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Friday, June 16, 2017

'Summer Beauty Musts' Cash & Product #Giveaway

Summer is so here!! Which means deck weather--sitting outside with friends and family, sipping your favorite drinks, enjoying the evening breezes after a hot day!  You want to look your best because this is the time of year when your skin and hair are the most exposed! Summer is also when your skin and hair get fried because of all the sun, sand, and surf. Treat it with care, and don't contribute to the maltreatment by using harsh products on it. The 3 areas below should be given special attention during the summer months and beyond for your best look, whatever that may be! Green Esthetics has you covered in all 3 areas!

Moisturized Skin and Hair. Pure Argan Oil is one of the very best things you can do for not only your hair, but your skin!  Green Esthetics has the very highest quality Argan Oil available, aside from actually traveling to Morocco and buying it straight from the woman at the market, who harvested it from the tree and processed it just yesterday! See a few things that I have discovered Argan Oil to be useful for here! It's surprising how many things there are!

Beautiful Eyes Start With Healthy Eyelashes. Another thing that is always desirable are long, healthy and beautiful eyelashes that don't look like they are fringes off a Persian rug! I don't understand why people are going so over the top! I get it, you went and had your eyelashes done! Yay!  But what really looks good is when you look at someone and their eyelashes are subtly enhanced and naturally thick, framing the eyes and accentuating them. The eyes are what need to be the center of focus, not the lashes! Longer Lash is an amazing and natural product that is perfect for keeping your eyelashes in perfect condition throughout the summer. And it really works, see my review!
A Gorgeous Smile. Everyone knows that a smile starts with the eyes, but it continues with white and healthy teeth. Using harsh whiteners isn't the answer because it can lead to the breakdown of the gums, enamel, and even the gut, which won't help your beauty routine! Green Esthetics has you covered with a whitening gel that gets your teeth white easily and safely! It comes with your own do-it-yourself tray! I have been using this whitener for a period of 3 months and I love it! Below is a picture of me with my husband cropped out as we took a selfie on our first bike ride of the season. I love how my smile is fairly white because I had used the whitening gel a few days before. No retouches needed!