Monday, November 28, 2016

Argan Oil For Massive Beauty Benefits!

I, like you, have read and heard a lot about breakthrough natural products. When folks start touting the benefits of these natural products, I tend to be a tad skeptical because I think it must be the newest fad! I think that it will be here for a time, and not be talked about much after the next fad arrives. There have been a few things, however, that have come and stayed because of legitimate benefits. Examples come to mind such as coconut oil, kale, and green smoothies. These natural products are so healthy and the benefits have been proven! Argan oil is one of these remarkable natural products that is almost miraculous in its proven benefits!  

The product comes from Morocco and is the "liquid gold" of the region. The oil comes from the kernels inside the nuts. It takes a lot of hard work to remove the liquid and can take up to 8 hours of labor to remove the oil from the nuts. It was once a well-kept beauty secret among Moroccan women, but now the cat's out of the bag and women like you and me can benefit.

There are two ways argan oil is utilized. The first is culinary. In order to have a good tasting oil, the nuts need to be roasted during the extraction process. The second is for beauty. The raw oil is extracted and used on hair, nails, skin, and lips. 

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Because of the popularity of argan oil, there are companies that will claim that they have a pure argan oil product when, in fact, they are diluted with other chemicals and by-products. The best benefits are obtained by the pure argan oil. Look for 100% pure argan oil or the scientific name--100% Argania Spinosa Kernal Oil, or 100% organic argan oil! This type of oil is not cheap, but the many ways it can be used is actually very economical! The smell of the oil is different yet beautiful. It shouldn't be masked by a perfume-y scent. The consistency will be smooth and will absorb immediately into the skin. 

I have tried a few brands of argan oil and was minimally impressed. I felt like it was nothing special. The problem was that it wasn't 100% pure, so I found out later. But if you get the quality argan oil, there is nothing like it! And so I am learning with Green Esthetics Argan Oil!! I should have known, since I had already tried their eyelash growth serum, with great results. 

I was having a bad hair day today, with all of the snow and humidity in the air. So I put some Green Esthetics Argan Oil on my hair and it helped it to calm down. I got my husband to take a few quick shots and didn't edit or filter them other than put a cool background to it. You might think that I have terrible dandruff, but that isn't my specific hair problem, that is just snow! As I use the oil longer, I know that I will see less breakage and more thickness in my hair!

Since this oil does have a shelf life of approximately 6 months, there is no reason to hoard it. There are so many uses for it! Some things I have found it to be wonderful for are:
Nail & Cuticle Repair Ointment - I love to put it on my fingers and toes, making sure to rub it into the cuticles. In the morning, my cuticles are so much healthier! 
Excema Remedy & Healing Agent  - Although my excema is dormant in the winter, I can tell my skin loves this oil! It absorbs it and leaves no greasy feeling.
Scalp Restorative - It is good for hair loss. Just use it as a hot oil treatment regularly and it will bring back the thickness of your hair!
Hair Smoother  - I have the ultimate middle age fuzz, but when I use this oil, my hair calms down and doesn't get oily!
Hair Conditioner - I like to put a little bit of the oil in my sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. It makes my hair feel so soft!
So sorry for the snow dandruff & messy hair! But you should have seen it before I put the oil in it! Frizz City!

Dry Feet Conditioner - I use this on my feet after a shower or bath and it prevents my feet from cracking.
Make-Up Primer - Argan Oil makes a fabulous primer underneath your make-up. Make-up glides on so smoothly and makes it look more professional!
Body Moisturizer - Again, I like to add Argan Oil to my body butters, lotions and/or creams. It enhances everything! It even improves the look of stretch marks! 
This oil is the real deal! It is Pure Virgin, 100% USDA Organic, with no chemicals or preservatives!
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