Monday, September 18, 2017

Things That May Wreck Your Health + #MyPostMonday The Week's Best Original Content

I'm as interested in my health as anyone! I know what it feels like to not have your health and I much prefer having it as long as I possibly can. So I really try and do the things that will help me keep it. For instance, I exercise regularly, I take supplements that have high absorption levels. I get enough rest, avoid stress when possible, drink filtered water but not bottled water, and try and get social interaction on a regular basis, which takes a bit of work, since I'm an admitted reclusive extrovert!

But it seems that if one is too dialed into health newsletters, health mags, and health sites, you can be inundated with credible and non-credible information all posted together and it can drive you crazy trying to figure it all out. If you tend to be OCD, it will definitely drive you to new levels of obsessive behavior.
For instance, DON'T, under any circumstances, shower with your eyes or mouth open because of contaminants in the water. Anything from farm waste, toxic algae, to drug resistant bacteria can come out of your showerhead, so please be warned!

Don't forget the mold monster hiding behind the walls in your house, under your flooring, and in your shower. If you breathe in too much of his toxic vapor, you will succumb and be infected with diseases like parkinson's, and symptoms that can mimic cancer! Where is it found? Basically, everywhere. To test for it's existence, pay anywhere from $305 to $1167 on average!

And before you buy regular table salt from the store, please consider the following: It contains fragments of plastic. Yes, toxic plastic! From what source? Plastic water bottles, of course!  (source)

Love to eat sushi? I do! (At least I did....) Don't be too eager to go out to sushi because eating raw fish of any kind may put you at risk of getting parasites! Mainly in the form of tiny worms, these little critters can cause you to get bad cramps, and a combination of distress in your intestinal tract. So think before you indulge! (source)

And let's not forget about rice. Rice is said to have multiple chemical residuals, after harvesting, from harmful pesticides. Rice is causing Arsenic poisoning and wrecking the health of millions of people. But the good news is you can soak your rice overnight before cooking it. That will take out almost 80% of the arsenic.

Ok, I'm going to stop right now before I get myself into a self-induced, paranoid, stress attack. I can really understand how people can become agoraphobic! 

You know the thing that wrecks your health more than anything? Worrying about the latest thing that could wreck your health! My own peace of mind and stress levels dictate that I continue my reasonably good health practices and not worry too much about what experts say may be lurking out there trying to wreck my health. Except, maybe I WILL rinse my rice, avoid raw fish in the sushi, buy different table salt, test for mold, and keep my mouth shut when I shower!  

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