Wednesday, September 27, 2017

5 Tips & Tricks To Get Your Dream Car

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I'm not sure about you, but when I make a new car purchase, it's a big deal! Unlike my shoe closet, I don't have multiple vehicle choices in my garage when I decide to drive somewhere! Can you imagine?  "I need to do all the grocery shopping and need more room today--mini-van it is." or "I'm heading out to the restaurant and want to be fancy shmancy, so I'll go with the BMW 340i xDrive this evening." or "Taking a road trip and want my dependable and comfy Ford Explorer to take me there!" I Wish! Nope, it's "I'm going in the car, and I need my ONE vehicle to do multiple things for me. It needs to work!"
That's why making a smart decision about which car you purchase is so important.

Here's some tips to consider when making that all-important decision!

1) Ask yourself, "What will the majority of my car use be for?" For example, if you are a taxi driver for your kids and you're on the road a lot or waiting for them in the car, what type of car would make it easier and more comfortable for you to fulfill that role?  Asking that simple question can help you get into a good mindset quickly, and consider what may be on the A1 priority list.

2) Research. As you narrow down what you need and want, do the best research that you can! Do you need big trunk space, lots of leg room, affordable cost, lots of extra features like dvd players, childproof features, cup holders, side compartments, etc. or all of the above! You can research it out on a site such as It's very user friendly and will help you find a vehicle that is right for you!

3) Budget-Friendly. Make sure it is within your budget and that you can either get a great car loan or you can put a good down-payment on the car, which would bring down your monthly payments significantly. 

4) Sell your other car. You can sell your old car and get good money for a down-payment! Take a little time to increase the curb value of your car by washing it, taking care of minor repairs like paint chips, and even replacing things like old tires, wipers, and fluids. Once you do that, can help you sell it for the best price possible. has lots and lots of traffic consisting of people searching for a new set of wheels. Make your car their next new (to them) dream car.

5) Never buy without testing. One of the most important things is to always test drive your vehicle when possible. You wouldn't start dating someone seriously without going on a few dates first and seeing if what they advertise is really the truth! Same with your car! You need to know if your potential partner in all things transportation fulfills your expectations. So don't just settle for a quick drive around the block. If you need to offer to pay for some gas to get a feel for how the car operates, then do it! 

I highly recommend for searching for the car you want. Whether you are a car buyer or car seller, it is a great site to include in your research! Not only do they have new and used car sections, they also have a certified pre-owned section that means the cars have been checked and certified to be in great condition, according to either manufacturer or dealer specificatons.   There is also a place to estimate your monthly payments and a whole lot of other great information conveniently located on one site!

Getting a car is quite a process, but it will be worth it in the end if you just take those few preliminary steps beforehand!

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