Monday, March 14, 2016

The Boyfriend Watch from Speidel + 15% #DiscountCode!

Classic watches will never go out of style! Yes, I know there are the Fitbits and the Apple Watches that do everything from preheating your oven to starting your car! And you can even make them look almost decent, when you do matchy matchy with the bands!
But there is something about a classically designed watch that is timeless. It can add to your accessories like nothing else can. It's amazing what a watch can do to help accessorize your wardrobe and make you feel awesome! Owning and wearing my new watch made me think about what style is and I came up with my own personal philosophy about it! Style is finding both comfort and a sense of fun simultaneously. Style makes your life better! But you shouldn't be a slave to it!
 (This post was facilitated by Speidel Watches and I was provided product for review purposes! All opinions are my own!)

One of the heavy hitters in the history of U.S. timepieces is Speidel (pronounced Spy-Dell). Founded in 1904 in Rhode Island by German businessman, Frederick Speidel, the company helped to blaze the trail for the American watch industry that flourishes today. That's 124 years! There aren't too many U.S. companies that are that old. It speaks to the staying-power, adaptivity, and business sense that this company has had and continues to have! They practically invented the watchband, and then introduced the interchangeable band later on. Remember the scissor action bands that conformed to your wrist size without having to get it sized? Yep. Speidel.  And of course, the still popular Twist-O-Flex band was introduced back in 1959.
Speidel makes watches and bands for every demographic--from children, to teens and adults! The prices are not outrageously expensive either. If you want a sensible yet attractive, no-nonsense timepiece, you can choose from several from as low as $39.95! Children's watches are a very reasonable $19.95! What a great Easter Gift for a child! Their first watch!

One of their truly charming and exciting pieces is the new 'Boyfriend' Watch.

It comes in 7 different styles. I chose the Silver-Toned Style. It comes with two interchangeable bands--the non-expandable silver band and a stylish blue plaid band. I love the fun playful numbers, with the stone encrusted face! It is water resistant and comes with a 2-year warranty. I love wearing a piece of history on my wrist, but yet feel like it is relevant to today's woman. I am definitely a 21st century gal, and don't like to be wearing ancient feeling pieces. This is not your grandmother's watch for sure!

You can easily find a dealer in your area because Speidel dealers are literally everywhere! Or you can order online! Right now you can receive a 15% sitewide discount when you use the code GALNEEDS15 at checkout! Valid thru April 12th! At any rate, you should definitely do some serious investigation into a truly special piece of Americana!

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