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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

All The Buzz #Giveaway - Anti-Aging Serum with Bee Venom (ARV $59)

Welcome to the "All The Buzz" Giveaway, where someone will win Beetinol Anti-Aging Serum with bee venom! Read my review to find out why bee venom has the anti-aging community "buzzing"!

As someone who is over 50 myself, and has been using anti-aging products for awhile, I've really been impressed since adding Beetinol by Green Esthetics to my beauty regime for the past several weeks. My skin is smoother, my wrinkles seem less in number, and the wrinkles I do have are not as visible! I feel like I'm indeed a winner here! It's never too early to start thinking about your skin and preserving its beauty. So if you're in your 20's or 30's and haven't started to think seriously about your skin, start your anti-aging routine now! Don't wait until you're in your 50's, like me, to do something about it!

Green Esthetics is a company that believes in the power of nature. Their products all feature natural ingredients, some which have been known anciently to be beneficial, and others, like bee venom, which are newer on the scene and causing quite the stir! For more information on Beetinol, check out my review!

Today I'm pleased to announce that one lucky winner will receive Beetinol Anti-Aging Serum (ARV 39.95), plus a Beetinol mini roller-bottle (ARV $18.95) to carry in your purse or keep in your desk for a quick beauty pick-me-up!
Beetinol Anti-Aging Serum ($39.95)
Beetinol in Roller-ball Applicator ($18.95)

This "All The Buzz" giveaway is exclusively hosted here on A GAL, so only those who enter here will win. Thanks for participating! Good Luck! Follow Green Esthetics on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! Please enter on the Rafflecopter below! See disclaimer below for more details:
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Must be 21 or older to participate, one entrant per household. Winner will be contacted by e-mail after 09/2/20.  Must respond within 48 hours.
Entrants with invalid entries will be disqualified.
Sponsor, Green Esthetics, is responsible for delivery of prize package. In the case of non-delivery, A GAL not responsible for delivery.  Ends 9/2/20 11:59 MST

Monday, July 6, 2020

My Braces Journey Part III + Special Offer and Treatment Discount!

My year-long journey with braces has come to a close and I couldn't be happier! Yes, I'm happy that it is over, but even more happy about the results! Here are a few things that I can share about my overall journey and what you can expect with invisible braces from Invisalign and an Invisalign Certified Orthodontist.

My initial problem: Over time, one of my lower teeth had moved and whenever I talked it stuck out and was really obvious. I hadn't really noticed it until my husband and son both made comments about it. I also noticed that my 2 front teeth were slightly overlapping and there was a small gap in between them that gave me a slight lisp.

My final results: Both of the above problems were fixed, plus one that I didn't realize I had. Dr. Cook informed me that my upper teeth were slanting quite a bit inward, affecting my bite and the way I talked. At the end of treatment, my upper teeth were back to a normal position and it really makes a difference, not only in my smile, but also in how I chew, talk, and how my jaw is aligned.

I loved wearing Invisalign braces because it wasn't obvious that I was wearing braces at all. They didn't show up in photos, and many people didn't even know that I had braces. They were invisible to someone just a couple feet from me. In addition, I was able to eat whatever I wanted because I took them out when doing so. Also, it was easier than wire braces to clean my teeth and get food particles out and keep my gums healthy.
Wearing my braces. It's hard to see them!

I used 2 products to keep my teeth white and clean my braces (called trays). Alightener  Foam is a combo Tray Cleaner/Teeth Whitener. It was really easy to use and I'm still using it now for teeth whitening purposes. The smaller spray was for quickly cleaning a tray when on the go. I love both of these products and highly recommend them.
This post contains affiliate and non-affiliate links at no extra charge to you!

I was so glad that I chose an Invisalign Certified Orthodontist and specifically, Dr. Michael Cook. (He's such a nice guy!) Dr. Cook has the expertise that an extra 2-3 years gives to those with Orthodontic certification. Did you know that Orthodontists go to school an average to 10 - 11 years? And if they are Invisalign Certified, it takes time and experience to do that as well. Dr. Cook is a Gold Certified Invisalign Provider.

After my experience, I could never choose a generic, computer-generated braces treatment, where no doctor (or maybe a random doctor at best) checks up on you on a regular basis. I also would never have a regular dentist do my work because they just don't have the training and expertise like an orthodontist does.

Dr. Cook uses up-to-date equipment and technology in his office. He uses the Mandibular Advancement Feature, which simultaneously can fix an overbite while straightening the teeth. He also uses the iTero Digital Scanning System, eliminating the use of messy putty in your mouth by creating a 3-D digital scan of your teeth. For instance, they scanned me for my final retainer, which I'll wear for awhile every night and then decrease to 2 - 3 times per week. It was ready for pick-up the following day because the scanner produces ready-to-use impressions so quickly.

Dr. Cook's staff was so much fun! The office always had a really great vibe--one of productivity while having a good time. Everyone worked in sync, and were very organized.

My last few appointments were kind of sad. I couldn't really see any of my ortho workers' happy faces because they were masked up because of the Covid-19 regulations. They take their patients' and their own safety very seriously. Obviously, the patient doesn't wear a mask, but they are asked very specific questions,temperatures taken, and given hand sanitizer when entering the office.
See my 'before' pics in Parts I and II

I couldn't have been more pleased with the journey I chose to take with Dr. Cook and his office. Now with my newly straightened teeth, I can focus on things that I need to focus on and not ever have to worry about my teeth again!
If you are within a 35 mile radius of Sandy, UT, and are thinking of straightening your teeth, you definitely should consider Cook Ortho in Sandy. And if you're not in the area, I hope that my journey helped to inform you about what clear, esthetic teeth alignment is all about!

Before settling on Cook, I had many consultations from around the area. Cook Ortho came out on top in terms of cost-effectiveness, transparency, positive patient rapport, advanced methods of treatment and expertise. Schedule your free consult and get a free teeth whitening kit when you mention A GAL Go even further by scheduling a treatment plan and get $600 off your entire treatment when you mention A GAL NEEDS....See what a beautiful smile can do for you! (Offer good through August 2020)

Follow Cook Orthodontics on Facebook and Instagram
Read Parts I and II of my braces journey here and here. For more at A GAL NEEDS...follow on Instagram and Facebook

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Natural Skincare At It's Best---B&W Apothecary Review

I feel that when I find a great company to review, it's meant to be! B&W Apothecary is one of those great finds! I was at a trade show and getting ready to leave when I saw a little booth with one woman manning the station. I asked about her products and she proceeded to tell me that she made the products herself, with all natural ingredients. 

Brandi, the owner, makes her skincare line with just enough ingredients to make the products what they are intended for. There is actually a term for that. It's called, "NAKED" Skincare. The benefit to naked skincare is that it's all natural, and you can then dress it up with other natural or, heaven forbid, synthetic ingredients to make it specific to you! For instance, you may want a particular smell or color in your cosmetic. You may want an ingredient that reduces swelling, whereas another person may want something to minimize pores. 
I was provided product to facilitate the review of this company. No payment was received.  
B&W Apothecary offers a free consult to mix custom blends just for you! That's really exciting stuff! Think about it, no one is the same, and to make something that is designed for you in mind is a real treat! 

Commercial brand "natural" products have, on average, 3 or more unnatural preservatives or chemicals in their formulations. If you read on the ingredient list, you will find that 99.9% of those products will contain water as one of the top ingredients, which requires preservatives to keep the water from molding or growing bacteria. 

B&W Apothecary uses Aloe Vera instead of water which eliminates the need for water due to its antibacterial properties!

I had been looking for a good primer to use before applying foundation in the morning. Brandi provided me with the Hydration Primer, containing Aloe Vera, jojoba oil, cod liver oil, apricot kernel oil, rose water, raspberry seed oil, and orange essential oil! It was just what I had been looking for--my foundation goes on seamlessly! 

 Incidentally, the best way to use a primer is to put it on and then wait 1 - 2 minutes before applying foundation. I just do a couple other things in my morning routine to give it time to absorb. It gives the primer a chance to sink into the skin for the right consistency to accept the application of foundation.

B&W Apothecary is Veteran Owned, established in 2013, with all products made by hand, and no animal testing on on any product. They also provide free shipping with orders over $30! Their prices are very reasonable! 
 I'm so glad that I happened to find this treasure of a company, currently making the rounds at trade shows and other venues. I expect great things from B&W Apothecary, and hope they continue on the course that they are on! We need more of these types of companies so we can choose the things that go on our faces and on our bodies!

To find more of the amazing products that B&W Apothecary offers or to get your free consult, go to their website or visit their Facebook Page! 

Monday, March 5, 2018

More Than A Magazine Cover + #MyPostMonday The Week's Best Original Content

Recently I have been impacted by several outspoken movements that are attempting to help women redefine what is perceived as the primary value in women--their physical attractiveness. Physical beauty has traditionally been dictated by what society says. For instance, in ancient China, the smaller a woman's feet were, the more beautiful/desirable she was. And so a woman went to great and tortuous lengths to make sure that her feet were small enough for her to be perceived as beautiful. If she was worth enough, she would be able to be treated well and have a a comfortable life. 

Is it any different in today's society? The fashion, beauty and now, even health industries have seemingly successfully defined a woman's value based on some very narrow perimeters that say she must look no more than 25, be no more than a size 6, and in order to be perceived as healthy, her boobs, booty, and legs must be free of cellulite, and jiggle-free. She must be able to look great in anything--- volleyball shorts, bikini tops, and mini skirts. Her face must be unlined and her hair shouldn't be gray. 
So many of us have bought into that notion and have suffered because of it. How often do we refuse to go to the gym because we don't want to look in the mirrors and see ourselves compared to others? How often do we discount any other achievements we have made because the numbers on the scale are not what we want? When someone tags us on Facebook with photos which I've totally noticed, for some reason, never seem to be our best look, are we mortified that the public sees this or do we just think, "Not the best shot of ME, but she certainly made sure SHE looks good." (Ha Ha!) When we see wrinkles or signs of aging, do we rush to the med spa to get an injection to smooth it out or turn to the latest beauty discoveries to help slow down the process that happens to everyone, but a process no one wants to happen to them.

I must say I am guilty of all of the above in some form or fashion. The power of the media and societal rankings are powerful indeed. But I have realized that these manipulative, mind-altering lies about my worth as a woman are not healthy and so I've tried to fight back the best that I can so I can move forward. Here are some things that I do consistently:

When I go to a gym, I purposefully wear clothing that is not attention-grabbing or anything but functional. I do it so that I don't need to feel like I'm competing in any way, shape or form with anyone else. I just go and git 'her done!

I picked  the most non-judgemental being I know of for an exercise partner--my dog. She lets me do things at my own pace, in my own way. No judgement!

I don't weigh myself as much as I used to. If I feel healthy, comfortable, and energized after what I've done for myself the day before, then that is good enough for me. I use my own body as a regulator for my health, not the scale. 

I use real women as examples for my own social media. I follow authentic people who aren't into posing and showing that their worth is based on their bodies. I don't photo shop my own photographs and I never attempt to be more than I am. However, I do need to improve at feeling comfortable being photographed, especially when I'm not feeling at my best. We need more real women to help others know that we all have worth, more than just our bodies.

I was especially impressed at something Jessica Biel did at the latest Golden Globes. She actually let her gray roots show through...barely. It's something that I do a lot! I had to give her an air high five for that one!

I especially love this quote by Erin McKean--"You don't have to be pretty. You don't owe prettiness to anyone. Not your partner, not your co-workers, especially not to random men on the street. You don't owe it to your mother, you don't owe it to your children, you don't owe it to civilization. Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked 'female'. "

Here are some links for sites I love that are all about positive, non-body-focused female empowerment.  Invisible Women Documentary, Beauty Redefined, Leah Darrow

Today is "My Post Monday!", a curation of the week's best original content. It's all about posts from Crafts to Camping, Wellness to Wealth, Fashion to Food, and whatever else is on the brain!  I  open up with a post of my own and then follow it up with a linky of the week's top original blog posts! It's all about what the writer thinks, believes, and knows--in other words, they are active, writing blogs. If I happen to find a great original, non-sponsored post, I'll link it up and share it with you here and on Twitter via the #MyPostMonday hashtag!  I can miss some amazing posts, but I don't want to!  So, in addition, if you'd like to link up yourself, you can do that too!  I'll visit your site, comment, promote and publicize! (Affiliate links welcome!)     

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Why I Chose To Get Ultherapy: My Experience, Part I

 The aging process is inevitable, and I started noticing a gradual loosening of the skin in my neck area several years ago, and contrary to my intense hope that it would just go away, it kept getting progressively worse. I saw my mother in me. She was such a beautiful lady, but her neck went before anything else. And when it went, it went pretty quickly. Of course, to me she was still beautiful, knowing what she had accomplished throughout her life, and the sacrifices she made for our family.

I believe that aging in a natural fashion is a good thing and a respectable thing. Anyone who has to depend exclusively on their looks to get what they want in life is not in a great situation, in my opinion. Looks are so fleeting. Where there is youth, there is physical attractiveness. Where there is age, there is wisdom, wit, and experience. And you can use those attributes to become even more beautiful than you were when you were younger!

Enter Ultherapy, a scientifically proven non-surgical facelift therapy proven to stimulate collagen production, specifically Types 1 & III, the types most often associated with aging. Studies prove that the rate of collagen production after treatment is 42% higher. No downtime. No intense pain. No knife, needles, or guesses. It's done with a very sophisticated ultrasound machine, designed to deliver bursts of ultrasound in very specific areas. The clinician who operates it must be trained and know how to interpret the collagen level readings and how deeply to set the ultrasound waves that stimulate the natural flow of collagen into the skin, creating a rejuvenated look. Because it stimulates the natural process of collagen healing, you won't see the final results for approximately 3 months. 

I knew this is what I wanted to experience for myself. It is definitely my kind of natural beautification. Is it affordable? It depends what you call affordable. It is certainly way less expensive than a facelift!

I got my treatment done at Xage Medical Spa in Provo, UT and I loved it. I got the neck-only treatment, which is normally $1800, but is deeply discounted through November! 

How It Went  Because there are different kinds of pain tolerances, there are a couple of options when getting the treatment. You can opt to get a simple pain-killer, like Ibuprofen, or you can get a stronger pain-killer. It's your choice. I opted to get the simple pain-killer and it was perfectly great. In addition, the back of my neck got a massage to take my mind of any unpleasantness. It was actually quite pleasant and I enjoyed talking with both clinicians while the treatment was happening. I felt very little discomfort at all! I was so relieved!