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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

An Anti-Aging Pillowcase + #DiscountCode to Savvy Sleepers!

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If I had 15 minutes to grab a few things before my home was destroyed, I'd take my dog, my phone, my small make-up bag (vs. my big make-up bag), some water, some food, and my pillow! 
I must have my pillow with me wherever I go because it is my link to comfort and security! If I don't have my own pillow in a new or strange place, I won't be resting well.  It's just the way it is.  But my pillow preferences have evolved. It used to be that I slept with one pillow. Then it became necessary and normal to sleep with two. Now I feel like 4 pillows surrounding me is the best. I try to make due with 3, but 4 is optimal. Of course I can't take 4 pillows with me wherever I go, but my favorite pillow, the one that is next to my skin, has to go with! 

The most recent change I've made is that I sleep on a satin pillowcase. Satin is so smooth and comfortable. It keeps my hair from going crazy bed-head, and it also helps prevent sleep face (sleeping on face and waking up with creases from where you slept).  My satin pillowcase of choice is a Savvy Sleeper.  It's a pure satin pillowcase, of the highest quality poly-blend, with a little pocket for any incidentals--earrings, earplugs, lotion, lip balm, etc.

Founded in 2011 by Dale Janee, a San Francisco fashion columnist, Savvy Sleepers is now celebrating their 3rd Anniversary! It is the world's first uni-sex line of anti-aging pillowcases for skin and hair. 
Benefits of Sleeping on Satin: Sleeping on satin has been a celebrity beauty must-have and anti-aging secret for decades. Why? Satin is dermatologist recommended as  smoother against your skin preventing facial wrinkles, especially if you sleep on the same side for years. For hair, top stylists urge clients to sleep on satin to protect locks from friction and breakage often caused by sleeping on cotton pillow cases. Satin also prolongs the life of pricey salon blowouts.

So I need to add one more thing to my emergency "must-take" list--A Savvy Sleepers Pillowcase!
If you haven't yet experienced the benefits of sleeping on Satin, and especially the amazing feeling Savvy Sleepers satin with the patented secret pocket, I suggest you do so! And what a perfect gift for the princess in your life! 
Discount Code: Use agalneeds at check-out and get 15% off your Savvy Sleeper order!

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