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Monday, January 21, 2013

Cariloha Bamboo Clothing (A Review & $70 #Giveaway)

Cariloha_BambooBamboo grows in warm regions. I want to be in a warm region right now. But I'm not. I will settle for writing about Bamboo that grows in a warm region. One can only dream that someday it will also be warm here! 
The Carribean is warm and a place where wearing bamboo clothing would make a lot of sense. Thus, the first part of the name.  Can you guess where another warm region might be that would make up the second part of the name Cariloha? (I'll let you stew on that one) Did you know that when wearing bamboo clothing, your body temperature is 3 degrees cooler on average?  I learned something!  Also when I think of bamboo, I think of these hard yet pliable plants sticking up out of the water.  I didn't really translate that into being soft when it comes to clothing, bedding and linens but let me tell you, clothing made out of bamboo is extremely soft!  The same is said when it comes to bath towels, and sheets!  Wow, it is really something.  Bamboo sheets don't have a thread count per se, but they are softer and more durable than  4 or 5 hundred thread count sheets.  I was able to walk through the Headquarters at Cariloha in Sandy, UT and I got to physically feel the sheets, towels and clothing.  Everything was unbelievably soft.  Some of the pants, like Cargo Shorts, which are supposed to feel rather stiff and sturdy weren't as soft, but comparatively speaking, even those were soft.  So are you getting the message I am trying to convey here?  If you value softness in your stuff, Bamboo is the way to go!!!  If you value coolness in the summer heat, bamboo is the way to go.  If you are concerned about wearing the most eco-friendly material on the planet, bamboo is the way to go. It is the most renewable and sustainable plant in the world!

Another characteristic about Bamboo Clothing is that it is able to keep you from being stinky from sweat. Not that I ever sweat...or smell...ever.  But for those that do occasionally have that worry, the material is extremely breathable and also has some sort of anti-bacterial property that prevents sweating and odors. Who knew? 

 I was able to take home a couple of items!  They were the the Bamboo Skirt in Chocolate and one of their t-shirts in white.  I absolutely love these items.  The skirt is definitely for summer-strolling on the beach or out in the backyard with flip flops--something that I am patiently waiting for.  In the meantime, I will wear tights underneath, many tops and a jacket and a scarf and it will do nicely for winter garb.  
Sorry little fuzzy, but you get the idea!
The t-shirt is so soft, and cuddly.  I actually collect white t-shirts and this one is definitely my favorite because of the softness!  Even the bag they came in is made from bamboo!
If you are ever in a popular vacation spot, be sure to look for Cariloha because they are all over the map.  For instance, they are found in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Barbados, Grand Caymen, Kauai, Hawaii; Key West, Las Vegas, San Diego, Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Juneau, Alaska and more!  If you are dreaming about going to one of these places but aren't there quite yet, you can always order online!   
 I'm not done with Cariloha by any means.  No, this is just the beginning of my love affair with them.  I need to get some towels and linens because I want to have that luxury!  Oh, they have a sister company called Del Sol.  Ever heard about it?  It is every bit as unique and fun as Cariloha! Watch for more about this company later on as we are even closer to warm weather!  

Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway below for your chance to win an item(s) of choice from Cariloha, up to $70! 

Disclaimer: Open to U.S. and Canada..  I received product for this giveaway for review purposes. Must be 18 years of age or older to participate.  A GAL not responsible for non-delivery of product or services by any featured companies.  Winner will be contacted after 2/9/13 by e-mail.  Must respond within 48 hours.  Entrants with invalid entries will be disqualified.

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