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Monday, March 29, 2021

Fun In The Sun With Del Sol #Review

 I think it's safe to say that we are finally past the winter chills in most states, maybe Canada is still a little chilly and today even though the mid-40's isn't technically super cold, it felt that way because it was in the 70's just a couple days ago, so with wind chills and all, feels like 20 degrees, at least to me.  

But that sun is beaming and smiling and teasing us and I'm getting ready! I'm getting out my warm-weather clothing and starting to store away those flannel pj's, the jackets, the fur-lined boot slippers, the fleece lined leggings, all of it. It's going to be good, people! Just soaking in some rays, getting that Vitamin D so many of us are lacking, myself included. Vitamin D is so important for building immunity, making muscles stronger, keeping your mood elevated, suppressing appetite, and keeping your bones strong. I have a special way of knowing when I'm getting my Vitamin D. I wear Del Sol Color-Changing clothing. They become very colorful in sunlight, so it's easy to remember, "when there's color you see, you're getting the D!"

Thanks to Del Sol for providing products for review purposes

Do you follow Del Sol somewhere or check their site every now and then? If you don't, you really should! Just today and today only, they are having a 50% off site-wide sale. It's their pre-Easter sale. I don't know what they actually have planned for actual Easter , but this sale is amazing! Even their sale items go for an additional 50% off. They have some extra goodies attached to the deal as well. Get free shipping on all orders over $35, which is standard for Del Sol. AND if you get 3 t-shirts, you get one of their super amazing color-changing canvas bags. These bags are the bomb. So sturdy and roomy. You can use them for grocery shopping, beach trips, gym bags....they are phenomenal! But hey, if you missed it, that's OK, just get on their e-mail list or follow them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I'm sure that another great sale is just around the corner! 

I actually got in on the sale today. Here are my purchases. I got the whole thing for less than the sale price of the sunnies (shown below). My total was $36.62, so I qualified for the free shipping. I prolly should have gotten 2 more t-shirts, but I already own the canvas bag. However, I'm thinking that I need another one. So maybe that was a mistake.

  Let's chat about Del Sol's amazing sunglasses. They are my absolute favorite sunglasses. Not simply because they change colors in the sun, which is super cool in my book.  It's more because these sunglasses are straight up legit! They have a 100% replacement guarantee, they are 100% UVA and UVB protected, polarized, and they enhance color perception and provide high-contrast viewing! You could pay for an italian-owned name brand but you won't have as much fun as you will with Del Sol! They have everything you ever wanted in sunglasses.

Make sure you follow Del Sol on one of their social media channels or get their updates!

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Monday, February 15, 2021

Amazing President's Day Sale At Del Sol

 Hello Gal Pals! This is a very quick post, done out of love for you and this company. I've worked with Del Sol for a number of years and have a yearly giveaway for them. They have the most amazing color-changing clothing, nail polish, kid products, jewelry, etc. They are the best! 

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Today they are having an amazing President's Day Sale that is so good,  I ordered twice! Everything on their site is 50% off with free shipping on all orders over $35.  A lot of their items are already on sale!
Plus, if you order any 3 teeshirts, you get one of their extremely high quality cloth, color-changing tote bags. I've included a few images of things I saw on the site! Use the code: GOODVIBES to get the 50% discount.


I'm a fan of everything at Del Sol and especially when their sunglasses are on sale, I make sure to get some. They are 100% UVA UVB, polarized and with a lifetime guarantee!

Have a wonderful President's Day!

Friday, August 23, 2019

Heart And Soul With Del Sol #Review and 35% Discount Code

There is a saying that says, "In the end we won't remember the most beautiful face or body. Instead, we'll remember the most beautiful heart and soul." 

Del Sol is the company that shows heart and soul with everything it does. They make their fashion out of a desire to show you that life is beautiful! Life is fun! And that you are amazing! When you put on one of their designer tee shirts or their Solize Sunglasses, you know that you can get out there and just be you! You can be all heart and soul! 

I've been wearing Del Sol clothing for 9 years now and they are a company that makes me feel great about myself! Their clothing makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. I love tee shirts. They are my comfort zone. Del Sol tees are so comfortable, fun, and unique!  And, of course, every one of their many products is color-changing!
 Del Sol Solize Sunglasses have a life-time guarantee and they are 100% UVA and UVB sun block protection! I love them because, first of all, they're hecka fun! People are always mentioning that they love my shades because they are stylish AND they change colors. I love them as well because they block out sun glare like a boss! My eyes are so sensitive to sun, that I think I must be half vampire. So these sunglasses are a must for me for that reason alone! Right now I'm loving my Top of The World Solize Sunglasses! 
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