Thursday, May 24, 2018

Natural Skincare At It's Best---B&W Apothecary Review

I feel that when I find a great company to review, it's meant to be! B&W Apothecary is one of those great finds! I was at a trade show and getting ready to leave when I saw a little booth with one woman manning the station. I asked about her products and she proceeded to tell me that she made the products herself, with all natural ingredients. 

Brandi, the owner, makes her skincare line with just enough ingredients to make the products what they are intended for. There is actually a term for that. It's called, "NAKED" Skincare. The benefit to naked skincare is that it's all natural, and you can then dress it up with other natural or, heaven forbid, synthetic ingredients to make it specific to you! For instance, you may want a particular smell or color in your cosmetic. You may want an ingredient that reduces swelling, whereas another person may want something to minimize pores. 
I was provided product to facilitate the review of this company. No payment was received.  
B&W Apothecary offers a free consult to mix custom blends just for you! That's really exciting stuff! Think about it, no one is the same, and to make something that is designed for you in mind is a real treat! 

Commercial brand "natural" products have, on average, 3 or more unnatural preservatives or chemicals in their formulations. If you read on the ingredient list, you will find that 99.9% of those products will contain water as one of the top ingredients, which requires preservatives to keep the water from molding or growing bacteria. 

B&W Apothecary uses Aloe Vera instead of water which eliminates the need for water due to its antibacterial properties!

I had been looking for a good primer to use before applying foundation in the morning. Brandi provided me with the Hydration Primer, containing Aloe Vera, jojoba oil, cod liver oil, apricot kernel oil, rose water, raspberry seed oil, and orange essential oil! It was just what I had been looking for--my foundation goes on seamlessly! 

 Incidentally, the best way to use a primer is to put it on and then wait 1 - 2 minutes before applying foundation. I just do a couple other things in my morning routine to give it time to absorb. It gives the primer a chance to sink into the skin for the right consistency to accept the application of foundation.

B&W Apothecary is Veteran Owned, established in 2013, with all products made by hand, and no animal testing on on any product. They also provide free shipping with orders over $30! Their prices are very reasonable! 
 I'm so glad that I happened to find this treasure of a company, currently making the rounds at trade shows and other venues. I expect great things from B&W Apothecary, and hope they continue on the course that they are on! We need more of these types of companies so we can choose the things that go on our faces and on our bodies!

To find more of the amazing products that B&W Apothecary offers or to get your free consult, go to their website or visit their Facebook Page! 

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