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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

All The Buzz #Giveaway - Anti-Aging Serum with Bee Venom (ARV $59)

Welcome to the "All The Buzz" Giveaway, where someone will win Beetinol Anti-Aging Serum with bee venom! Read my review to find out why bee venom has the anti-aging community "buzzing"!

As someone who is over 50 myself, and has been using anti-aging products for awhile, I've really been impressed since adding Beetinol by Green Esthetics to my beauty regime for the past several weeks. My skin is smoother, my wrinkles seem less in number, and the wrinkles I do have are not as visible! I feel like I'm indeed a winner here! It's never too early to start thinking about your skin and preserving its beauty. So if you're in your 20's or 30's and haven't started to think seriously about your skin, start your anti-aging routine now! Don't wait until you're in your 50's, like me, to do something about it!

Green Esthetics is a company that believes in the power of nature. Their products all feature natural ingredients, some which have been known anciently to be beneficial, and others, like bee venom, which are newer on the scene and causing quite the stir! For more information on Beetinol, check out my review!

Today I'm pleased to announce that one lucky winner will receive Beetinol Anti-Aging Serum (ARV 39.95), plus a Beetinol mini roller-bottle (ARV $18.95) to carry in your purse or keep in your desk for a quick beauty pick-me-up!
Beetinol Anti-Aging Serum ($39.95)
Beetinol in Roller-ball Applicator ($18.95)

This "All The Buzz" giveaway is exclusively hosted here on A GAL, so only those who enter here will win. Thanks for participating! Good Luck! Follow Green Esthetics on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! Please enter on the Rafflecopter below! See disclaimer below for more details:
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Must be 21 or older to participate, one entrant per household. Winner will be contacted by e-mail after 09/2/20.  Must respond within 48 hours.
Entrants with invalid entries will be disqualified.
Sponsor, Green Esthetics, is responsible for delivery of prize package. In the case of non-delivery, A GAL not responsible for delivery.  Ends 9/2/20 11:59 MST

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Supplemental Nutrition That Heals, Energizes And Beautifies #NeoCell

The Perpetual Argument. 
I consider myself a supplement user and have been so for awhile! Now, I am fully aware of the back and forth between the press and the nutrition industry. I even understand why the press is mostly antagonistic--it's because of the charlatans in the nutritional field, the ones who ride on the backs of the legitimate, scientifically backed, conscientious, companies who are advancing the health of millions of Americans everywhere. These sad impersonators have nothing to offer except disillusionment. It's a shame. We could be a more healthy population if people saw more of the positive results from actual scientific findings in nutrition. In addition, nutrition companies have to adhere to the behemoth FDA, that insists that any supplement claims, regardless if it is backed by solid science, have to state they are not evaluated by the FDA and that they can't claim treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease. The one positive take-away is that it does tend to make us responsible for our own research and health choices. But really, who can compete with the giant pharmaceutical companies, with their billions of advertising dollars and virtual free rein in the medical field?
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Saturday, November 14, 2015

'Satin Dreams' 2-Winner #Giveaway Featuring Savvy Sleepers

Did you know that sleeping on satin pillowcases is a beauty booster? It prevents hair breakage, and it prevents sleep creases that over time would become permanent! Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases are the best because they are made from the highest quality polyester blend and are the perfect texture--not too slippery yet silky smooth.

Guys love Savvy Sleepers too! With the patented pocket, you can store things you want to have close to you during the night. And the colors are wonderful. With names such as Pinot Greige, Zinfully Blue, Vintage Rosè, White Russian, Nappuchinno, and Black Truffle, you can only imagine how beautiful they are! The pillowcases are machine washable, so they are very easy to care for! Read more about it at A GAL NEEDS...
 Discount Code: Savvy Sleepers is celebrating their 3rd Anniversary this month and they are excited to offer a 15% discount code on all purchases! Just enter AGALNEEDS at check-out to claim your discount! Expires December 2nd!
Giveaway: Welcome to the Satin Dreams Giveaway, where 2 winners will win their choice of a Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcase! ARV is $39 each + free shipping.  
Open to U.S., Canada, and UK. age 21+, and one entrant per household. All entries are optional! Remember the more entries you complete, the better your chances are for winning! This is a Rafflecopter Giveaway. Winner will be selected through random draw! Also, many thanks to the great bloggers who are participating in this giveaway! Please consider liking all participating bloggers on Facebook. Sponsor is responsible for delivery of prizes, not participating bloggers. This blog received no compensation for the facilitation of this giveaway. Enter the giveaway in the Rafflecopter below! Giveaway runs from 11/14/15 - 12/02/15. Good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

An Anti-Aging Pillowcase + #DiscountCode to Savvy Sleepers!

This site accepts product samples and/or compensation. Affiliate links may be used to help 
support this site. All text and opinion are 100% my own and are not swayed by any sponsor affiliation.

If I had 15 minutes to grab a few things before my home was destroyed, I'd take my dog, my phone, my small make-up bag (vs. my big make-up bag), some water, some food, and my pillow! 
I must have my pillow with me wherever I go because it is my link to comfort and security! If I don't have my own pillow in a new or strange place, I won't be resting well.  It's just the way it is.  But my pillow preferences have evolved. It used to be that I slept with one pillow. Then it became necessary and normal to sleep with two. Now I feel like 4 pillows surrounding me is the best. I try to make due with 3, but 4 is optimal. Of course I can't take 4 pillows with me wherever I go, but my favorite pillow, the one that is next to my skin, has to go with! 

The most recent change I've made is that I sleep on a satin pillowcase. Satin is so smooth and comfortable. It keeps my hair from going crazy bed-head, and it also helps prevent sleep face (sleeping on face and waking up with creases from where you slept).  My satin pillowcase of choice is a Savvy Sleeper.  It's a pure satin pillowcase, of the highest quality poly-blend, with a little pocket for any incidentals--earrings, earplugs, lotion, lip balm, etc.

Founded in 2011 by Dale Janee, a San Francisco fashion columnist, Savvy Sleepers is now celebrating their 3rd Anniversary! It is the world's first uni-sex line of anti-aging pillowcases for skin and hair. 
Benefits of Sleeping on Satin: Sleeping on satin has been a celebrity beauty must-have and anti-aging secret for decades. Why? Satin is dermatologist recommended as  smoother against your skin preventing facial wrinkles, especially if you sleep on the same side for years. For hair, top stylists urge clients to sleep on satin to protect locks from friction and breakage often caused by sleeping on cotton pillow cases. Satin also prolongs the life of pricey salon blowouts.

So I need to add one more thing to my emergency "must-take" list--A Savvy Sleepers Pillowcase!
If you haven't yet experienced the benefits of sleeping on Satin, and especially the amazing feeling Savvy Sleepers satin with the patented secret pocket, I suggest you do so! And what a perfect gift for the princess in your life! 
Discount Code: Use agalneeds at check-out and get 15% off your Savvy Sleeper order!

Keep Track of Savvy Sleeper and the Savvy Spice Blog on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Cheryl Lee MD Rejuvenation Package + Added Bonus! #AntiAging #Excema

  I'm always on the look-out for fine products that are effective, safe, and of course, have an anti-aging effect. I definitely found it here, plus a bonus effect! A product line named for it's creator, Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting is steadily gaining momentum. Cheryl Lee MD True Lipids is a product line made to normalize skin that has acquired unhealthy amounts of lipids in the skin barrier. When this occurs, skin becomes susceptible to conditions like:
  • excema
  • itching
  • redness
  •  dryness
  • abnormal pigmentation
  • premature aging
  •  I had extremely bad excema when I was a child. I remember having red, dry patches of skin in the bends of my elbows and on my hands. I remember various prescription ointments that my mom used for me, all to no avail. Eventually it went away on its own. But a few years ago, it came back. Every summer I get excema on my fingers and hands. It is so uncomfortable when it itches so badly and then becomes dry, cracked, and then painful. I hate it when I squeeze lemons or limes into my water because it really hurts, or when I do dishes because it gets even more exacerbated. I have to use a special dishwashing liquid in order to be able to do dishes at all. Just waking up in the morning and having your hands so itchy and scaly isn't fun, period!
    Back to this product line---I got the Anti-Aging Package, which is an anti-aging kit, and includes the TrueLipids TrueTherapy Ceramide+ Cream, the TrueLipids Hydrate, Correct & Perfect Lotion, and the TrueLipids TrueLips Lip Balm.

    I began applying the patent-pending products on my face and noticed that at first they didn't seem much different than other creams and lotions I had tried. They do have a distinctive scent--definitely not perfume-like, very mild, not lingering, but like it means business!  Of course my nose is extremely sensitive because there are actually no fragrances, parabens, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), or formaldehyde added. They are hypoallergenic and non-irritating. But the ingredients they do have are amazing and healing!

    The Hydrate, Correct & Protect Lotion is the smaller bottle and has a pump. It is has a thinner consistency and I put this on my face first, like a serum. It absorbs quickly into the skin. The Ceramide+ Cream is the larger tube and is thick in consistency. I put this on after the lotion absorbs. It doesn't absorb quickly and actually leaves a residue that feels like the natural oils on my skin. I suppose it is doing it's job of normalizing the lipids in my skin. The lip balm is also in a tube and feels like lip gloss with no taste or smell. I love the consistency!

    Two noticeable results: After two weeks, the pores on my nose are now visibly smaller! That is great news! I have the same effect when I have a facial at my favorite spa and afterwards my pores are temporarily smaller. This has given me the same result, but it is a lasting one. Also I have noticed less redness or "warmth", as they say in spa lingo, again around the nose area and the cheek area as well.

    A third, unexpected bonus: I decided to put the Ceramide+ Cream and the TrueLipids Relieve & Protect Ointment (from the sample pack) on some of the dry and itchy places on my hands. I had been trying to keep it under control with some other products, which I feel are excellent. I felt like it was barely working. Now, using these products, within 4 days time my hands were feeling so much better, the itching had stopped and the onward progression of the excema halted. This was such a wonderful bonus for me! The reason I think the products in the anti-aging kit worked for me is because they don't contain harsh chemicals, which can be triggers for excema sufferers. Therefore, the anti-aging products are great for people with excema!

    Cheryl Lee MD has many different kits for different kinds of problems. They do have an Ultimate Excema Kit, specifically targeted for the condition. But I am thrilled that my Rejuvenation package has done a great job with my own little excema issue--lol! (If you have any excema at all, you know that having excema is no small issue.)


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Extra Nutrition For Maximum Efficiency #youtheory

I have believed strongly for some years now that nutrition is one of the main factors that drives your health, energy and well-being.  After I had my daughter at 31 and then lost her, I had some real difficulty in recovering.  We lost her a few hours after birth and it was definitely unexpected and so hard. My health and well-being were floundering. Even a year after, I had no energy, and was napping all the time and would get sick regularly.  I just couldn’t get a handle on my health.  Then I was introduced to a company that had great nutritional products. And even though I wasn’t eating badly in the first place, the added nutrition was exactly what I needed to pull myself out of the funk I had gotten myself into. I found that my energy increased, my weight dropped, and my positive state of mind returned right along with it! Because of that experience I feel that even though wholesome, healthy food is definitely a must, there is even more out there to give yourself the extra boost that you need. You just need to find what works for you.  I found one company that has some amazing products and has been given some  prestigious awards because of it. I was lucky and was given 3 of their most popular products to try. 

YouTheory, a nutritional company, is all about helping women and men age beautifully. Whether you are 35, 45, 55, or 65, there are certain things that your body needs that it can’t easily obtain-- even with adequate amounts of nutritious foods. Among these health sustaining elements are collagen, and inflammation reducing anti-oxidants called Curcuminoids, major fighters of that complex thing called aging!

Collagen types  1,2 & 3 Collagen is the body’s key structural protein. Your nails, hair, tendons, bones and muscle all depend heavily on it. It is critical to the formation and on-going health of the skin, cartilage, ligaments and other bodily tissues and structures. Hydrolyzed Collagen is a highly digestible protein. Oral ingestion has shown beneficial effects on join and bone health, skin health, weight management and sports performance!
TurmericTurmeric contains one of nature’s best kept secrets – Curcuminoids, a specialized group of antioxidants known to support healthy inflammation response.  Youtheory’s Turmeric is carefully sourced with the highest level of curcumin available and enhanced with a patented black pepper extract that substantially increases the bio-availability of Curcuminoids.

Joint Collagen - This collagen is specifically for joints and gives an extra boost of type 2 collagen. It encourages cartilage repair, aids in reducing muscle and joint stiffness, promotes joint flexibility and elasticity and helps to reduce joint inflammation. This would be very good for runners!

 I am a wholehearted believer in these compounds to help keep our bodies as youthful and healthy as possible! It’s not cheating if you stave off the aging process by putting wholesome and healthy things into your body, right?  (But I’m not adverse to a tiny bit of cheating either.)

The question is, are these supplements absorbed by the body? A good way to test that is to put the supplement in question into a cup of water and wait for 24 hours. Make sure you weigh it on a kitchen scale first and record the weight.  Has the supplement broken down? How much is left in the water? Take a fine piece of cheesecloth and strain the water through it. Whatever is left in the cheesecloth is what has not been absorbed into the bloodstream.  Weigh whatever is left and you can then deduce exactly what percentage of the supplement is actually absorbed each time you take a pill. 

I did put the Collagen pill to the test and I'm happy to report that it dissolved in less than 6 hours, leaving only a cloud in the water. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't come close to weighing what the pill weighed before it was put into the water! 

I've been taking these supplements now for about 2 weeks and I'm happy with them, other than the size. They are a bit large and I actually break them in two to swallow them. Fortunately they are very easy to break. I feel a small difference in my joint health at this early stage, which is a good indication of things to come!

You can find youtheory in over 50,000 retailers and health stores nationwide, including Amazon, and their website! Follow them on Facebook and Twitter

Monday, October 6, 2014

Feel Good About Your Neck! Dermagist Neck Restoring Cream Review

Disclosure:  This is a review and a review product was provided in exchange for my honest opinion.  
 It’s a known fact that one of the very first signs of aging for a woman is her neck.  And that is why I loved Nora Ephron and her lighthearted look at aging.  The late writer of ‘Sleepless In Seattle’ and director of other fun films like ‘You’ve Got Mail’,  ‘Julia and Julie’ and ‘When Harry Met Sally’ waxed philosophical and hilarious at the same time in the book  I Feel Bad About My Neck.  For instance she said,

 “Our faces are lies and our necks are the truth.  You have to cut open a redwood tree to see how old it is, but you wouldn’t have to if it had a neck.”  OR  “One of my biggest regrets—bigger even than not buying the apartment on East Seventy-fifth Street. Bigger even than my worst romantic catastrophe—is that I didn’t spend my youth staring lovingly at my neck.”
  Perhaps she hadn't tried using Dermagist Neck Restoring Cream?
   Made with special ingredients like peptides, hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells and various other high quality and precisely blended ingredients, it is designed to get results in 4 areas: Improving the look of very loose skin on the neck, targeting deeply entrenched wrinkles, instant-effect target tightening, and long-term benefits and health.
Recommended for use twice daily, it is easy to put on and go.  1 bottle is designed to last for approx. 60 days.  Since its release about 5 years ago, it has had a consistent reputation as one of the very best neck treatments on the market today.   Women are constantly saying things like, “I just started using this cream but love it! I already see a difference and love the light texture!” (review from Buyer Review website)

   My opinion:  I was given a bottle of Dermagist Neck Restoring Cream to try and although I’m not finished with it yet, I can say that it is very soothing, absorbs well, smells lightly of citrus, and doesn’t flake off.   After two weeks, I feel that the skin on my neck is more supple and smooth.  I really do like it!  Advice:  Don’t use more than a few drops at one time!  It’s not a cream meant to slather like butter on toast!  It’s made to absorb into your skin and work is magic down under the top layer!  
   Guarantee:  Dermagist has a guarantee in place to make you feel even more secure trying it!  If you aren't 100% satisfied after 30 days, you can return the bottle for a credit.  By then they're so sure you'll be so happy with it that you won't want to return it, but instead get another bottle!  
   Price:  Let's talk price.  This isn't the most inexpensive cream around.  But there are definitely ways you can pay much less.  A simple one-bottle purchase from the company will run you $99.00 + shipping and 2 bottles costs less at $129.99 + shipping, which turns out to be less than $1.00/day because each bottle lasts for 60 days.  Dermagist also offers regular shipment every 45 days for 20% off the regular price of $99.00. 

You can get social at on Twitter @dermagist, Facebook