Friday, June 28, 2019

White Teeth! An Alternative To Gel Whiteners! #ProductReview

Sometimes I am a reluctant participant in the grooming rituals of today's social norms. For instance, I like white teeth as much as anyone, but I haven't liked to do the whitening thing in the past. It's a fact, I hate the gel that goes into the trays. There is always some that oozes out of the tray after I put it into my mouth and makes my saliva glands go crazy when it does. And of course, I'm not going to swallow it because it's toxic! How toxic? I don't even want to read up on it. I'm constantly leaning over the sink, spitting the residue gel out. To me it's the grossest thing! I've been known to have less than pearly whites for months on end. I've learned to endure a slightly yellow tint except for those truly special occasions and then I'll finally put the gel on the tray and let it percolate for 20 minutes, tops. 

Hooray! That is now all in the past. I can assure you that my teeth are going to look more on point now. I've found the perfect whitener!
Rather than a thick gel that goes into the tray, how about a light foam that tastes like the best mints ever? It is so easy---you just pump a small amount in the tray and leave it in your mouth for however long you want. I usually do 15 minutes, but longer is always nice. It doesn't feel gross and thick. It doesn't make me salivate unwillingly. And it doesn't get stuck to the roof of my mouth when it comes out of the tray. (The things people endure for beauty's sake, gah!)
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Another issue for me with the whitening gel is that it makes my gums and extremely sensitive, making it difficult to eat cold or hot things, or even brush my teeth. My gums will even tend to bleed right after the initial whitening process. The foam doesn't do that at all. It is a milder peroxide solution that isn't as hard on my gums, which makes it really nice.

The company I speak of is called 'White Teeth Global',
a company that uses cutting edge whitening technology, including LED and Plasma light kits that are activated with a smart phone and charcoal whitening. But I love simply using the Alightener Foam. It's made to be used in a whitener tray or even an Invisalign Retainer. I use it with a tray that I formerly used with gel whiteners.
If you are like me and don't love the texture of whitening gel, Alightener Foam may be for you! 

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monique s said...

I had not heard of this product, but it sounds great. I am sensitive to the gel and trays so this could be a great option