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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Now Is The Time!! #LifeReImagined

Many people think that mid-life is when their relevance is no longer impactful and that they need to start thinking about putting themselves out to pasture. This is the biggest fallacy out there and once you realize that, you can change your life for the better and make your middle years the best ever! I've become happier with each year over 45 that I achieve. I don't know what it is, maybe a slowing down of those ever-present, ever-lurking hormones? I am, however, thankful that I do have my health. Health, at any age, is such a gift!
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The World Of Figure Competition - One Mom's Journey Part II

Here is the 2nd part of Lei's first figure competition experience. You can read the 1st part of her journey here!

Now that the hard part, the training, was done, it was time for the competition prep. Lei was committed and ready to put her all into it, even though the fear of failure loomed ever present in her mind. But she had confidence that she could succeed because of her  initial  twelve weeks with Maria, her trainer. She had met her goals and it gave her hope and confidence.  Now she was on a more disciplined program, if you can imagine, and didn't want to let Maria or herself down.  Maria told her that she was a stellar client - "I am continuously impressed with your hard work, and consistency. KILLING. IT."   
The next obstacle to overcome was to perfect her posing skills.  Posing is so vitally important that, if lacking, women with great physique's have not placed because it.  Since she had never done it before, she had no idea of how to do correct posing. Lei completed six practices with Maria to feel somewhat confidant.  "She is a beautiful poser so I was taught by a great teacher. "  

Peak Week Each week Lei consistently followed her program - nutrition and workouts.  She did not miss any.  Her cardio increased from 25 mins to 30 mins of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and she continuously lifted heavier and heavier.  Finally the week of her competition arrived.  Peak Week was a little more rigorous.  By the end of the week she needed to drop water weight, so her water intake decreased from 150 oz. on Mon-Wed to 80 oz on Thurs, and 20 oz. on Fri and only sips on Sat.  Also,  the day before competition, you have a carb day and one on competition morning, to fill up the muscles.  Taking water out of the body shows off the muscles, and the carbs fill out those muscles so they are fuller.  "It was not as difficult as I expected.  I was not grouchy or irritable as some people get.  I just lacked energy." 

Tanning Appointment  Friday night was her tanning appointment and a meeting with the other women competitors.  Tanning was quite the experience.  She had never done spray tan before.  The hotel was filled with contestants--men and women all tanned, or soon to be.  It was quite the thrill for Lei to be with all those young people. 
No one knew my age, so I pretended to just be one of the girls, when I could have easily been a mother to many of them!!  The tanning company had individual tents up and we all had to strip down to nothing.  Each girl got into the tent and they sprayed us down the row.  We couldn't see each other, but you gotta let go of insecurities and shyness at this point.  A woman sprayed tanned us, so it was fine.  

Pre-Judging  Early Sat morning I had my hair and makeup appt.  It was fun to be pampered.  Then I headed to pre-judging.  All this happened at Cottonwood High School.  Figure girls were the first group after the men's pre-judging.  So at 11:30 we were ready to go.  My number was 301.  Because of my last name I was first.  Funny story:  So all during our line up the leaders were telling us, "ok walk to this X, do your poses, walk to this side"  "Don't worry, just follow the girl before you or the first girl"  So I was like ok, that works, I will just do what she does.  Then they called out number #301 you are here, meaning first in the line!  I was like "WHAT?" I am suppose to follow the girl before I AM the first girl.  Boy was that stressful.  But I just said to myself, just do it and have fun, I have been taught well,  just be confidant!!....So I went out there and smiled at the judges and did my posing.  

The judges took the longest with our group and we had to stand in our poses for what seemed like a very long time.  I entered three categories: Figure A (up to and including 5'4") Figure Masters 35 & older, and True Novice A (Never competed & up to 5'4")  Pre-judging is where the winners are selected.  The Final is the show in the evening. At the evening show, all participants are showcased, whether you placed or not.  Everyone walks out and poses.  However, you are called to stand on stage as a group only if you placed and earned a trophy.  I figured since I had not heard anything in between pre judging and finals that I didn't place.  I told myself that it was OK because I transformed my body and had a great experience.  But I didn't know that they don't let you know if you placed, it is a surprise. 

The Final  After going home to rest and then driving back up to Cottonwood HS, I planned to just enjoy my evening.  Figure Competitors were called to gather on one side of the stage.  The leaders called out the numbers of the gals who placed, to line up to walk on stage.  I didn't hear my number for Figure A, which I kinda expected.  However, when they lined up Masters A, I thought I could of had a chance.  But they didn't call my number.  Lastly they lined up the True Novice winners. I thought I heard my number, but I didn't want to assume, so I never  lined up.  All the four other gals did.  Finally the leader said I need number 301, I was happy...ME?  I am 301!!  So funny!  Of course I was first in line cuz 301, 302, 303...etc.  So all five of us walked out and stood waiting to hear our placing.  For fifth place #301.  I waved and walked to the fifth place trophy.  I was SOOO happy! 

It was a very fun evening.  Many of my friends wanted to come, but just a few made it.  My family was screaming for me when I was on stage.  After the placing, I walked out to the foyer and was met by my friends and family with leis they ordered from Hawaii.  It was a magical time.  We went back into the auditorium to watch the rest of the show.  Then we all went out to eat at Smash Burger.  I had the works and a shake (which I normally don't have, but deserved!) It was so much fun and I was not as nervous as I thought I would be.  It took a lot of confidence for me because I am more of an introvert, but maturity does something to you and you decide, "I don't care what people may think.  I am doing this for me and because I want to."

I planned to compete again but did not know which show...Aug, Oct, or Mar `16.  When I looked at the schedule, I noticed that the Aug show is on my 52 birthday!  To me there is no better way to spend my birthday than doing something I love.  What is even better, is my sister and her family are coming up to Utah the night before the show Aug 14.  I asked her if she wouldn't mind seeing me compete.  She said it would be great.  So now not only will i celebrate my 52 birthday, but my sister and her family will be there too. 

I have been working hard on building up my back more and getting my legs more cut.  My trainer is working me good right now.  I will call Maria soon to be accountable to her as well 12 weeks out to Aug 15th.  I love having new challenges.  First dropping body fat, then competing, and now building more muscle and competing for the second time.  It is great to be where I am right now!!  The fifties are AWESOME!!