Monday, February 15, 2021

Amazing President's Day Sale At Del Sol

 Hello Gal Pals! This is a very quick post, done out of love for you and this company. I've worked with Del Sol for a number of years and have a yearly giveaway for them. They have the most amazing color-changing clothing, nail polish, kid products, jewelry, etc. They are the best! 

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Today they are having an amazing President's Day Sale that is so good,  I ordered twice! Everything on their site is 50% off with free shipping on all orders over $35.  A lot of their items are already on sale!
Plus, if you order any 3 teeshirts, you get one of their extremely high quality cloth, color-changing tote bags. I've included a few images of things I saw on the site! Use the code: GOODVIBES to get the 50% discount.


I'm a fan of everything at Del Sol and especially when their sunglasses are on sale, I make sure to get some. They are 100% UVA UVB, polarized and with a lifetime guarantee!

Have a wonderful President's Day!

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