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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Followers and Fans Appreciation #Giveaway - $50 PayPal


Welcome to the Followers and Fans Appreciation Giveaway! 

I've decided to do another appreciation giveaway and do them more regularly. Why? Because you have been awesome! Those of you who are still with me have patiently put up with some of my inconsistencies because of seasonal depression when I post less frequently, my mistakes along the way, my rants, my philosophical reveries, and so much more. 

As a blogger for almost 11 years, I've seen a lot change and I realize that things aren't the same as when I first joined up. The main reason I became a blogger is because I have a strong writing/documenting instinct. I've had the bug since I was in elementary school and owned my first diary. I found it cathartic to be able to record feelings and events. I kept a journal for many many years. Then I found blogging. Not only could I record events and feelings, but I could also share with others and maybe have a little bit of influence along the way. Then when I found out that I could also help others to discover products right along with me and that sometimes I might even be able to give things away or offer special discounts to others in exchange for promoting a company, I was so excited! Winning on all sides!

Thanks for sticking around for the past year, 2 years, 5 years, or even the almost 11 years I've been doing A GAL NEEDS.... This is for those who are with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or are on my e-mail list (right side-bar), on LinkedIn, or on Bloglovin' or YouTube. This is for you! If you're a new follower, welcome! You can enter now if you'd like, and if you stay, you'll be eligible for all entries that are available in subsequent giveaways! I'm tired of giving money to people who want to make a quick buck off of my desire to improve my blog, with very little return. It's time to give more to the ones who matter most! YOU!

So today I'm going to open it up to all current followers and if you would like to start following now, great! You'll be eligible for most of the entries! I promise, I'll make it worth your while if you do follow me now! And especially if you are interested in health, wellness, fashion, beauty, and original content creators like me. I love to feature as many original content creators as possible on #MyPostMonday. Bloggers like me write because we love it, not solely for the financial reward. If that comes, well then, great! We are also usually working another job in addition to blogging. (I've worked in the school system for 20 years now and love it. I'm seeing a lot of change there too!)

So here you go, welcome to the Follower/Fans Appreciation Giveaway! One winner will receive $50 in PayPal cash. There are plenty of entries for all followers. If you are new, please make sure that you follow on one of my social medias before you enter! My long-time followers (those who have been with me on at least one of my social media channels since before this giveaway) are welcome to all entries on the Rafflecopter. New followers may enter the entries labeled with NF. Thanks so much for entering, good luck and let's have some fun! And remember, more follower appreciation giveaways are coming! Make sure that you can claim all available entries by continuing to follow along after the giveaway!


a Rafflecopter giveaway  


Disclaimer: Sponsor, A GAL NEEDS..., is responsible for delivery of prize package. Winner must have valid PayPal e-mail. Disclaimer: Open to U.S. and Canada A GAL the exclusive sponsor and host of this giveaway.
Must be 21 or older to participate, one entrant per household. Winner will be contacted by e-mail after 09/3/20.  Must respond within 48 hours. All entries are validated.
Entrants with invalid entries will be disqualified.This is a followers-only giveaway. To claim all entries you must be a follower of A GAL NEEDS...on at least one social media channel before the beginning of this giveaway. New followers may claim all entries labeled with NF. Winner will be selected by random draw from Rafflecopter.

Monday, October 30, 2017

$125 Cash For The Holidays #Giveaway

Here I am, just adding some holiday cheer to your month! What would you do with an extra $125? Here's your chance to find out!! One lucky winner will have the chance to win some money for the Holidays. Enter for your chance at a fun and easy giveaway just for showing love on our pages! So head below and enter to win! Giveaway is open WORLDWIDE and must have a paypal account to accept prize. Giveaway ends on 11/19 at 11:59pm EST. Must be 18+ to enter. Good luck!
Disclosure: All opinions are 100% mine. This giveaway is in no way associated with, sponsored, administered, or endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest or any other social media network.All opinions and experiences are Conservamom‘s. Open to World Wide , must be 18+. Confirmed Winner(s) will be contacted through email and have 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be drawn. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. The sponsor will be responsible for product fulfillment to winner(s) of the giveaway. The disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. For questions or to see your product featured in an Event you can contact Elia At Conservamom

Saturday, September 2, 2017

'Nutty For Neocell' Product and Cash #Giveaway!

It's time for the month of bers! September, October, November, and December!! Can you believe there are only 4 more months of 2017 left? I was just getting used to it being 2017! Crazy! I recently went to an event where I hadn't seen some friends for a few years. I can tell you, time marches on, whether we are ready or not! But today's beauty advances can help us erase the ravages of time on our faces and body. It's easy with NeoCell!
This blog uses both affiliate and non-affiliate links for reference purposes. Thanks for visiting!
Using the latest findings in beauty science, Neocell can help curtail the onward rampage of time, at least when it comes to youthful skin and healthy looks! They are the #1 collagen brand in the country and a leader in the field of nutritional science.
Just a few of their great products include:
NeoCell Collagen + C With Pomegranate - This provides a boost of Collagen Types 1 & 3, which are the collagens responsible for the skin, nails, hair, and maintenance of the body. It also provides an infusion of antioxidant, Vitamin C from Pomegranate! Best taken on an empty stomach to maximize absorption.

NeoCell Ceramides Hydrator - This is the super nutrient of 2017. It plumps the skin as the moisturizers are delivered into the body!

NeoCell Beauty Bursts - A fruity tasting chewable that delivers collagen to the body quickly and when you are on the go! Delicious! Also contains hyaluronic acid to aid absorption. 
NeoCell is a company that gives back. Since 2011 they have partnered with Vitamin Angels to help a condition that is known as "hidden hunger", children who appear to get enough to eat, but are not receiving the necessary nutrients for proper growth and development. For every bottle of NeoCell Supplement sold, 1 child is given enough crucial dosages of vitamins to sustain them for a whole year, reducing the mortality rate by 24%!
 For more information about their many products, check out their online product catalog!
NeoCell and I are partnering to bring you an awesome opportunity to try out some of their products! One winner will receive a $50 eGift credit to purchase the beauty products of their choice from a NeoCell retailer, plus that winner will also receive a $15 PayPal Credit to their PayPal Account!

Enter in the Rafflecopter below and make sure you follow me on Facebook because you need to be in the know about my other giveaways! Ends on 09/27/17.
Disclaimer: A GAL NEEDS...received product from this sponsor to facilitate the review of this product. Affiliate links may be present. No Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, nor any other social platforms are involved in any way!
Must be 18 or older to participate, Winner will be contacted by e-mail
after 09/27/17.  1 entrant per household please. Must respond within 48 hours.
After notification, winner will be asked to acknowledge their win by contacting sponsor on Social Media and letting them know of their win.
Entrants with invalid entries will be disqualified.
Sponsor, NeoCell is responsible for delivery of prize package. A GAL responsible for delivery of cash prize.  

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, June 16, 2017

'Summer Beauty Musts' Cash & Product #Giveaway

Summer is so here!! Which means deck weather--sitting outside with friends and family, sipping your favorite drinks, enjoying the evening breezes after a hot day!  You want to look your best because this is the time of year when your skin and hair are the most exposed! Summer is also when your skin and hair get fried because of all the sun, sand, and surf. Treat it with care, and don't contribute to the maltreatment by using harsh products on it. The 3 areas below should be given special attention during the summer months and beyond for your best look, whatever that may be! Green Esthetics has you covered in all 3 areas!

Moisturized Skin and Hair. Pure Argan Oil is one of the very best things you can do for not only your hair, but your skin!  Green Esthetics has the very highest quality Argan Oil available, aside from actually traveling to Morocco and buying it straight from the woman at the market, who harvested it from the tree and processed it just yesterday! See a few things that I have discovered Argan Oil to be useful for here! It's surprising how many things there are!

Beautiful Eyes Start With Healthy Eyelashes. Another thing that is always desirable are long, healthy and beautiful eyelashes that don't look like they are fringes off a Persian rug! I don't understand why people are going so over the top! I get it, you went and had your eyelashes done! Yay!  But what really looks good is when you look at someone and their eyelashes are subtly enhanced and naturally thick, framing the eyes and accentuating them. The eyes are what need to be the center of focus, not the lashes! Longer Lash is an amazing and natural product that is perfect for keeping your eyelashes in perfect condition throughout the summer. And it really works, see my review!
A Gorgeous Smile. Everyone knows that a smile starts with the eyes, but it continues with white and healthy teeth. Using harsh whiteners isn't the answer because it can lead to the breakdown of the gums, enamel, and even the gut, which won't help your beauty routine! Green Esthetics has you covered with a whitening gel that gets your teeth white easily and safely! It comes with your own do-it-yourself tray! I have been using this whitener for a period of 3 months and I love it! Below is a picture of me with my husband cropped out as we took a selfie on our first bike ride of the season. I love how my smile is fairly white because I had used the whitening gel a few days before. No retouches needed!