Saturday, March 8, 2014

Classical Stretch, A Total Body Stretching and Strengthening Program

Two years ago I was having some bothersome back issues.  My back would suddenly freeze up and it would render me incapacitated for about 4 days before it would start to loosen up again.  When that happened, everything would shut down.  All I could do was lay in bed.  I lost a lot of work time and productivity because of it.

Like most people who have discovered Classical Stretch, I was channel surfing one day.  I was actually looking for something to replace the OnDemand exercise channel that was going away.  I needed to find something that I could do in my home, without traveling to the gym and back.  That’s when I found Classical Stretch with Miranda Esmonde-White on UET, Utah Educational Television. 

I liked it because it was very relaxing for me.  I almost felt like I was cheating because of how soothed and calm it made me feel.  But after awhile, I noticed some great results.

It has been almost two years since I started doing Classical Stretch.  I have noticed several improvements.  First of all, my back has quit going out on me.  I give all the credit to the back stretching and strengthening exercises that Classical Stretch does regularly.  Another great thing is that I don’t have joint issues because of overuse.  I get the same fitness and body shaping results (maybe even better!) but with much gentler means of obtaining those results.  So instead of walking around being sore, I can get out and enjoy more of life!  My posture has become better.  Because of all the time I spend at the computer during the day and sleeping on my side at night, my shoulders were starting to become rounded.  Classical Stretch has helped that issue and I notice that I am automatically pulling my shoulders back and sucking in my stomach.  

Classical Stretch is a dynamic stretching program which actually strengthens the muscles in lengthened positions.  This helps them have a leaner and longer look vs. when the muscles are contracted only, without the lengthening process. (Like weight-lifting)   It also improves range of motion, flexability, and improves joint pain! This process is called Essentrics, which is also used as another term to describe what Classical Stretch accomplishes!

Miranda Esmonde-White, the creator of Classical Stretch, has spent most of her life dancing and sharing the artistry of dance with others.  A former ballerina, Miranda has used her understanding of movement to create a stretching and strengthening fitness program which targets the needs of everyone from women and men of all ages to elite athletes in all sports requiring flexibility and range of motion.   Her exercise  system evolved in her studio as she studied her own movements and those of her students.  She became known for healing musculoskeletal issues such as back pain and leg problems and for toning, lengthening and slenderizing her students’ bodies.  

Classical Stretch is a total body exercise system that is transformational for women 25 and older.  The bones and joints start to deteriorate as early as the mid-twenties or even earlier with non-use of the muscles.  This method fuses its unique movements with elements of Tai Chi, Yoga, Ballet and other disciplines to restore and improve movement and transform the look of the body into a longer, leaner line. 

  Filmed in various beautiful locations in Mexico and Jamaica, currently in its 9th Season on American Public Television and now in production for Season 10, Classical Stretch shows no sign of slowing down and continues to influence women and men everywhere.

Miranda also travels the US, Canada and other beautiful vacation spots to host retreats and workshops.  Currently she is traveling the West and will be stopping in San Francisco, Colorado and Salt Lake City this month!  I am so excited to be attending the workshop in Salt Lake City on March 21 and 22nd!

Classical Stretch Season 10 is just barely off the press, ready for distribution starting in April!  The theme is weight loss and pain relief.  You can buy a copy on Amazon for $69.99, with no shipping!  

I believe that the physical fitness industry can thank Miranda Esmonde-White for being a major player in the study of the maintenance and improvement of the human musculoskeletal system.  I believe that we will start seeing more of the essentric types of work-outs when it comes to body shaping, health maintenance and physical therapy work!   If you haven’t tried Classical Stretch, you should do it today!  Because you only have one body!
 Thanks for visiting! I received no product or compensation for this post. However, for my honest review, I will be attending the Classical Stretch Workshop free of charge. Affiliate links may be used to support this site. All text and opinion are 100% my own and are not swayed by any sponsor affiliation.

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