signifies new life, and a new beginning! Have you ever considered reinventing your look but were too hesitant to do so?  Maybe the reluctance to change could be because of insecurities or just the comfort of the same predictable person that you are to yourself and to everyone else. Hey I know, I feel ya! I'm probably the most predictable person in regard to looks that there is. Once, around 2 years ago, I went and cut my hair to above shoulder length. It was crazy! (For me, at least) And while I enjoyed it and I got a lot of encouragement and compliments. I went back to the same below shoulder length style after it grew out and haven't returned to it since. It takes courage to reinvent yourself -- and it takes a lot of effort!

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Turn Your Passion For Health Into A Career Option


Living a healthy life is something that I've always been intent on doing, as many people are these day. But what if you want to take it one step further? For example, if you exercise, it could lead you to take it further and become a personal trainer. When it comes to turning your health into a career, what sort of options are there beyond being a personal trainer? The answer is: there are many!

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Working With Herbs

While you could work in terms of homeopathy, which requires you to study for a qualification, some people like the immediate effects of natural products such as THC or CBD. In which case, you could sign up today to become a vendor for products containing THC. It's a fantastic way to get yourself involved with the ever-growing medical marijuana community, but you could also become self-employed and offer advice. If this is a passion of yours, it could be the best way to develop a freelance career. It is important to know that you need a license to practice this, but usually, it requires more of an investment over rigorous training towards qualifications.

Nutritional Therapy

We are at a crossroads in life in terms of diet. There is one side that talks about veganism being the one true path, yet others are talking about the carnivore diet. And nutritional therapy is something that is about using science to back it up. The fact of the matter is that everybody seems to be some sort of nutritional expert these days, especially if you look on social media! If you have an interest in eating well or helping people to live better lives through their diet, this could be a great choice. Studying to be a nutritional therapist is a straightforward approach, and it also gives you the opportunity to fix your own health. 

Wellness Apps

If you are an enthusiastic blogger, you may use it as an opportunity to put across your thoughts and feelings in terms of health. There are so many blogs that do this, but if you want to go one step further, and how you have technical skills you can start to use your own abilities to help others through an app. Many apps help people even in terms of wellness or using natural ingredients. And you can bring it all together with a blog to create a fully-fledged health and wellness business.

Self-Care Coaching

One of the best things you can do to help others is to focus on self-care. We live in an age where self-care is so important, especially in light of current events. And being a self-care coach isn't just a fantastic way to help others, but it allows you to shine a light on your own issues and make sure that you are looking after yourself properly. It is an incredibly rewarding thing to see somebody love and respect themselves. 


As you can see, if you're looking to turn your love of health into a career option, there are a wide variety of choices out there! Look at what you love about achieving and maintaining good health. Decide how you can help others attain the same kind of enthusiasm that you have. Know that there is value for the kind of assistance you could provide. Create a package and a payment plan! Don't be afraid to dream!

Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Weight Loss Enigma - Permanently Lose Those 10 Elusive Pounds

 Do a bit of research online and you would definitely be forgiven for thinking that losing weight is an easy and simple process. More than that, there are a lot of guides online that suggest losing weight should be a rapid process, taking just a few weeks. However, this is a fallacy. The reality is that losing weight can take quite a long time and if you lose it too fast then it can have negative consequences. One possible side effect of losing weight too quickly is that you might find that you develop prominent stretch marks because you have transformed fat into muscle too quickly. Still, if losing weight is taking a lot longer than you expected, there are a few problems that you might need to address. 

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Your Metabolism

 First, you might find that the problem is you have a slow metabolism. A slow metabolism will mean that it takes significantly longer to lose weight or put on muscle than other people. The good news is that there are ways to speed up your metabolism. This can be as simple as drinking a nice cold glass of water in the morning to start the day. In addition, you could think about exploring additional help like NAD. According to a recent 2017 Harvard study, NAD provides the sustenance your body needs to boost your metabolism. 

 A little trick I personally use each day is to put 2 Tbsp. of Bragg’s Apple Cider “Miracle Cleanse” Vinegar into a 4 oz. glass of water, along with some lemon juice and a scoop of FiberWise fiber, with psyllium husk. I chug it down as quickly as possible.   

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Keeping Fit While Working At Home - Looking Back 11 Years

Next week my blog will hit its 11th year. I started waaaay back in January of 2000,  and I remember how when I first started I was sitting a whole lot more than I was used to. I think my husband was also aware of it, because he also works full-time from home and he realizes that if one isn't careful, you can end up losing your physical health before you know it. A few pounds gained here, some flexibility lost there, a cholesterol check edging ever higher, etc. So he sent me a link with an article about how sitting too long can really wreck your health.

And sure enough as I spent more time blogging and less time walking around and doing things, I could tell the difference.  My body didn't respond to my exercise routines like before.  I seemed to be losing some muscle tone.  I was a dancer (middle-eastern, zumba, modern and ballet), biker, yoga lover, hiker, disc golfer, skier, and the reason is because I have always exercised and made time to do so.  I loved pushing my body to just the right amount of fatigue to where I know I've been challenged, but not so that it takes days on end to recover. But I felt like I was in danger of losing some (or a lot) of that, as I continued to make staying on the computer more of a priority. 



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Monday, July 6, 2020

My Braces Journey Part III + Special Offer and Treatment Discount!

My year-long journey with braces has come to a close and I couldn't be happier! Yes, I'm happy that it is over, but even more happy about the results! Here are a few things that I can share about my overall journey and what you can expect with invisible braces from Invisalign and an Invisalign Certified Orthodontist.

My initial problem: Over time, one of my lower teeth had moved and whenever I talked it stuck out and was really obvious. I hadn't really noticed it until my husband and son both made comments about it. I also noticed that my 2 front teeth were slightly overlapping and there was a small gap in between them that gave me a slight lisp.

My final results: Both of the above problems were fixed, plus one that I didn't realize I had. Dr. Cook informed me that my upper teeth were slanting quite a bit inward, affecting my bite and the way I talked. At the end of treatment, my upper teeth were back to a normal position and it really makes a difference, not only in my smile, but also in how I chew, talk, and how my jaw is aligned.

I loved wearing Invisalign braces because it wasn't obvious that I was wearing braces at all. They didn't show up in photos, and many people didn't even know that I had braces. They were invisible to someone just a couple feet from me. In addition, I was able to eat whatever I wanted because I took them out when doing so. Also, it was easier than wire braces to clean my teeth and get food particles out and keep my gums healthy.
Wearing my braces. It's hard to see them!

I used 2 products to keep my teeth white and clean my braces (called trays). Alightener  Foam is a combo Tray Cleaner/Teeth Whitener. It was really easy to use and I'm still using it now for teeth whitening purposes. The smaller spray was for quickly cleaning a tray when on the go. I love both of these products and highly recommend them.
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I was so glad that I chose an Invisalign Certified Orthodontist and specifically, Dr. Michael Cook. (He's such a nice guy!) Dr. Cook has the expertise that an extra 2-3 years gives to those with Orthodontic certification. Did you know that Orthodontists go to school an average to 10 - 11 years? And if they are Invisalign Certified, it takes time and experience to do that as well. Dr. Cook is a Gold Certified Invisalign Provider.

After my experience, I could never choose a generic, computer-generated braces treatment, where no doctor (or maybe a random doctor at best) checks up on you on a regular basis. I also would never have a regular dentist do my work because they just don't have the training and expertise like an orthodontist does.

Dr. Cook uses up-to-date equipment and technology in his office. He uses the Mandibular Advancement Feature, which simultaneously can fix an overbite while straightening the teeth. He also uses the iTero Digital Scanning System, eliminating the use of messy putty in your mouth by creating a 3-D digital scan of your teeth. For instance, they scanned me for my final retainer, which I'll wear for awhile every night and then decrease to 2 - 3 times per week. It was ready for pick-up the following day because the scanner produces ready-to-use impressions so quickly.

Dr. Cook's staff was so much fun! The office always had a really great vibe--one of productivity while having a good time. Everyone worked in sync, and were very organized.

My last few appointments were kind of sad. I couldn't really see any of my ortho workers' happy faces because they were masked up because of the Covid-19 regulations. They take their patients' and their own safety very seriously. Obviously, the patient doesn't wear a mask, but they are asked very specific questions,temperatures taken, and given hand sanitizer when entering the office.
See my 'before' pics in Parts I and II

I couldn't have been more pleased with the journey I chose to take with Dr. Cook and his office. Now with my newly straightened teeth, I can focus on things that I need to focus on and not ever have to worry about my teeth again!
If you are within a 35 mile radius of Sandy, UT, and are thinking of straightening your teeth, you definitely should consider Cook Ortho in Sandy. And if you're not in the area, I hope that my journey helped to inform you about what clear, esthetic teeth alignment is all about!

Before settling on Cook, I had many consultations from around the area. Cook Ortho came out on top in terms of cost-effectiveness, transparency, positive patient rapport, advanced methods of treatment and expertise. Schedule your free consult and get a free teeth whitening kit when you mention A GAL Go even further by scheduling a treatment plan and get $600 off your entire treatment when you mention A GAL NEEDS....See what a beautiful smile can do for you! (Offer good through August 2020)

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Read Parts I and II of my braces journey here and here. For more at A GAL NEEDS...follow on Instagram and Facebook

Monday, August 20, 2018

The Benefits Of Basil Everyday + Recipe

If you could only grow and use one herb, which would it be? I've decided that, for me, that would be basil. Don't get me wrong, I love all the herbs. This season I've got chives, rosemary, and mint along with my basil. I shouldn't play favorites, but I do.Why?  There are a few reasons!
 It smells so good--the smell of fresh basil sends me! It is so sweetly aromatic and pungent. It puts me in a good mood every time I inhale. And yes, basil used as an essential oil has vast benefits, among them aromatherapy.
 I can cook so much with it - It adds a nice Italian flair to almost any dish! One of my most favorite spreads is pesto! Anything with a good pesto on top is going to be delish! Basil is one of the main flavors in this amazing spread!

Astonishing health benefits - One of the most compelling but lesser known reasons to love basil are the many health benefits. Basil is so powerful in terms of antioxidant protection that a little bit is going to go a long way. Just a few leaves chopped up can give you at least 20% of Vitamins K and A and the minerals manganese and magnesium.

Including basil in your salads and salad dressing can inhibit dangerous bacteria that have been known to lurk on the leafy greens we love to include in our salads. Washing your greens in a 1% solution of basil oil will greatly diminish dangerous bacteria such as Shigella, a dangerous diarrhea-causing germ that could result in significant intestinal damage.

Another amazing thing is that eating basil can help prevent cancer! It contains phytochemicals that are amazing for that reason!

Unfortunately, basil can't simply be harvested and eaten like the lettuces we eat raw. Don't bother, I tried! It's not tasty at all. But something happens when it is infused into soups, salads, dressings or lightly sauteed with various foods.

With that in mind, I wanted to make use of the several basil plants growing on my porch and garden plot. These beautiful herbs need to be ingested and not simply looked at and sniffed. 
I thought about what I am already eating a lot of--something that might go along well with basil and the answer came quickly enough.

It is my sautéed vegetable and eggs breakfasts. I will now be
adding basil to the mix. This is how I do it. It is so easy, just how I like it. I don't believe in making essential nutrition something that is hard to do. I love being able to incorporate powerful hacks, nutritional or otherwise, into things I already do. Why complicate our lives that are already full to the bursting point? (See how I incorporate probiotics into my smoothies)

Sautéed Veggie And Egg Skillet

Ingredients - Olive Oil, Red Bell Pepper, Onion, 5 large Mushrooms, 2 eggs, 10 basil leaves, chopped

Chop the pepper, onion and mushroom into bite-sizes pieces.

Place the onions and peppers into a large skillet and

sauté until onions are tranparent and peppers are soft.

Add the mushrooms and stir into the mixture. Sauté for 2 - 3 minutes. Add the basil and sautee until limp. 

Add 2 eggs and cook them to taste, adding salt and pepper as desired. Top with cheese if desired! Enjoy eating healthy!