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Monday, March 29, 2021

Fun In The Sun With Del Sol #Review

 I think it's safe to say that we are finally past the winter chills in most states, maybe Canada is still a little chilly and today even though the mid-40's isn't technically super cold, it felt that way because it was in the 70's just a couple days ago, so with wind chills and all, feels like 20 degrees, at least to me.  

But that sun is beaming and smiling and teasing us and I'm getting ready! I'm getting out my warm-weather clothing and starting to store away those flannel pj's, the jackets, the fur-lined boot slippers, the fleece lined leggings, all of it. It's going to be good, people! Just soaking in some rays, getting that Vitamin D so many of us are lacking, myself included. Vitamin D is so important for building immunity, making muscles stronger, keeping your mood elevated, suppressing appetite, and keeping your bones strong. I have a special way of knowing when I'm getting my Vitamin D. I wear Del Sol Color-Changing clothing. They become very colorful in sunlight, so it's easy to remember, "when there's color you see, you're getting the D!"

Thanks to Del Sol for providing products for review purposes

Do you follow Del Sol somewhere or check their site every now and then? If you don't, you really should! Just today and today only, they are having a 50% off site-wide sale. It's their pre-Easter sale. I don't know what they actually have planned for actual Easter , but this sale is amazing! Even their sale items go for an additional 50% off. They have some extra goodies attached to the deal as well. Get free shipping on all orders over $35, which is standard for Del Sol. AND if you get 3 t-shirts, you get one of their super amazing color-changing canvas bags. These bags are the bomb. So sturdy and roomy. You can use them for grocery shopping, beach trips, gym bags....they are phenomenal! But hey, if you missed it, that's OK, just get on their e-mail list or follow them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I'm sure that another great sale is just around the corner! 

I actually got in on the sale today. Here are my purchases. I got the whole thing for less than the sale price of the sunnies (shown below). My total was $36.62, so I qualified for the free shipping. I prolly should have gotten 2 more t-shirts, but I already own the canvas bag. However, I'm thinking that I need another one. So maybe that was a mistake.

  Let's chat about Del Sol's amazing sunglasses. They are my absolute favorite sunglasses. Not simply because they change colors in the sun, which is super cool in my book.  It's more because these sunglasses are straight up legit! They have a 100% replacement guarantee, they are 100% UVA and UVB protected, polarized, and they enhance color perception and provide high-contrast viewing! You could pay for an italian-owned name brand but you won't have as much fun as you will with Del Sol! They have everything you ever wanted in sunglasses.

Make sure you follow Del Sol on one of their social media channels or get their updates!

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Heart and Soul #Giveaway $200 To Del Sol!!

This blog accepts product samples to facilitate an honest and fair review.
This is the time of year when we are all trying to squeeze in every last bit of summer fun that we possibly can because we know that it won't last for much longer. We are putting our hearts and souls into the last strains of summer!

And for good reason.....summer is when the sun is at its peak and we can do more outside than any other season! 

Del Sol is a company that is ALL heart and soul! They use the power of the sun to make us feel great about ourselves and about the things we're doing! When the UV rays are out, their many developed colors become visible to the naked eye. When the sun isn't involved, the only creatures that see those colors are, strangely enough, bats! (Bats love the dark....)

Del Sol's panel of chemists from around the world have tested tens of thousands of color-changing product variations! Because of that, they are always finding new ways to enhance various products and their inventory is constantly changing and expanding!

Here are some of my favorites

Solize Sunglasses! 100% UVA and UVB sun protection, with a 100% replacement guarantee! So many styles to choose from!

Del Sol Nail Polish! Two different colors in one application! One color inside, one color outside! You'll never get bored, that's for certain! 

Del Sol Tee Shirts! These are the most fun shirts ever! So comfortable, made from 100% premium cotton and the designs are all heart and soul! 

Del Sol Beach Towels! An extra large color-changing beach towel that will be your favorite beach accessory, especially when people around you are amazed at the burst of colors that explode when you bring it out of your bag! 

Del Sol Charm Bracelets! Get the charm bracelet that you can accessorize with the symbols that represent you! They show what you are all about. These make such cute gifts for girls of all ages!  

Del Sol Hair Accessories! These hairpins and hair decorations are the most creative way to put some heart and soul into your hair style! 

Del Sol Beach Toys! These are toys that you typically see at the beach, but you also see them everywhere where there is some sunshine! I think these are the BEST gift ideas for active kids, teens, and young-at-heart adults! 

These are just a few of the things that I love at Del Sol. What is your favorite? I'll bet you can't keep it at just one! Also, make sure to take advantage of this exclusive 20% Discount Code! Use GAL20 at check-out for a 20% total discount!

Now for the giveaway!!! One person will win an incredible $200 eGift Code to spend at Del Sol! You could seriously get much of your Christmas gift-giving list done with this prize! Or you could really get decked out in color changing apparel from now through the end of 2020 if you wanted!  You could get towels for every one of your favorite munchkins! The possibilities are endless! Thanks so much Del Sol! You are truly Heart and Soul!!   Follow Del Sol on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada. One entrant per household, please, and you must be 21 or older to enter! Enter once or enter daily, you choose! Thanks for checking us out and keep your face lifted to the sun!  Enter in the Rafflecopter below!

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Disclaimer: Open to U.S. and Canada!  A GAL NEEDS...received product from this sponsor to facilitate the review of this company. Affiliate links may be present.
Must be 21 or older to participate, one entrant per household. Winner will be contacted by e-mail after 09/10/19.  Must respond within 48 hours.
Entrants with invalid entries will be disqualified.
Sponsor, Del Sol, is responsible for delivery of prize package. In the case of non-delivery, A GAL not responsible for delivery.  

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Fun To Fantastic $100 Del Sol Cash #Giveaway

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Del Sol is a company that makes you smile. It's a gift that makes you light up and say, "That made my day!" Using exclusive color-changing technology, Del Sol puts their special brand of fun into everything they make. They make something that would normally be fun into something fantastic! 

For instance, with their color-changing clothing--They have everything from teeshirts to hoodies! They are made with the finest fabrics available and they guarantee that their clothing will change colors in the sun for the life of the fabric! Below, I'm loving my Del Sol Flamingo tee and lifestyle sunnies!

Something that is really exciting to hear is that they have just rolled out some new lines---perfect for Christmas gift-giving!

Their new skateboards are the bomb! They change colors beautifully and will be the talk of the neighborhood!

 And what a great idea to put color-change technology into charm bracelets! With 25 charms to choose from, it will be easy to find something that is individual to you!  

One of my personal favorites are the Solize Sunglasses in lifestyle, aviator, and fashion styles. The guarantee is that if your sunglasses are damaged or lost, you are guaranteed a free replacement pair! They are UVA/UVB and polarized! So awesome!

Check out their website and see what other great gift ideas and bargain prices that are available! You'll love it! 

I'm excited to be able to partner with Del Sol to give someone $100 Del Sol Cash. It will be awarded with an exclusive discount code to spend for whatever you would like at Del Sol! It would make a great Christmas present and there would still be enough for you as well! Enter below in the Rafflecopter form below. Open to U.S. and Canada, Ends November 20th at 11:59 MST See below for full disclosure. a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Must be 21 or older to participate. Winner will be contacted by e-mail
after 11/20/18.  1 entrant per household please and must be a resident of U.S. or Canada. Must respond within 48 hours. Entrants with invalid entries will be disqualified. Sponsor, Del Sol, is responsible for delivery of prize. Thanks for entering and good luck!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Del Sol Color Changing Products #Giveaway

Del Sol's color changing products make you realize that everything is more fun in the sun!  That's because when you go out wearing one of their products, the sun changes the color from ordinary to extraordinary!  
I was able to try one of their color changing teeshirts, a nail polish and some of their polarized sunglasses!  Loved all of it!  

T-Shirts:  Del Sol Tees are a lot of fun! People light up and smile when they see the artwork on your shirt come alive in the sun.  With designs for both men and women, for teens and for kids, Del Sol products make perfect gifts!  And their Disney Line of products are so much fun for kids!  I love my Del Sol T-Shirt!  It's soft and very colorful when I go into the sun.  The sizes tend to run a tad small.  I usually wear a medium, but went with a large and am glad I did.  It fits me about like the pictures below. 


Not only do Del Sol Sunglasses have the color-changing technology, They're also 100% UVA/UVB blocking and polarized to prevent glare, helping your eyes feel better. From futuristic to chic, or just plain fun, Del Sol's color change sunglasses come in styles to fit any man or woman under the sun.  They have one of the best guarantees in the industry!  I chose the sunglasses on the right.  They are so cool!  People comment on both the style and the color-changing.  They are very high-quality!
With Sun

Without Sun
LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE against Loss, Theft, or Damage. Even if you simply lose your Solize™ color-changing sunglasses, we'll still replace them for just the shipping/handling cost.
• Polarized PolarizedPro™ lenses to block out glare.
• Durable frames are impact-resistant and lightweight.
• Spectrachrome® technology makes frames change color when exposed to sunlight. Color change is also guaranteed to impress you, and to last for the life of the sunglasses. 

Nail Polish:

I love this nail polish!  I'm someone who loves changes in my look, but more often than not, too lazy to do anything about it.  This polish with the help of the sun, does it effortlessly for me. 

Del Sol is a company that helps people be happy!  What could be better than that?

Please enter the giveaway below for a chance to win a pair of your choice of sunglasses, a nail polish and a t-shirt! Open to U.S. and Canada!  

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