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How To Lose And Maintain Your Weight Successfully


 Are you satisfied with your current weight? If not, which measures have you taken to achieve a healthy weight? Obesity is a major cause of various health issues. Therefore, weight maintenance is an essential health aspect that every person should pay close attention to. I'm not talking about what I like to call the "Vanity Pounds", a 10-20 lb. discrepancy between what the charts say and your own weight. I'm talking about the unhealthy kind of weight that endangers organs, heart, ligaments and glucose levels.

Basically, for individuals struggling with obesity, a unique solution to achieve a permanent solution does not exist. Human bodies respond differently to various food and weight loss remedies. Hence, what works effectively in one person may not yield a similar result to another.

To discover a weight loss strategy that is likely to work effectively, you need patience, determination, and experiments based on different diets and food. The following are some of the ways you can apply and lose and maintain your weight successfully.


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1.      Reduce Calories, Carbohydrates, and Fats

Obesity can cause serious health issues, both physically and mentally. At times, due to size changes, it can negatively influence your choice of fashion. Discounted clothing may be your only option since your previous clothes may no longer fit you. Your choice of diet can have a significant impact on your weight and physical appearance.

According to experts, when you cut calories, your weight may reduce in the first few weeks. Therefore, to achieve a constant weight loss, you should continue reducing calories. Calories also have different impacts on the body based on the type of food. 

Some people eat food as a way of relieving their stress. This may slow any weight loss plans. The role of the hormone insulin is also another essential process linked to the weight of an individual. Consumption of carbohydrates triggers the body to produce the hormone.

Insulin prevents fat cells from discharging fats to be burned as fuel by the body. The hormone also creates extra cells for storing fats that cannot be burned by the body. As a result, you will gain extra weight. Consequently, the body needs more fats to burn. Hence your eating habits increase automatically. 

Reducing the number of carbohydrates can help in breaking this cycle. The reduction of fats that you consume can also have a significant effect on your weight. Avoid diets that comprise a lot of fats. Try as much as possible to include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. 

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2.      Control Emotional Eating Levels

Sometimes, people take meals when they are stressed, as opposed to satisfying their hunger. Others eat when they feel bored, worried, lonely, or anxious. It is also common to find an individual taking snacks as they watch TV. Emotional-eating triggers can have a negative influence on your weight loss efforts.

If you are struggling with stress challenges, try alternative methods such as meditation, yoga, or soaking in a hot bath. When you are bored or lonely, try to spend more time with your friends. You can find someone who can make you laugh, take your pet for a walk, or visit places such as libraries, parks, or malls.

You can also control your emotional eating levels by practicing mindful eating habits. Avoid any distractions while having your meals. These distractions include watching TV, working, or driving. Another mindful eating habit is stopping eating before you are full. Sometimes the signal to notify your brain may take time. 

3.      Remain Motivated to the Goal

To achieve a permanent weight loss, you have to make significant changes to your diet and lifestyle. Do not give up on your goals. Look for supportive resources such as online programs. For instance, social media can have a significant impact. There are programs created to enhance healthy eating and weight loss achievements.

Weight loss is a slow and gradual process. An instant loss of weight can make you feel drained, sick, and sluggish. Your initial goal should be to lose one or two pounds weekly. You will be losing fat rather than muscles and water. Try to avoid dehydration of the body.

Motivation also involves setting up goals. Setting up short-term goals such as wanting to fit in your desired fashion can result in minor signs of progress. Your main objective should be to become healthier and more confident about yourself. If any temptations to distract you from your main objective arises, remain focused on the primary goal. 

You can also use tools such as smartphones apps, journals, and fitness trackers to keep track of your progress. These tools enhance your motivation and morale. It is also essential to get sufficient sleep since lack of sleep can stimulate your appetite. 

4.      Take Charge of Your Food Environment

Controlling your dieting environment can enhance your weight-loss success. It is essential for you to control the time you eat, the amount of food you eat, and what you eat. If it’s possible, cook your food. This enables you to control the proportions of your recipe and its composition.

Packaged and restaurant foods typically contain unhealthy fats, more sugar, and calories. Their portion sizes may be larger. Serving yourself smaller food portions can also have a remarkable impact on your weight loss strategy. Make use of small plates, cups, and bowls.

You can also control your dieting environment by eating early. According to studies, you can lose more weight by consuming more calories at breakfast and fewer portions at dinner. A healthy breakfast can enhance your body's metabolism, prevent you from feeling hungry during the day, and provide your body with additional time to burn off calories.

Fasting for 24 hours daily, drinking plenty of water, dealing with tempting foods, and planning your meals early are other strategies you can apply to control your food environment.

5.      Exercise Regularly 

Although the level at which exercise enhances weight loss is subject to debate, exercise activities have several mental and physical health benefits. The benefits are above the burning of calories. Exercising regularly can enhance the metabolism activities of the body and improve your physical appearance.  

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