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An Individualized Skin Regimen - Y'OUR Skincare #Review

The subscription box has taken the world by storm. We love our subscription boxes! Now there is  a box that has your own individual skin in mind! Y'OUR Skincare is the best way to keep your skin routine going, no matter what happens in your personal life. 

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Just take the quiz, get the 4 essential skincare products shipped via free shipping, try them for 3 months, in which time you can have your products reformulated if you don't find them to be perfect for you! 

I decided to give this a try because I'm always searching for a way to make my skincare routine a little more streamlined, a little more effective and a little less costly. 

More Streamlined:
First of all, the products I receive are already tailored to me. Once I take the quiz, that's all I need to do. No more looking at different skincare labels at the store and trying to ascertain if a specific product would be good for my type of skin. Now I don't even have to go out and get it, since it's delivered to my door! It's like a party for my face!

I like to keep my regimen simple and fast. For instance, I don't want to be waiting on creams that don't absorb into my skin for a long while, therefore making me wait until I can continue with my next step. Y'OUR Skincare has a basic 2-step routine for the day and a basic 3-step routine for the evening. 

In the morning it's the Cleanser and the daytime moisturizing lotion with SPF 30. The cool thing is that if you don't want to have sunscreen in your moisturizer (maybe you already have it in your make-up or you have your own special sunscreen), simply call customer care and they will remove it for you. 
Cleanse and Exfoliate
Moisturize and Protect
For the evening, you use the same cleanser you used in the morning, plus the serum (designed to your own skin needs), and the night cream. 
Cleanse and Exfoliate
Individualized Serum

Night Cream
 I really like how simple it is to use and how well and quickly the products absorb into my skin!

More Effective:
The answers you provide on your skin quiz tell which products will be inside your first box. These products will be specifically formulated with your individual skin type as the guiding factor.  

I love how my cleanser is a natural exfoliant. No scrubbing needed. While cleansing my face, I'm also sloughing off dead skin cells so that fresh new ones can replace them. Since I'm over 50, this is a process that theoretically has slowed down since my 30's. So I need something gentle yet effective to get that cell turnover that makes your skin look young and vital and also prevents wrinkles.

I love how the serum sinks into the skin and I feel like my skin is gulping it in, just like I feel when I haven't had a drink for a long long time! The ingredients are very clean and also paraben and toxin free. In my mind, that makes the product more effective because you aren't putting a lot of toxins or waxes on your skin, neither of which are effective skincare ingredients. 

I'm very sensitive to any kind of synthetic ingredients like scents or preservatives. My skin will start to burn and it's very unpleasant. Based on my skin's positive reaction to these products, I know that they are more naturally based and mild. It's really nice to have the assurance that the ingredients put into these products are not harmful in any way. 

Less Costly:
Since the kit that you receive is enough to last the average user for 3 months, you don't technically get another kit shipped for that amount of time. You are welcome to order for one month at a time, but it's way more streamlined to plan on getting a shipment every 3 months. You have 2 payment options for that---either pay up front for the entire 3 months, which is $180 (making your skincare routine a total of $2.00 per day). Or you can opt for the month by month payment option, at $65 per month, which will raise your daily total skincare cost by 16 cents, or $2.16 per day.  How much are you willing to invest for beautiful, blemish-free skin? I feel that for the quality you receive, the guarantee that comes with the products, and the ease of purchase makes this a really great buy!

I really love Y'OUR Skincare products and feel that with continued use, my skin will be in great shape for many years to come! That's a great feeling!

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