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Extra Nutrition For Maximum Efficiency #youtheory

I have believed strongly for some years now that nutrition is one of the main factors that drives your health, energy and well-being.  After I had my daughter at 31 and then lost her, I had some real difficulty in recovering.  We lost her a few hours after birth and it was definitely unexpected and so hard. My health and well-being were floundering. Even a year after, I had no energy, and was napping all the time and would get sick regularly.  I just couldn’t get a handle on my health.  Then I was introduced to a company that had great nutritional products. And even though I wasn’t eating badly in the first place, the added nutrition was exactly what I needed to pull myself out of the funk I had gotten myself into. I found that my energy increased, my weight dropped, and my positive state of mind returned right along with it! Because of that experience I feel that even though wholesome, healthy food is definitely a must, there is even more out there to give yourself the extra boost that you need. You just need to find what works for you.  I found one company that has some amazing products and has been given some  prestigious awards because of it. I was lucky and was given 3 of their most popular products to try. 

YouTheory, a nutritional company, is all about helping women and men age beautifully. Whether you are 35, 45, 55, or 65, there are certain things that your body needs that it can’t easily obtain-- even with adequate amounts of nutritious foods. Among these health sustaining elements are collagen, and inflammation reducing anti-oxidants called Curcuminoids, major fighters of that complex thing called aging!

Collagen types  1,2 & 3 Collagen is the body’s key structural protein. Your nails, hair, tendons, bones and muscle all depend heavily on it. It is critical to the formation and on-going health of the skin, cartilage, ligaments and other bodily tissues and structures. Hydrolyzed Collagen is a highly digestible protein. Oral ingestion has shown beneficial effects on join and bone health, skin health, weight management and sports performance!
TurmericTurmeric contains one of nature’s best kept secrets – Curcuminoids, a specialized group of antioxidants known to support healthy inflammation response.  Youtheory’s Turmeric is carefully sourced with the highest level of curcumin available and enhanced with a patented black pepper extract that substantially increases the bio-availability of Curcuminoids.

Joint Collagen - This collagen is specifically for joints and gives an extra boost of type 2 collagen. It encourages cartilage repair, aids in reducing muscle and joint stiffness, promotes joint flexibility and elasticity and helps to reduce joint inflammation. This would be very good for runners!

 I am a wholehearted believer in these compounds to help keep our bodies as youthful and healthy as possible! It’s not cheating if you stave off the aging process by putting wholesome and healthy things into your body, right?  (But I’m not adverse to a tiny bit of cheating either.)

The question is, are these supplements absorbed by the body? A good way to test that is to put the supplement in question into a cup of water and wait for 24 hours. Make sure you weigh it on a kitchen scale first and record the weight.  Has the supplement broken down? How much is left in the water? Take a fine piece of cheesecloth and strain the water through it. Whatever is left in the cheesecloth is what has not been absorbed into the bloodstream.  Weigh whatever is left and you can then deduce exactly what percentage of the supplement is actually absorbed each time you take a pill. 

I did put the Collagen pill to the test and I'm happy to report that it dissolved in less than 6 hours, leaving only a cloud in the water. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't come close to weighing what the pill weighed before it was put into the water! 

I've been taking these supplements now for about 2 weeks and I'm happy with them, other than the size. They are a bit large and I actually break them in two to swallow them. Fortunately they are very easy to break. I feel a small difference in my joint health at this early stage, which is a good indication of things to come!

You can find youtheory in over 50,000 retailers and health stores nationwide, including Amazon, and their website! Follow them on Facebook and Twitter

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