Sunday, March 28, 2021

Healthy Ways to Reinvent Yourself For A New Season!

 Here we are into Spring! Even more than January 1st, spring, to me, signifies new life, and a new beginning! Have you ever considered reinventing your look but were too hesitant to do so?  Maybe the reluctance to change could be because of insecurities or just the comfort of the same predictable person that you are to yourself and to everyone else. Hey I know, I feel ya! I'm probably the most predictable person in regard to looks that there is. Once, around 2 years ago, I went and cut my hair to above shoulder length. It was crazy! (For me, at least) And while I enjoyed it and I got a lot of encouragement and compliments. I went back to the same below shoulder length style after it grew out and haven't returned to it since. It takes courage to reinvent yourself -- and it takes a lot of effort!

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However, you may be bored of ticking along in the current state you're in, and you may be done with ignoring your passions for the passions of others.It might be your time to live your life strong and hard, and if you are feeling daring, then it's time to step up to the plate and make the changes that you have been waiting for some time to make. You deserve to take a moment to look at your life and appraise it compared to the things that you actually want. We've got some of the best ways that you can reinvent your life right now - no more waiting around.


Place - Are you happy with where you are located? Or do you dream to live in another area more suited to what your preferences are, be it nature, access to city life, convenience of transportation, job availability,  or any number of variables in the location equation. Just for fun, try making a preliminary plan to move to your dream location. Does it look feasible? Does it seem do-able, but with effort? 


Maybe you like your present location and all you need is a scenery change. You can easily reinvent your surroundings. This can make a huge difference in the way you feel about yourself and your life in general. Simply moving things around, painting the walls a different color, putting up new wall decor, like I did recently, makes a huge difference! 

Education -
 Are you happy in your job? Could you push yourself to your fullest potential? You should make a point of learning everything that you can to better yourself, even if this means that you take your sweet time to do it. Go back to school, change careers and learn as much as you can. You only get one shot at life and it should push you to being your very best.


Your Look -  Jeans and t-shirts are great and leggings are even more comfy. But sometimes you just need to update your wardrobe. I recently talked on my Instagram about acquiring pieces that speak to you. Whether that is thrifted, eco friendly, fair trade, or colors that you love. As you acquire pieces that you love, they will naturally assimilate into your wardrobe in a way that is easy for you to assemble outfits without effort. And now that there is so much information out there about hair and make-up, it's easy to experiment and find ways to change that up as well.


Health - I feel that health is my most valuable asset. If I don't have my health, I can't think about doing much else because of how badly I feel. So it's absolutely essential to keep health on the top of your priority list. When was the last time you had your overall health checked out by a health care practitioner? If you were struggling with crooked teeth, you would see a dentist or you would get invisible braces to straighten your teeth, so why not get a doctor to give you the lowdown on your health? 


I have been for a check-up twice in the last year. The fear of getting covid put me into even more of a healthy mindset and I wanted to make sure I was doing all I could to protect my health. The first time was to a conventional doctor and the 2nd time was with a medical office with a naturopathic emphasis.  It was interesting to receive the diagnosis' of each practice. With the first diagnosis, my health was generally good, but the doctor recommended that I go on a low-dose statin drug. The second diagnosis was nothing of the kind. I was given a clean bill of health. And that is what I thought. I don't even know what was going on with the first diagnosis. I feel great and my heart rate is good, and my weight is...OK, my weight could be better, but still....I don't feel it warrants going on a statin drug! Moral of story: Know your body and get a second opinion if you have doubts. But it's important to get an annual check-up, no matter how young or old you are! It's far easier to re-invent your health and your life if you know where you are!



Sandra D. said...

This is great advice and amazing questions to ask yourself.

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Great advice. This is something I need to do.

Buddy Garrett said...

The post had great advice. I am in need of doing everything but lack of financial resources prevents me from making needed changes.

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Thanks for these great ideas.