Saturday, November 14, 2020

Change A Room From Functional To Restorative With Wall Art + 25% #DiscountCode To PhotoWall


“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.”

I really can say that I enjoy my job. Especially after the periods of time I've spent not being able to work because know....Covid. Then I like to return home. I like the feeling of being able to come back and leave the work day behind.  I can forget about what stress and craziness happened. I can rest up and go back the next day with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Home is so important. It's important to make it your sanctuary, however that looks to you. 

 For a long time the upstairs bedroom had been bothering me. It was a rather nondescript room. It has an adjoining bathroom--nothing fancy--a shower, sink, window and toilet. The bedroom also has a walk-out patio with a sliding glass door overlooking the rest of the neighborhood, houses with similar floor plans, just different colors of paint outside to express their rustic appeal. So the view isn't too exciting, especially right now after the leaves have all fallen, but it does let in the fresh air during the spring and summer, which is actually really nice!

Winter Blahs

The white walls in the room seemed so utilitarian, stark and plain. Yet, this is the place I go to regain my equilibrium after a crazy day at work. I love my job, but I need a place to go unwind before I begin the 2nd phase of my day, which includes interacting with my husband and my father, who very much remind me at times of the 6th - 8th grade boys I work with, with the amount of attention they crave! But I love them, so I don't mind one bit (OK, maybe just a little bit!).

Many thanks to PhotoWall for the collaboration opportunity and product received for review purposes

Another problem with the room at one point was that the 2 full-length sliding glass doors let in the light from the street, along with the neighbors' porch lights when I was trying to sleep and it created a real problem. I finally got some nice blue, full-length, light-blocking curtains, which have helped so much!! But they serve a very functional purpose and therefore, aren't the most decorative things in the world.

Even though I have plenty of furniture, dressers, bed, stools, etc. I felt like my room wasn't pulled together like I wanted. The overall color theme of the room is blue. I have the blue bedspread, and the blue curtains. So what to do....

I thought about the possibility of wallpaper, but nothing really wowed me. And then I found Photowall, a Swedish wallpaper company with a vast selection of Wall Murals, Photo Wallpaper and Canvas Prints. I looked through their selections and I loved how they show the wall art the way it might look in an actual room. They have several room scenes for every wallpaper, mural and print. It really gives a great sense of the overall effect the wall would have in your own home.

Since I was trying to pull together a room which already had some
blue accessories, I decided to stay with the current color scheme and find something that would pick up the blue and possibly pull the whole thing together. 

Another thing that I noticed on the PhotoWall site was that they have 18 different themes that one might be interested in. Within those themes are 6 - 15 sub themes. I found several amazing and fun themes that I almost decided on, but steered myself away because I wanted to stick with my color and the theme I chose. 

For instance, under the Religious Theme I found these amazing wings titled, "Watch Over Me". How fun would it be to be able to pose for a blog photo in between those amazing wings? 


 Since I love to get out and hike in the mountains and sometimes even end up at alpine lakes, I decided to choose a nature theme, with water and/or mountains. Here are some murals I seriously looked at before I made my final selection. 

Watercolor Mountains

Western Sketchbook


Pale Mountain Silhouettes


 I finally made my decision based on how I felt when I saw this mural.  I felt absolute peace and calm.

It was like I hit the jack pot when I found "The Fisherman". It has such a serene feel to it. I was in love. I was willing to take the risk of it being "over the top". But frankly, I didn't see how I could lose on this design.

I was a little nervous about how I'd pull this off. I actually had a professional come in and do it for me and he did a great job. I might not have though, if I had found this how-to video beforehand and actually saw how easy it is to do yourself. You just need the right tools, which are very easy to find. 

Sneak peak of my wall in the mirror

Now that it is finished, I feel like I've got a house on the lake, with my window looking straight out on the water, the mountains in the background. I think I got the vibe I was looking for. 

Room With A View!

The Fisherman

Next project - restore the antique dresser

I've got a 25% discount code for you, if you decide to go the route I did, and brighten/calm your space with the feeling you get when you see the perfect design. One mural really can change the mood in a room. Use agalneeds25 at checkout through December 20th! I'd love to see what wallpaper, mural, or canvas print you choose! Message me @ or message me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

My peaceful space


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Clarke Family said...

I really like the wall scene you chose. Thanks for sharing!

A GAL NEEDS... said...

You like? I'm so glad you like it! It was so much fun to select just the right mural for what I wanted and needed!

Shelbee on the Edge said...

Helena, this is a really cool idea and the end result is magnificent! I could use a little redo in every room of my house and I am definitely loving this idea for my bedroom which is also my retreat where I love to go read in front of my electric fireplace. But the room is rather dull and something like this would make it magical! Thanks for sharing and linking with me.


A GAL NEEDS... said...

Thanks so much Shelbee,I love the end result too! It makes such a difference with how one feels when unwinding after a long and eventful day!

Kari Lorraine said...

I'm a renter, so I always end up at places with bland, white walls. I love this wall art, though. It would really liven up any apartment.

molli said...

i really love these, because my house is needing changes during quarantine

katieoscarlet said...

This is such a creative and awesome way to brighten up any room and create a unique focal point. I especially like the Waterfall in Tokyo

Kelly O said...

WOW. I didn't know this existed and I love it. The photos are so peaceful and I could seem them on so many places in my home.

Monica McConnell said...

Oh wow beautiful. I love the wings

MZ said...

Very creative and beautiful pictures!

Dianna said...

We just moved into our new home and it really needs some decoration. Thanks for the inspiration!

Brandy Cardenas said...

I love these! I never even thought to do anything like this. Maybe I can do something like this in our new house once we find one!!