Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Teeth You Can Live With! Why I Chose To Have Braces

I had started noticing that my teeth were shifting about 6 years ago. It wasn't very noticeable, except to me. But around 2 years ago, my husband commented on what he saw, as well as my son. They both thought that I had chipped my lower tooth because one was higher than the other. I assured them that I hadn't chipped any teeth, but that they were moving. Uh oh....people were starting to notice. That wasn't a good sign.

The thing that I notice and hate the most is when I do videos for this blog, usually on Instagram. I literally see my bottom tooth jutting out like a snaggle tooth when I talk. I really don't like it. I'm not saying that small irregularities in teeth aren't attractive, not at all! In fact, I like little irregularities in a smile because it makes it unique. But I personally didn't like what was going on in my lower bite. It's all great if I'm doing a still shot...
               But start talking and then it's obvious!
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I started doing some research and having consultations with different orthodontists. If there is one thing I know, you want to straighten your teeth utilizing someone who has been extensively trained to do that.  In my book, a dentist just doesn't cut it. Their role is for cleaning and maintaining gum and teeth health. Some dentists do, however, offer teeth straightening services--especially with the new computer simulated 3-D images that can be done of your mouth. Once taken, the images are sent in to a lab where they will make a set of special retainers designed to obtain the ideal look to your teeth, as well as the ideal bite. The retainer you wear changes as your teeth move. I took pictures of the shots that were coming across the screen of my simulated outcome vs. the current dentition. This is just from one angle.
Current dentition
Simulated outcome
The leading company that does this is Invisalign. The first orthodontist I went to didn't even deal with Invisalign. He  claimed he hadn't gotten good results with it. He recommended that I go with the traditional wire braces. His nurse told some stories about how Invisalign patients were generally not pleased with the results that were achieved with the Invisalign product.She said that she had done Invisalign with another dentist and she wasn't pleased with the results. Later she went with this Orthodontist and was very pleased with the traditional metal braces she went with. I totally bought her story, until I went to some more orthodontists. That is when the picture came into focus for me. 

Just like anything, one needs practice to become proficient at something and that includes orthodontia. The more the orthodontist practices, the better he/she becomes. I went to a few more orthodontists who worked almost exclusively with Invisalign, specifically because of great results with patients. Because of what I found out, I went with Invisalign. It is easier to manage with other dental work, it is less obvious that you have braces, the orthodontist can adjust movement at any time, it is guaranteed for 5 years after treatment, and you can take them out if you really need to (like a special photo shoot, a speaking engagement, a job interview, etc.)

One more thing about Invisalign or "retainer" braces. You need to do your part and wear them almost constantly, except for eating. If there would be a challenge for me, that would be it---finding excuses to not wear them. But I am up for the challenge and am ready to do this!

I finally decided on the orthodontist I want to go with. I chose Dr. Michael Cook because of the many success stories he has and the fact that he is listed on the Invisalign site as an expert in Invisalign braces. This is no easy task. It involves expertise, success and great recommendations from patients. 

When I visited his office, I was impressed with the friendly staff, the overall information that was shared about Invisalign, and the professional courtesy shown to me by Dr. Cook. He is very personable and put me quite at ease. 

Stay with me through this next year for updates on the progress I'm making with my teeth. Does Invisalign really work? What are the pros and the cons? We'll definitely find out! 

If you are thinking about straightening your teeth and live in my area (Salt Lake County), definitely check out Dr. Michael Cook. Mention A GAL NEEDS...and get $300 off your total invoice!


Company Reputation Management said...

Thanks for sharing this!

monique s said...

Braces are so worth it in my opinion. I had them as a kid and have the old school metal ones. Things have really come a long way these days

Maryann D. said...

I have had braces twice in my life. I do feel my teeth are shifting again. I would love to try the Invisalign braces also. Best of luck.
twinkle at optonline dot net

A GAL NEEDS... said...

Monique,thanks so much! I feel like I'll have some good luck with these! Maryann, I feel like I needed them, especially since I sometimes make videos or do stories on Instagram! Thanks so much!