Monday, August 19, 2019

Laugh At It + #MyPostMonday The Week's Best Original Content

I have a ding on my front lower calf that is lingering a year later, after the incident originally happened. But every once in awhile, when I look at it, I am reminded of a couple of lessons I learned because of it.
It was late summer of last year and I was taking a walk with my dog in a beautiful part of where I live. I saw a massive storm cloud coming in quickly from the south. It was really close, but it wasn't raining on me. And so I watched the rain from a distance as I continued my walk. The rain shower was short. But then the most gorgeous rainbow appeared. It was a perfect bow and it seemed so close that I could literally touch it. I was blown away by the beauty of it.

Unfortunately, I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking, silly me, and I ran into a huge branch that had fallen at some previous time. It speared me and although I was wearing long pants, and it didn't tear the pants or even break open the skin, it got me good and created a terrible indentation and bruise.  I just kept looking at the gorgeous rainbow, though. Even though I hate bruises, scrapes and cuts on my legs and arms because they seem to take a long time to heal, I didn't let it bother me this time because I was so enthralled with this amazing sight. I knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime deal. I wanted to savor every moment of it!
I wish my eyes could take pictures, because I didn't have a phone or camera! Within minutes the rainbow was gone and now all I have is a beautiful memory of what happened. What I did have, however, was a tangible injury on my lower leg that was more acute than I had previously thought.  It was swollen, discolored and my skin was caved in where it happened. I knew this bruise/abrasion wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. And here I am a year later, still hoping it will eventually disappear! And honestly, I think it will. I'm thinking by this time next year, it will be completely gone.

I definitely learned something from the experience. I thought about life in general---we have a lot of different things that happen to us simultaneously. Much of it can be pretty amazing, but a lot of the time it's mixed with pain, inconvenience, and even unforeseen tragedy. I guess I can focus on the dark stuff that seems to always find its way into the routine of everyday life or I can choose to ignore it, even laugh at it and instead, focus on the beautiful and amazing  things that surround me every single day!

As I start a new work year, with the onset of school (that was today, by the way!) I want to focus on the good, the beautiful, the progress, the love, the laughter and ignore the pettiness, the oversights, the politics, the insults, and the fear of failure. As I do this, I'll be able to create more joy in my life and create memories, rather than be so concerned with avoiding misfortune. No matter what, that stuff will be there. It's part of life. Sure there might be some residual casualties. They might take a moment to heal and get back to full recovery. But it will happen and in the meantime, look at all that I've gained along the way! 

Does that make sense? I hope so--I hope that you can find joy in your journey and that you'll be able to draw on happy memories and present comforts to get you through some of those inevitable tough times that happen, even in the midst of so much beauty!
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Darren Scrubb said...

Better to laugh about than to take it too seriously.

marisela zuniga said...

It's nice to sometimes just enjoy nature. I think rainbows are so pretty and cool