Monday, October 6, 2014

Feel Good About Your Neck! Dermagist Neck Restoring Cream Review

Disclosure:  This is a review and a review product was provided in exchange for my honest opinion.  
 It’s a known fact that one of the very first signs of aging for a woman is her neck.  And that is why I loved Nora Ephron and her lighthearted look at aging.  The late writer of ‘Sleepless In Seattle’ and director of other fun films like ‘You’ve Got Mail’,  ‘Julia and Julie’ and ‘When Harry Met Sally’ waxed philosophical and hilarious at the same time in the book  I Feel Bad About My Neck.  For instance she said,

 “Our faces are lies and our necks are the truth.  You have to cut open a redwood tree to see how old it is, but you wouldn’t have to if it had a neck.”  OR  “One of my biggest regrets—bigger even than not buying the apartment on East Seventy-fifth Street. Bigger even than my worst romantic catastrophe—is that I didn’t spend my youth staring lovingly at my neck.”
  Perhaps she hadn't tried using Dermagist Neck Restoring Cream?
   Made with special ingredients like peptides, hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells and various other high quality and precisely blended ingredients, it is designed to get results in 4 areas: Improving the look of very loose skin on the neck, targeting deeply entrenched wrinkles, instant-effect target tightening, and long-term benefits and health.
Recommended for use twice daily, it is easy to put on and go.  1 bottle is designed to last for approx. 60 days.  Since its release about 5 years ago, it has had a consistent reputation as one of the very best neck treatments on the market today.   Women are constantly saying things like, “I just started using this cream but love it! I already see a difference and love the light texture!” (review from Buyer Review website)

   My opinion:  I was given a bottle of Dermagist Neck Restoring Cream to try and although I’m not finished with it yet, I can say that it is very soothing, absorbs well, smells lightly of citrus, and doesn’t flake off.   After two weeks, I feel that the skin on my neck is more supple and smooth.  I really do like it!  Advice:  Don’t use more than a few drops at one time!  It’s not a cream meant to slather like butter on toast!  It’s made to absorb into your skin and work is magic down under the top layer!  
   Guarantee:  Dermagist has a guarantee in place to make you feel even more secure trying it!  If you aren't 100% satisfied after 30 days, you can return the bottle for a credit.  By then they're so sure you'll be so happy with it that you won't want to return it, but instead get another bottle!  
   Price:  Let's talk price.  This isn't the most inexpensive cream around.  But there are definitely ways you can pay much less.  A simple one-bottle purchase from the company will run you $99.00 + shipping and 2 bottles costs less at $129.99 + shipping, which turns out to be less than $1.00/day because each bottle lasts for 60 days.  Dermagist also offers regular shipment every 45 days for 20% off the regular price of $99.00. 

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