Sunday, December 27, 2020

Keeping Fit While Working At Home - Looking Back 11 Years

Next week my blog will hit its 11th year. I started waaaay back in January of 2000,  and I remember how when I first started I was sitting a whole lot more than I was used to. I think my husband was also aware of it, because he also works full-time from home and he realizes that if one isn't careful, you can end up losing your physical health before you know it. A few pounds gained here, some flexibility lost there, a cholesterol check edging ever higher, etc. So he sent me a link with an article about how sitting too long can really wreck your health.

And sure enough as I spent more time blogging and less time walking around and doing things, I could tell the difference.  My body didn't respond to my exercise routines like before.  I seemed to be losing some muscle tone.  I was a dancer (middle-eastern, zumba, modern and ballet), biker, yoga lover, hiker, disc golfer, skier, and the reason is because I have always exercised and made time to do so.  I loved pushing my body to just the right amount of fatigue to where I know I've been challenged, but not so that it takes days on end to recover. But I felt like I was in danger of losing some (or a lot) of that, as I continued to make staying on the computer more of a priority. 



This is a partnered post! With our first Border Collie, Daisy. July, 2007

For me, exercise is a means to an end.  I don't mean necessarily the end result of being thin.  (I don't think I'll ever accomplish that--I like to eat a little too much) By all means, if that ever occurs as a by-product of exercise, then I will welcome it!  But more important to me is the preservation of muscle, the circulation of the blood to prevent heart problems, diabetes, and any number of health related problems.  Did you know that exercise is considered the #1 anti-aging thing you can do for yourself?


Based on the recommendations of the article my husband sent to me, I decided to make some plans to keep my health while blogging. I resolved to do a 20-minute exercise routine.3x daily.  This was to be in addition to walking my faithful border collie, Evee, 5 days a week, plus yoga 2-3 times per week. I wanted to keep the blood flowing and me from gaining more than the usual winter weight, and keep my body ready to do the things I love to do when the time comes to do them. 


Since then I learned that staying still isn’t the only way that blogging can damage your health. There’s lots of other issues that I might need to consider. For instance, one could develop eye strain. A common sign of this issue would be frequent headaches or pain behind the eyes. One might want to consider getting blue light glasses from a site like to help with this. Of course, even slotting exercise into the daily routine will give your eyes the much needed break they deserve. 


Fast forward 11 years later: As it turns out, those original exercise resolutions turned out to be a little bit over- ambitious. I did continue to walk my dog at least 3 days (not 5) a week, except when I couldn't.  Her health is as important to me as my own (She's still with us and turned 12 this month). I did do a 20-minute stretching routine almost daily. (Certainly not 3x daily, like originally intended). I no longer do yoga, except what I do in my stretching routine. But I have taken up bike riding, which I do 3x weekly, except in the colder weather. So basically I kept up the bare minimum of exercise compared to the rigorous routine I had originally wanted to do. The main thing preventing this was time. I found that I didn't have the ability to put in that much time into exercise, given the fact that I had many other responsibilities and interests other than exercise alone. Another thing is that I didn't take into account the distractions of every day life--so many things pop up that need attention and time. If left unattended, life would unravel pretty quickly! 


Although my original goals exercise goals weren't met, the original goal of keeping physical activity in my life was achieved.  And I think I can say it was worth the little bit of extra effort!


September, 2020

I hope that you will do the same and make time for all-important exercise.  It will give your bodies and eyes the rest they need and your mind time to think new thoughts and create bright and fresh ideas.


And have a Happy 2021! 




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