Sunday, August 25, 2013

Novica - For Practically Anything! #Giveaway

 I'm so glad that I found Novica when I did, more than a few months back.  This company is truly what this ever- shrinking world needs!  By buying from the vast inventory that comes from artisans all over the globe, you can literally help stop world hunger, help educate those in remote places, preserve valuable art forms and cultures and other wonderful causes.  It goes to show that you don't have to feel guilty about shopping for fun!  Just do it at Novica!

My pottery collection from Novica is growing and it is one of my favorite things ever!
 But if you aren't excited about pottery, don't worry, there are all kind of other items to make the corners of your mouth turn upward! 
Maybe you love cotton and batik dresses of every color and style.  They have great prices right now!

Are you anticipating guests anytime soon?  These serving trays would really make an impression!
Do you need to recover from your vacation?  I know I do, and any one of these hammocks would be a sweet way to do so!
Make it even more relaxing by making a fancy drink and then drinking it out of one of these gorgeous margarita glasses!
 Then when the evening comes and you want a little bit more relaxation time in your living room, just create the ambiance with these unique table lamps from Novica.

I'm seriously drooling as I'm blogging, because of these beautiful pieces of art!  

Novica has a great customer incentive program too.  When you buy a certain dollar amount within a certain time frame, you get points towards more purchases, getting you products at even better prices! You can also become a Novica Rep and start your own business!

 One Gal Pal is getting a $50 credit to Novica!  Enter below!

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