Thursday, May 17, 2018

prAna Organic Active Wear + 15% Discount Code

I come to you with a premise, and it is this: If you are wearing clothing that is at one with what you are doing and at one with the earth, amazing experiences can happen! This is what happened to me when I wore my prAna 100% organic cotton pants for the first time!

As many of you know, I work in a Middle School and it requires less than business casual. It results in a more utilitarian, casual kind of look. I'm so OK with that, and my look has evolved into just that for everyday! But I still want to look nice and I definitely want to be comfortable! I put on these awesome prAna Shala pants and the day went amazing! I didn't do anything different other than wear these great pants, so that's why I know it was these pants! They are so comfortable. They feel like brushed velvet, only breathable!

Anyway, the day was just so easy and I felt more of a reserve of energy than I usually do. Well, that was great! Right after work, I headed over to one of my all-time favorite spots, 'This Is The Place Heritage Park', where there is always something fun going on, yet plenty of space to just walk and see beautiful things. It happens to be Baby Animal Season and so I wanted to see those cute animals before they get too big! 

It was so beautiful there. May is the most gorgeous time of the year for me! There were quite a few little baby critters running around, but I was enchanted by the goats, and one in particular which seemed to be so calm and easily entreated by the likes of me. I sidled up to it and put out my hand. 
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 At first it seemed oblivious to me, but then as I talked, slowly and non-nonchalantly, getting closer with my hand still outstretched, it took the bait, which turned out to be no bait at all. Perhaps it thought I was going to offer it a nice morsel of goat food (What do goats eat? I'm not sure, except maybe the labels off soup cans...). I had nothing to offer, which it soon found out. 
 I was hoping its mood wouldn't turn sour. I wanted to avoid being gored at all costs! But it stayed sweet and simply turned towards the camera and gave a sweet little goat pose before setting off to find more tasty and interesting pursuits. 
That might not seem like the most exciting and fun thing that has ever happened to you, but I just loved the feeling of nature, and peace with the earth, and friendship between human and animal. 
This spring and summer I'll be wearing more comfy and cute clothing from prAna, that are great for every kind of adventure because when I'm hiking or working with the kiddos, I want comfy clothes that allow me to move freely. That is what I get with prAna. 
I was interested to learn that organic cotton uses 71% less water than conventionally grown cotton! And organic cotton doesn't pollute the water it does use with toxic chemicals. So important! Just remembering to buy an organic cotton shirt when you need a shirt would be a huge contribution! There is something about wearing organic materials. They make me feel like I'm in tune with the earth and that I'm keeping its interests at heart. It's a good way to feel!

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