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Monday, August 16, 2021

Help Your Sense Of Smell With The Sniff Project From Aromafloria

Have you ever lost your sense of smell or know of someone who did? Chances are you do, because with the advent of Covid 19 this invisible disability made a strikingly visible appearance. Loss of smell tops the list of the top four most lingering symptoms after a mild case of Covid 19. Early on, it emerged that many people were losing their sense of smell, even without displaying other symptoms. I had an experience where my husband lost his sense of smell for approximately 2 years, starting in the spring of 2019. You can hear more of that story on my Instagram TV.

A June 2020 survey compiled data from 8438 people and found that 41% of those had lost their sense of smell. Another test involving 100 individuals found that 98% could not identify common smells when presented to them. 

While most regained their sense of smell, some regained it very gradually. In fact, while in recovery, scents were actually distorted to the degree that things that usually smelled pleasant were now  smelling rancid. This phenomena is called parosmia.

Smell training or Olfactory training is a method used to re-train the nerves and brain to heal again. "There is evidence from even before the pandemic that it can improve smell function in some people with such impairments."

Thanks to Aromafloria for providing product for Review purposes

The idea is that the brain has something called "neural plasticity" and over time you can retrain your smell nerves and brain to smell again. The original study used 4 different smells: Rose, Eucalyptus, Clove and Lemon.

 I was fortunate to discover the "Sniff Project" from Aromafloria, a company that has been involved with everything aromatherapy and has made a study of the benefits of the gift of smell for almost 3 decades. It is Woman-Owned and has a sister company, Cannafloria. Both companies are under the umbrella of Affloria, Inc.

The Sniff Project, Olfactory Training Kit was designed by a Pharmacist, a certified aromatherapist and a certified integrative health coach. It is modeled after the original studies which found that actually training the nose to smell could help those who suffer with lose of smell to gain back that ability.  I think of it as physical therapy for the nose. 

Sniff Kit provided for Review Purposes! Thanks to Aromafloria

It is a multi-sensory approach, using sight, sound, and smell, which allows the brain to utilize those several senses to recognize the aromas. You're helping to stimulate the cells and neurons of the olfactory system with parts of the brain that regulate memory.

I have made great use of my Olfactory Training Kit! My husband is getting his smell back and this kit is helping him fine-tune his smelling capabilities. By the time we're through, he should be able to pinpoint many smells that he wasn't capable of doing before. 

I also have an elderly dad who has lost his overall sense of smell and this training could enhance his overall quality of life, warding off depression, retaining the ability to taste food and maintaining the ability to regulate his living space by being able to smell good and bad aromas. 

 Everything you need is provided in the kit. Simply follow the directions and track your progress! The kit includes: 6 nasal aroma sticks, 6 visual cue cards and intentions, and a log sheet to track your progress.

You can follow Aromafloria on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Also, check out this video about the Sniff Project!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Some Pampering At Aveda Institute! #Giveaway

The other day I walked into Aveda Institute in Provo, UT where, according to Tiffany the Recruitment Manager, I am one of their most loyal customers! And it's true--I was getting my hair cut while the place was still going up around me several years ago.  It was a bit chaotic back then, but I knew that it would be up and running soon and when it was, it would be amazing.  And it is, which is why I am still going there and loving it.  Recently I was able to enjoy a few of their many services.  I got a blow out and style, a manicure and a facial.  It was heavenly.   Here are some of the things that keep me going back to Aveda time and time again. 
1) The students are very conscientious.  They are there to make sure that they get the very best training available and they take advantage of it.

2)  The service you get there is about as close to a professional spa experience as you can get because of the care and dedication the students and teachers place on their subject--you! In fact, in some ways it is even better. Students are rated by the clients each time they perform a service.  So they want you to feel good about what they do. 

3)  Only Aveda products are used for services.  These holistic products are fabulous! They are made with the finest natural ingredients with the best technology.  So whether you are getting a facial, a manicure or a hair service, you know that these products are the best.  

4) The prices are great for the kind of service you get.  I do recommend tipping these students because they are working really hard to do a great job.  And since the prices are low, why not give them a tip?

5) With every service, you are given a "sensory experience", which includes aromatherapy, massage and Aveda Herbal Tea! 

If YOU are someone creative who is looking for a career in the beauty, fashion and wellness industry, check out Aveda! And if you want the very best training, with the best products, please check out the Aveda Institute in Provo, UT and schedule a tour!  Why Aveda PROVO, you ask?

Aveda Provo is one of 4 schools in the Western States including Tucson, Phoenix and Denver.  Provo is known for it's majestic mountain surroundings and diverse entertainment possibilities.  It has two universities (BYU and UVU) and has FrontRunner Train Service to Salt Lake City! 
Aveda is synonymous with innovation and excellence. Once you have completed your education, your diploma will have international brand name recognition. Employers will recognize the standard of an Aveda education and consider this when offering you employment.   Below is one example of what might go on in your classes at Aveda!

Aveda is one of the fastest growing worldwide salon networks and the most successful salon business model in the industry. You’re a part of the family from the first day of school through continued education and employment.
Here's a fun fact - 60% of the 2012 Salon Today Top 200 Winners, a prestigious award for salons and spas, were Aveda Salons and Spas.  Now that is really saying something if you ask me!
You can choose from programs including Cosmetology, Esthiology, Makeup Training, Massage Training, Master Esthetics, and Spa Training!
 I'm excited to let you know that one of my UTAH readers will get a pamper-me package at the Provo Aveda Institute like the one I got including a hair wash & style, a manicure with exclusive Aveda nail polish in your choice of color and your own bottle to take home, and a 60-minute Elemental Nature Facial!  I guarantee you'll love it!  

To enter, please fill out the rafflecopter form below and good luck!  Utah Residents only This winner's package is only available at the Provo, UT Aveda Institute!  


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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#Giveaway - Aromafloria Muscle Soak #Spa Package

    Aromafloria began in 1985, founded on the rich heritage of aromatherapy as a means of achieving wellness. Ancient cultures placed great emphasis on the healing properties of aromatic oils. As one of the modern pioneers of holistic aromatherapy, we continue to embrace and evolve this ancient art. This "complementary and alternative" therapy has been a way of life for Aromafloria, not just a lifestyle trend. 
    At the heart of Aromafloria is a fervent desire to help people empower themselves in their search for balance and well-being. In our increasingly high-tech and low-touch world, we invite you to create quiet, restorative moments and meaningful rituals that will elicit relaxation and keep you on your road to wellness.
   Today is your lucky day!  You can win 3 Aromafloria Products from their Muscle Soak Line! Please take a look at my review to see what my personal experience with these products was!   
    One lucky Gal Pal will win the following 3 products for their own aromatherapy, muscle soak experience.  
Bath Salts - Muscle Soak Bath Salts (23 oz.) $16 
Body Scrub - Muscle Soak Body Scrub (12 oz.) $14
Body Wash - Muscle Soak Body Wash (6.7 oz.) $9.50
Contest will run from May 22 - June 9!
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Muscle Soak by Aromafloria #Review

 I was the lucky recipient of some products in one of Aromafloria's Aromatherapy lines, Muscle Soak.  First of all let me say that Aromafloria is amazing because they have such a comprehensive line of therapeutic aromatherapy solutions.  As I browsed through the website, I was amazed.  I saw so many great scent solutions! For instance, Plane Solutions Inhalation Beads address the concern of flying in an enclosed plane and being exposed to airborne  immune system attacks.  Memory Boost Inhalation Beads help your brain become sharper and more alert.  Then there are whole lines that address specific problems like Muscle Soak with many products to help achieve a specific result.  In this case, designed to relieve achy muscles and tissues caused by overwork, too much stress and fatigue.  

Here are the 3 products that I tried from the Muscle Soak line:

Bath SaltsI absolutely love the smell of these salts.   It made my bathroom smell so aromatic.  The base of sea salts also has eucalyptus leaf, peppermint, and lemongrass oils in it.  It also has sweet almond oil and seaweed extract to round out the therapeutic effect.  Simply put ½ cup of it into your bath and soak for about 15 – 20 minutes. I received the 23 oz. size and it was good for about 4 - 5 soaks.  Next time I would choose the larger 42 oz. size because I really like it! 

Body Scrub -  This scrub has the exact same ingredients as the salts with the addition of 2 different sugars and honey!  I liked it very much!

Body Wash - The reason you want to use Muscle Soak Body Wash and Body Scrub with the Muscle Soak bath salts is to keep the aromatherapy going.  If you use a perfumy body wash while using the bath salts, it would ruin the therapeutic effect.  You don't want to smell competing scents when you're in "therapy"!  
  I thoroughly enjoyed my Aromafloria experience and felt more refreshed and relaxed as a result of it!  So I give it A GAL NEEDS...thumbs up!

Disclosure:  I received the 3 items above for review purposes.  All opinions are my own and may vary from others who use the same products.