Monday, January 1, 2018

My 10 Favorite Companies + $25 PayPal #Giveaway

Welcome to 2018! I can't believe I'm still around after 8 years! It's been a fun ride and I love having this little place to come and share the best original content around the web almost every week on #MyPostMonday. There are some excellent bloggers out there, and I love discovering their original content! I've also shared my own ideas about health and wellness, making my own fashion, and worked with some great companies along the way!  

Today I'm celebrating by ringing in the New Year with 10 of my favorite companies. I've chosen these particular companies because of their excellent customer service and their high quality products! They also fit right up my alley in terms of health and wellness, and fun fashion! You will find  some encapsulated information about each company. For more details, you can also read the referenced reviews and visit their sites. 

Anjolee Jewelry
This company has some serious history and credentials behind it! The original inventor of the well-known tennis bracelet design, Anjolee Jewelry has been in business for over 50 years. They are one of the largest diamond jewelry manufacturers in the United States! And customers can get deep discounts because they can buy directly from them, rather than a retailer! Read my review here!

Sustainable fashion is where it's at and Cariloha was a trend-setter. Because of Cariloha there are many companies who want to use sustainable materials for clothing. Bamboo is one of the most prolific and strong materials known to man. Cariloha uses it for fine bedding, bath accessories, and clothing. I love it! I have the softest bathrobe on the planet from Cariloha. It is so heavenly! I also have their luxurious bamboo sheets, and their soft bamboo teeshirts! Lovely! Review here!

Cheryl Lee MD 
These are beauty products with one goal in mind. To keep the skin at its ideal ph level so that it can perform it's own healing and rejuvenating. The body's own system is the best beauty regiman you can have, provided it works at full capacity. Cheryl Lee, the actual name of the dermatologist who created and developed these products, has seen too many women with skin problems due to their endocrine systems not producing the things they need to help their skin be at its best. I have seasonal excema and these products have helped me immensely! But another amazing product is their Apple Cider line, using apple cider vinegar to balance the skin's ph, exfoliate, and create a gentle barrier from toxins. Plus, the value is really great! Check out my review! 

 Del Sol
When you want fun from the sun, look nowhere else but Del Sol. With over 41 locations worldwide, they have products that will make you smile when you're in the sun. Their color changing apparel, nail polish, sunglasses and accessories are so fun! They have a full line of Disney apparel, a Marvel Comic Line, nail polish that is non-toxic and animal cruelty-free. Plus they offer their own monthly subscription box! Check their website for amazing deals as well, like this one! Click through with this link and receive $20 off anything and everything you order! (Good through 1/5/18)

Green Esthetics
If natural beauty products are what you love, then try Green Esthetics! They are the most effective, pure and natural products you would want, with great results! I highly recommend their eyelash lengthening serum, their teeth whitening gel, and their argan oil! It is the best! I wrote about their argan oil here

Montana Silversmiths
When I think of intricate jewelry workmanship, I think of Montana Silversmiths. They have one-of-a-kind gifts that would make anyone swoon! They are one of the largest suppliers of Western and Fantasy jewelry in the U.S. and they are the official jewelry supplier for Miss Rodeo America. They bestow each winner with a custom belt buckle to wear during her reign, engraven with names of 10 - 11 former winners before retiring it. It is truly a treat to have one of their pieces! My review here!

Neocell is the leading company in collagen research and products. Turns out that if we can preserve our collegan production as close to the levels that we have at age 25, then we can effectively help our skin to keep it's youthful elasticity and glow. Neocell's products, backed by lots of proven research, can help to do that. Found in most major health retailers, you are sure to find the product that is right for you! My fav - Beauty Bursts! See my review here!

PB Crave 
Are you ready for peanut butter adulting? Because PB Crave is for adults who appreciate amazing peanut butter. It has the subtle gourmet flavor that adults can appreciate, in a variety of flavors that are oh, so  delectable. When I tried this stuff, I knew I had reached Peanut Butter Nirvana. With the already known nutritional benefits of peanut butter, the company also boasts some great philanthropy clout. 2% of every purchase is dedicated to alleviating world childhood hunger. What more do we need from a peanut butter? Not much, I would say! Review here  

Another long-lasting American Company that should be given many props for their creativity and adaptability throughout the history of the timepiece fashion industry. Founded in 1904 in Rhode Island by Frederick Speidel, the company helped blaze the trail for the American watch industry that flourishes today! They get almost full credit for inventing the watch band, inventing the scissor action band that adheres to your wrist like a rubber band. Nowadays they are still making dependable and attractive watches across all demographics. You can easily find a dealer in your area because dealers are, literally, everywhere. See what watch I love in my review!

Zim's Max Freeze
I was introduced to these products at a time when I really needed them. They helped me through a period of chronic shoulder pain. I don't know what I would have done without it. I also rely on their Max Crack Cream for summertime dry feet. This company has a rich history behind it. They started up over 60 years ago because a pharmacist saw a need. Austintown, OH had a cement plant, and the cement was very drying on the workers' hands. There was nothing around to relieve it until the pharmacist developed this cream. It was an instant success and the company was born. I think they are the best company around. You can find their products at some WalMarts and drug stores, or you can order online! See my review here

I'd love for you to help me give these great companies a shout-out and let them know that we appreciate their constant striving for excellence. I'd also like to thank you at the same time, for being the great readers and followers that you are!  I'd like to give back just a tiny little bit of what you have meant to me these past years. It honestly wouldn't be the same without you. So let's open it up to a giveaway for a $25 PayPal! 
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I enjoy doing business with business’s that appreciate their customers and have a reputation for quality products. I have done business with some of these but some I am hearing about for the first time now. I look forward to learning more about these outstanding company’s and their products. Thanks for this post.