Friday, March 14, 2014

My Surface Trinity Dry Shampoo Review

There are so many things that I am not talented at, doing hair is one of them.  I sort of get around that by going twice a month to my hair whisperer, whose name is Kelli. Kelli coaxes my unruly, coarse, thick, unmanageable hair into some semblance of order.  She is so talented and I can't do without her.  Sometimes I'm even fooled into thinking my hair is actually that pretty, but alas, I wash my hair and it's a whole other animal to deal with.  Believe me, if I can stretch the style and blow-out between the next wash, I will.  

That's why I loved Surface Trinity Dry Shampoo when they gave it to me to review.  It  actually delayed the day of reckoning with my hair by giving my style at least a whole 1 - 2 days more.  I'm not saying that I only wash my hair once a week, but I AM saying I try to delay washing it after I get it styled.  No judgement, you gal pals with naturally gorgeous hair no matter when you wash it!

My hair, needing a visit to the Hair Whisperer
I've actually loved the idea of dry shampoo and have done the baby powder thing quite a bit.  But that was only when I was so desperate that there were no other options.  I dislike the gunked-up feeling that my scalp got when I used it.  Surface doesn't give me that feeling at all because there is no residue.  "It is made with an invisible organic mineral fusion of volcanic ash touting over 50 natural occurring minerals that create a crystalline, porous structure.  Combined with ocean water and lemon extract, the mineral rich ash cleanses and freshens the scalp and hair while absorbing free radicals and providing for a healthy scalp and hair. "

And true to their philosophy of being easy on the planet and using only the most healthy and certified vegan ingredients, this is also the case.  Surface products are made with organic, gluten-free, sulfate-free, 100 Percent vegan protein and paraben-free ingredients.  And the price is not so bad for all of that!  I found it online for a great price.  Furthermore, when I saw the result of my initial test, I was hooked.  Love this stuff!!!  And even though styling hair may not be my thing, I have it sort of covered now. 
No need to visit Hair Whisperer for awhile
  I made a short video to let you see my very candid, very unrehearsed experience with Surface!  Again, no judging!  lol! This video was made in conjunction with the photos taken above.  I thought it would give a bit more insight into the experience.  Prior to the video, I had no experience with Surface Trinity Dry Hair Shampoo.

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Star light said...

I have always wondered if dry shampoo worked because my hair gets oily by the end of the day. It really looks like it made a difference. I am going to have to buy some and try it out on my hair. Thanks for sharing!

Natasha Mairs - Serenity You said...

I normally wash my hair every other day,but sometimes I just don't have the time and my hair goes oily very quickly, I have never tried dried shampoo but might give it ago

Unknown said...

Great video review. I have never tried dry shampoo but I might go out and buy some.

Emma @ Our Whimsical Days said...

I've never heard of dry shampoo (so thanks for explaining it! lol!). I love that this is vegan - than always grabs my attention! :)

April @ Pixie Dust Savings said...

I have never used dry shampoo- I will have to look into this. I hate shampooing my hair as I have lots of hair.