Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Now Is The Time!! #LifeReImagined

Many people think that mid-life is when their relevance is no longer impactful and that they need to start thinking about putting themselves out to pasture. This is the biggest fallacy out there and once you realize that, you can change your life for the better and make your middle years the best ever! I've become happier with each year over 45 that I achieve. I don't know what it is, maybe a slowing down of those ever-present, ever-lurking hormones? I am, however, thankful that I do have my health. Health, at any age, is such a gift!
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Naturally, when one enters one stage of life from another, for instance, from childhood to the teenage years, there is an awkward period until one can learn to adjust. The same goes with adults. When we evolve from young adulthood to parenthood, we need to adapt to our new circumstances. Finally from adulthood to mid-life, another readjustment is required. Many people don't know how to make the transition into mid-life and they settle for inactivity or under-achievement, prematurely starting down the road to old age.

"You call it mid-life crisis, I call it meaning crisis" says motivational speaker and co-author of the book, Life Reimagined: Discovering Your New Life Possibilities.  Based on the concepts of this book, AARP has designed their program called....wait for it...'Life Reimagined' around people who feel they may not have accomplished what they meant to accomplish in their earlier lives and even those who are happy with what they have accomplished but don't know which direction they'd like to take next. They show people that mid-life is a time to do the things they never thought they could in any other stage of their lives.

The program addresses the 3 threads that emerge from the research done from writing the book.
1) People wishing they were more reflective about their lives
2) Wishing they had taken more risks, not necessarily financial.
3) Wishing they had embraced careers, activities and goals that reflected their sense of purpose. 

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