Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Ups and Downs Of Socks! Cariloha Bamboo Socks

There is nothing like putting on a fresh clean pair of socks! Better yet, there's nothing better than putting on a fresh, clean, new pair of socks! It's just the best feeling ever and I think I may not be the only one that feels like that. 

I may have this feeling because, on the other hand, there is nothing quite as annoying as putting on a pair of socks--only to find out that there is a hole somewhere. Usually it's the toe or the heel. It just feels wrong!

There was a time when I was a poor, struggling working girl-- at least poorer than I am now--that I had to make choices as to what I would sacrifice in order to make ends meet. One of the things I did without was new socks. I made due with the socks I had and tried to make them last as long as possible. I tried to never lose a sock mate and if I did, I'd take another sock without a mate and pair the two together, wearing them at night around the house. But after a year or two (yeah it was quite a stretch), I realized that most of my socks were wearing really thin or already had holes in them. I then took to layering them, wearing two socks at a time. Even if the two socks both had holes in them, they usually wouldn't have holes in the same place, so it worked. 

Today I am somewhat of a sock snob because I really appreciate a good pair of socks. The ones that were a little more well-made and of course, a little more pricey, they were the ones that lasted throughout those lean times. I really came to appreciate the value of a good sock!!
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Cariloha Bamboo is a sock snob's dream. They have the best socks. Not only are they well-made, but they have an extra ability to keep that damp sweaty feeling from getting on your feet because of the natural moisture-wicking quality of bamboo! And if your feet aren't sweaty, there's a real chance they won't be stinky either! (Unless your shoes are the culprit!)

Cariloha has 3 basic kinds of socks - the ankle sock, the boot sock, and the Softy Sock! 

Ankle Sock: These socks are generous fit and can actually be rolled down once to your ankle coverage preference. They are thick and soft, but will fit nicely in any athletic shoe! Get them in white/orchid or white/Carribean Breeze (like mine)!

Luvin' My Cariloha Ankle Socks!

Boot Sock: Sure to make your boot season the best ever! Wear them under those boots for a nice, breathable experience. Get them in many patterns and colors and turn them down to show them off over the boots! So fun! (Note: Best if your calf measurement is 14.5" or under at the fullest part!)
Cariloha Boot Socks - A Color and Pattern For Everyone!

 Softy Sock: These come in White, Creme, or Blue Lagoon (like mine). They are incredibly soft and cozy. Grippers are on the bottoms so you can wear them like slippers in the house! I am almost looking forward to winter just so I can wear these on a daily basis! (I said almost, I'm not quite there yet!) Get them in ankle or crew style (like mine!)
Grippers on the bottom make walking around the house easier!

Looking Forward To Winter - Almost!

Do you think I could make it as a sock model?
Photo Credit: Greg Lemon

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